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  1. Covering of snow @west kingsdown this Morning Overnight minima -1c
  2. Rain & sleet for 30 mins A few proper flakes - nearly all snow up at West kingsdown But moved through now 3.7c
  3. Bigger echo developing over SE Essex Burst of moderate snow here.
  4. Sat PM looks like being the window for any sleet & snow to fall - That is really an optimal flow for cold this time of year - very rare to get those low 850 values ( ~circa -8/-9c ) from the East though. Lots of showers in the SE corner.
  5. -10c line creeps closer to the SE tip which would be amazing which would be amazing for April 13th- Snowfall & cover SAT PM
  6. GFS now caught up - -9c for the extreme SE now @126. Dewpoints -3/-4c- surface temp 4-5c Overnight & daytime windchill subzero all the way through Sat for the ESE
  7. No warmth from the UKMO ( with maybe Ireland as an exception ) Lucky to get North of 8c over England & 4-6c in the ESE ICON sees another pulse of deep cold hitting Northern Scandi at day 8 - about 6c colder than the last wave... (-20c isotherm)
  8. GFS way out on a limb now - probs one to dump in the bin as the ICON joins the cold scenario-
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