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  1. Just got home Still 24.4C here ! I guess heathrow may be around 26-27 Sets us up nicely for heat tomorrow
  2. High of 35.5c today at heathrow - models / forecast spot on. 2/3 more days to get through before it gets better however heat & humidity will rise through Tues - where into Weds I think we break the overnight minima record ( ~24c ) before it all explodes at some point...
  3. Some good 11am temps out there already 29c ! If we have a 30/31 by 12 that leaves 6 hours for the last 6 degrees!
  4. Comparison to lats Friday - at 11 We are 0.4c behind However Sat rep shows minimal cloud. Especially in the hot zone. Looking to see 36-37c in the hottest area today again cloud permitting later.
  5. we have a nice clear wedge in the SE & the cloud over N France isnt really getting through into the channel at all yet- Its also very slow moving ..
  6. Morning 21c here for 9am - Expecting to top 35 across the region today cloud dependent
  7. I wonder if any of those on the south coast can see the french lightning
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