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  1. Just started snowing properly last 10 mins or so, starting to settle now
  2. Just back from a walk to the shops, exactly the same as the Sunday Dec 10th 2017 event - snowing since 8.30 about 8 cm’s and still going
  3. Met have me in Balsall Common to have 10 hours of snow with a max temp of 0c
  4. UKMO better as part of Asian vortex already SE of the Arctic high, any Strat induced force to move things east from here will be beneficial for cold
  5. I have to disagree, I think the thread is great, just people discussing what they see based on the charts generated by computer weather modelling. Not sure what else is going on, just need to remember that it’s the weather that actually materialises on any given day, forecast or predictions are just that, - may or may not happen, I can’t see evidence of anyone being ‘taken in’ by them.......?
  6. Minus 4 on the drive back home at 6.00pm this evening, with light snow, been below average here now for over 2 weeks, I’d say a decent cold spell, re heights over Spain etc, have a look at the archive charts in particular Jan 14 to Jan 20 - 1947
  7. Euro Millions tomorrow night, any chance of posting the result?
  8. The only people suffering a crushing disappointment are the ones warning that we shouldn’t have to experience a crushing disappointment
  9. Then don’t take probabilities as gospel, the talk of polar bears and the like, is obviously excitement and banter at what is being shown at that time, do posters now need to put a disclaimer at the foot of each post just in case someone might think it is definitely going to happen?
  10. But the discussion is based on probabilities, surely weather enthusiasts know this??? Are some taking as gospel then? Seems to be those who appear in this thread who do, or disguise as being the champion of the ‘newbie’
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