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  1. Light snow here but will not come to much ground to wet from overnight rain. Not going to be much of a spell of snow for us I don’t believe. Local media saying 5cm overnight for IOW - think they must have used to work for the daily express!!!!!!!!
  2. If you click the little arrow to the left of the time the quoted post was posted you will collapse the whole quoted post. Then you don’t have to scroll all the way through it.
  3. Certainly has been a fun few days thaw has now virtually finished and heavy rain. It got me to thinking about why we love the snow and how special it can be especially as we rarely see it. So I thought I would attempt to write a poem - so here goes and see you all next winter! Why we love the snow! Whilst sat here looking at the weather charts hoping for some snow. I have to remind myself that for us down south this is normally a no go. But this doesn’t stop me looking out the window, continually glancing at the lamp post. Waiting, wondering will it be our turn next? Normally it’s the northerners that get the most. Then to my surprise white flakes catch my eye, surely it can’t be what’s that falling from the sky. Yes we have snow much to my surprise, gradually the snowfall and snowflakes are gaining in size. My 2 young children cannot contain their excitement, for once it looks like we may be on a winner. The youngest says Dad can we go out sledging straight after dinner. Two days of fun prevail and we even had freezing rain and hail. Everyone seems happy the snow brings the best out of us. People help each other out without even a fuss. Then the inevitable begins to happen the thaw begins, back to reality, but we do need to pinch ourselves for what we have witnessed. Now onto spring, summer, Autumn already counting down the days for next winter, don’t worry it will soon be here in a blinker!
  4. Yep think the snow will disappear rapidly! Certainly enjoyable whilst it lasted. Please keep sharing your photos some are fantastic!
  5. Yes unfortunately seems that will be the case😟
  6. Couple more pics of the ice on top of the snow - it really is treacherous out there today.
  7. From my conservatory have tried uploading others but keep on getting an error!
  8. Excellent thanks looking to get one myself would you recommend?
  9. Hi Tom what weather station are you using?
  10. Another picture from the front of the close.
  11. Really starting to pep up here now, large flakes already had a good 5cm!