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  1. 8.15 and noticeably darker now a couple of weeks and it will be before 8! As Delboy would say Lovellllly Jubllllllliy
  2. So is it a record or not then? Is your station set up correctly? I for one will only believe it is a record if the MET office say, otherwise anyone with a weather station will be claiming records, and when you see headlines in the local press saying it is record temperatures then this is very misleading and they are quoting you can you actually confirm it is a legitimate record? If not I would be careful of using your name to claim this records. I have a Davis In my garden and it showed 39 degrees can I claim this as a record?...... I think not because it is not calibrated and in the correct position.
  3. SUNNY SUNDAY SMASHES SUMMER RECORD WITH 36.1C WWW.ISLANDECHO.CO.UK Super smashing great! A staggering 36.1c was recorded on the Isle of Wight today (Sunday) - breaking yesterday’s record of 35.4c. If you’ve been thinking that it was hotter today than the past 48 hours then... I think our local press have turned into the Express apparently it was 36.1 on the IOW today I don’t believe it for a second!
  4. Hi all hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! I am trying to find historical temperatures for our region and particularly for the IOW but can’t find them, anyone know where to look for record temperature for our region? thanks B
  5. Felt very Autumn like today, but by the weekend it will feel like summer! Hope we have an Autumn to remember - can’t wait for the colour of the trees to start to change. If you know where to look signs of Autumn everywhere!
  6. 20 past 9 and full darkness - cloudy skies help, give it a month and it will be 20:00 - hallelujah!!
  7. Picked first blackberries today and some Autumn raspberries almost ready at my allotment. Nights starting to draw in - sunset before 9 in a weeks time! Autumn is not far away and let’s hope we get a proper Autumn with plenty of storms, and some early frosts would be a bonus!!
  8. Yes noticed it as well - absolute bliss as far as I am concerned - 10 days time and sunset will be before 9 and the descent to Autumn is truly on the horizon! Heaven!
  9. Sounds amazing cheeky monkey! May have to retire to Canda
  10. 8.20 and starting to notice the darkness earlier now, cloud cover obviously helps but noticeably beginning to get darker earlier. Give it 4 weeks and it will be properly dark at 8.30.........Bliss!!!
  11. Yes the slow descent into darker evenings - I really cant wait. How anyone can enjoy the heat we have had today is beyond me?. Roll on October for me!!
  12. I was the other way used to love the long days of summer when I was younger, so don’t know why I detest summer so much now?
  13. Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD in the Summer WWW.PSYCHOLOGYTODAY.COM While many of us are familiar with SAD, there are, in fact, people who get SAD in reverse. It is horrible, just as most people would relish the long days, I on the other hand find it horrible.
  14. Very muggy this evening, didn’t get much rain here today. May get some in the morning but not 100% convinced.
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