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  1. I commented yesterday that the profile of heights north of the UK on the ECM was marked very unusual with a severe lack of ‘substantial’ low pressures filling the void- The 2 12z ECMs back to back- Today’s first- showing more emphasis on the Atlantic high- The mean does support some ridging but not as much as the operational plus Its day 9- ( moving on from yesterday’s day 10 ) So pretty interesting stuff worthy of keeping an eye on...
  2. Well that’s the end here.. lets hope Feb / march bring something more substantial
  3. West kingsdown is @240M- almost highest point on the downs if its tonking it down here @50M &1c then it will be about -0.5c up the top there & settling well...
  4. Anyone got the M20 webcam up by wrotham / brands hatch adding my estimates to 1-3 inches
  5. Radar is based on the GFS - it’s not real ( well the weather type isn’t real anyway ) Snow 8/10 here
  6. Wifey just said Grass all covered at home so all good
  7. heavy wet snow here Eltham @60M havent checked the webcam but WK @230M will be getting a hammering soon going that way home @4 expecting a dusting / 1-2 cm TBH
  8. Lots of big flakes appearing here in Eltham now !!
  9. Moderate snow new ash west kingsdown probs has a dusting
  10. I thought you were at my house then
  11. ^^ yes heavier PPN arriving
  12. Rain / sleet eltham moderate snow New ash green ( I’m not there )
  13. Heavier PPN further SW as well !