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  1. 7mm since end of May. 2 local ponds and 3 small local streams dried up.
  2. 18.5 please with 22mm
  3. 15.2 with 46mm please
  4. 12.0 please with 68mm
  5. Not that confusing - posts clearly state 2 different models Gem and GFS
  6. Ok let’s make 2018 complete April 6.8 please with 44mm
  7. Stationary Front

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 19/01/2018 Onwards

    Not bad, one last snow day?
  8. Relativistic, the lowest recorded max yesterday was -5.2 in South Wales.
  9. Stationary Front

    Model output discussion - the beast arrives

    East wind stretching all the way across the Atlantic towards Nova Scotia!
  10. 3.8 please with 55mm
  11. Charts are showing -17, upper air temps not ground level!
  12. Why do we have this constant nonsense over stronger sun. On Feb 12th 2008 in 8 hours of sunshine the max temp was 14.3c. On Feb 12th 1985 in 8 hours of sunshine the max temp was -1.0. In 1985 your snow would have lasted - it’s all about the air aloft it matters not whether the sun is out in Mid/late Feb or March