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  1. Zonal wind reduction forecast gathering pace !!!
  2. Yes a couple more runs & it will get the slide more defined- still in the GFs unknown zone atm- its like where shall I place that energy- I know EVERYWHERE...
  3. 24 hours of the GFS Image 1 - 12z T150 today Image 2 - 12z T174 yesterday Note the clear move to the -6c & -8c isotherms covering a wider area & them both being closer to the UK... Possible snow event in the offering as the atlantic approaches....
  4. ECM huge Scandi block & a possibly big wintry event @168
  5. Just look how far we have come with the ridge extension in 48 hours 12z today V 12z 2 days ago
  6. ^^^ Yes remember just 24-36 hours ago there was no Scandi High- now we see one developing The fact we see one on the cards shows how vulnerable the jet is ATM
  7. Glorious out there 4 hours of garden clearing & prep for the winter .... Also unlucky for some GFS P13 for Saturday eve
  8. yes @Kirkcaldy Weather Interestingly P5 demonstrates that the entrance to Nov ( poss even last week of Oct ) is the tipping point for continental flows- Before the tipping point - get an Easterly through central Europe & cool air warms as it travels west - However now in Nov even the most modest of cold pools can develop into -10c air as it decends- See P5 covering 4 days
  9. Yet another GFS run- yet more Scandi heights recovered... The -8c Line digging further & further South into Northern Europe thats a pretty cold chart for the ESE @192..
  10. Steve Murr

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    32-34 CM Feb 1991 & Feb 2009
  11. So a 'slight' moderation of the cold today because the CAA heads further west, then winds swing more NE- Notice over the last 24 hours the residual heights that remain north of the jet have grown over Scandi - A great winter time evolution, but to early for cold from an easterly just yet- Note though the cold pool growing as a result over Scandi
  12. Another record has gone today- We are currently today at the lowest ever ice extent in recorded history - surpassing 2016 in terms of recovery...
  13. Yes no probs If things pan out as usual the residual heights could be underestimated...
  14. Hi Mike the most important ingredient to getting ( & sustaining ) a 4 wave pattern is to have high pressure over the pole for the ridges to engage with - like weather historys post earlier- If you have low heights you will never sustain any 4 waves because at least 2 will be transient --
  15. Its 100% a toppler - it was never going to be anything else- However there my be enough residual heights to the NNE to steer the jet SE which is exactly what the ECM tries to do-