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  1. Perfect conditions out there warm ~19c 100% Crystal clear skies Zero wind...
  2. Jeez every time I have logged onto home & dry wihout fail this summer NW france has been getting pounded by storms & rain this morning no exception
  3. Wow I can already see High level lightning out my back window on the horizon towards southern Kent - Distance approx 50 miles
  4. just been to manston NE kent to pick a car bit up - lightning sporadic here & there...
  5. Been lashing down here for 45 mins Lightning & kitchen sink
  6. East london Storm cell looking well pronounced
  7. Im looking out of my window @150M towards the Oxford storm which is about 50-70 miles away because its so far theres a great view of the tops & all the lightning inside the structure - amazing
  8. New cells developing over North London - will track towards oxfordshire & the midlands....
  9. Cells developing over london ( North ) Now - appeared in last 20 mins !
  10. A few high tops & anvils up @ bluewater
  11. This must be a once in a 20-30 year event look at the SE england Radar grab -
  12. This new one is crazy !! louder & more forks !
  13. 00:40 updated Flanked to the SE again - slap bang in the right place