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  1. As highlighted that wave makes it an all snow event lincs Northwards ( more so at a reasonable height )
  2. Yes that wave that develops would be potentially very good for Scotland & the north as it cuts off the flow from the south- Updated snow chart
  3. Indeed - at this stage for many theres some snow on the cards - but sadly a lot of IMBY posts taint the thread- Anyway - exciting times for the weekend for some then a minimal lull ...
  4. GEM similar to APERGE Remember just 48 hours ago there was no snow event...
  5. The 168 would show another ridge reaching North in the atlantic with low pressure heading SSE into europe - Would preclude another cold shot- As for this weekends snow ( IMBY aside ) looks a decent event for the North, minimal for the south ( as it stands ) - sadly just missing that energy push SE- still just about time to change I will post up 168 UKMO later but hoping ECM follows suit later -
  6. Im still concentrating on the weekend- ICON is sharper through 78- with -8c now into the SE ( from -5c before ) so could see more in the way of snow along the ESE edge
  7. Just looking at temps for Fri - 4pm on the FV3 with -8c uppers- Very chilly with odd snow flurry in the East
  8. Yes & the 06Z FV3 making changes - again highlighting that a lot can change in 90 hours 06z on the left What I am highlighting is if we have more jet energy breaking away SE it wont necessarily adjust the PPN belt but will influence the curvature of the isolines from SW to S then maybe to SE holding the cold air in place - Remember the GFS has been lifting out -3 ish air from the SE, now the -8c line is there its getting a lot harder !
  9. Yes The GFS moves the pattern or rather the 'continental air mass' further west - however the front still squeezes out the cold air - However we have on the GFS gone from a straight SSW flow to a direct southerly- still 90 hours to go & every chance of a bit of undercutting- bearing in mind the 00z 72 had -2c uppers in London, now down to -6 on the same timestamp...
  10. I think there is a possibility although its hard second guessing the models all the time- What I believe is get a more widespread event we need to shear apart the energy moving some East & More North- a little like the ECM Heres the 102 Aperge highlighting possible further developments & the opportunity for energy to slide east-