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  1. A few strikes close by over Tonbridge etc but nothing to exciting just yet
  2. just heading out on M20 to home some big towers going up out towards mid kent
  3. Looks like a Kent streamer this morning- very similar to Winter where the cut off line looks to be M25 ( The SE part )
  4. low of 1.9c overnight!
  5. Heavy rain - no wintryness yet 3.6c
  6. Now down to 5.5c - rain edging closer
  7. Possibly! 8pm temp. now down to 6.1c ...
  8. Light rain setting in here Will it wont it -150M ASL - WK up the road 227M Temp @4pm 7.1c Temp @6pm 6.7c Steadily dropping.....
  9. 00z aperge for 11am Mon Perhaps some snow over the tops of the downs
  10. GFS going for 4-5c maxima monday
  11. Pic from the highlands - 2ft over night
  12. Cracking snowfall there- Nearly 5 inches out there! Enjoy guys - ECM had -9c over the SE at day 10!!
  13. Some areas look to be in the snow zone for 36 odd hours - More towards central / west & North Glencoe could be buried again...
  14. Not long now before it gets heavy!
  15. Band intensifying now - Borders / Dumfries & Galloway will get hit especially at elevation-
  16. Looks like a good few cms for Scotland ( South ) today - maybe up to 2-4 inches over >100/150 M
  17. The warmer air has been squeezed tonight back to 1 day on the ECM & potentially the UKMO to be replaced by a cold high pressure. Max here today 7c- A cold start to the month!
  18. Pretty bad around your way !-
  19. ECM 72 hot off the press Looks like the * potential * for rain > snow in the E & SE
  20. Well if the low tracks up the west of the UK it will warm up quick however the consensus feel is towards the east- I think we are consigned to cold for another week yet....
  21. I reakon I could scrape a frost tonight again 5.9c here... UKMO 12z brings a lot of wintryness to the SE over the weekend ...
  22. UKMO 96 120 is a dont look now if you like Spring.... WOW...
  23. definite sleet in blobs up here in bexleyheath snowlevel I reakon 400M at the mo, probs a few flakes in the mix up past west kingsdown
  24. 4.6c here - dropping slow Sleet on the screen