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  1. Not for Leeds I don't think we just miss it unless it's gonna correct and head north a bit?
  2. I'm looking at radar and seems its just below Leeds what a shame
  3. Sheffield must be getting an absolute pasting at the moment. We're just missing out .
  4. I've gotta try drive home Chinese delivery driver earlier said roads were treacherous and blocked. He said he was going home and didn't care if he got sacked.
  5. Been coming down in south Leeds for last half hour on and off and settling
  6. So good to read that the winds have changed direction and were due some snow now
  7. Poor show at 54m above sea level. Sun keeps coming out in between the small showers and the ground is just wet! Certainly not as forecasted!
  8. All looks to be to too far north of Leeds. Good for Newcastle mind.
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