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  1. Off to bed, been an eventful evening, let’s hope for a bit more snow over night! Good luck all!
  2. Probably a bit too close to the coast - it should pivot back around for a bit I hope!
  3. Met office app now changed to pretty much all rain for IOW think we are going to miss the boat on this one sadly
  4. The Netweather App is not that great on Apple IMO and the home and dry app gives you forecast as well. Perhaps I should get an Android phone!!! I am due an upgrade!!
  5. Yes I think we will get some snow, it will be hitting at just the right time, maybe a bit more marginal for you in Shanklin though.
  6. Home and dry on Apple - they have a rainfall and snow app - you have to pay £1.99 I think? They are really good apps and worth the money.
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