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  1. After a heavy frost this morning and glorious sunny day today, I have a temperature of 3.2 degrees this evening.
  2. It has been a very mild start to winter so far, I can only remember one air frost here this year. Let’s hope the New Year brings us what most of us crave a cold and snowy spell of weather. happy new year all!
  3. @karlos1983 just click the little down arrow next to the time of the post and it condenses the quoted post, it makes it a lot easier to view from phone/tablet.
  4. 12 days of model watching! On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me 1 sudden stratospheric warming 2 Ramps from Knocker 3 weeks of snow 4 GP torpedoes 5 Murr sausages 6 Ice days 7 Quick trop responses 8 hoar frosts 9 Gritters gritting 10 Greenland high pressures 11 people sniping 12 Days of model fatigue A big thanks to all the regular posters for making this the worlds best weather forum and wish you all a happy Christmas and prosperous New year!
  5. I would really appreciate it, it will certainly help novices like me!
  6. But it would help if you showed some charts to back up what you are saying, all I have seen is comments which could be interpreted as a wind up. It would help people like myself who struggle to interpret charts to see where you are coming from, and it could be that you are right. Instead all that happens is the cold v mild arguments ensue, where as if you are able to provide charts to back up what you are saying then nobody can really have an issue! FWIW I believe the models will suddenly start looking increasingly promising in the next few days as BFTP would put it #winterofdiscontent!
  7. It’s been a bit breezy on the Isle of Wight today, had top gust of 22mph.
  8. I have been in your neck of the woods today training and dreary it definitely has been!!!!
  9. Why had the MAD thread turned into the I know better than you thread? Like children in Kindergarten!! The weather has been misty and overcast here today and still a relatively mild 13c! make the most of it the cold is coming!
  10. Why has this thread turned into the I told you so and I knew better thread? None of these charts have verified yet and will more than likely change by the morning anyway. I believe we will end up with a halfway house and the ECM will move towards the GFS a bit. I also believe this is the first bite of the cherry and further down the line (early December) we will begin to reap the rewards!
  11. Probably knowing our luck! Have a feeling though it could be a good winter for us!