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  1. Seriously?? You've never seen/read 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe??
  2. Lol here we go.... The FV3 has detected a pulse... Its begun CPR on winter.... 3-2-1- CLEAR!!
  3. Well some light snow again now, so maybe something to see by the morning
  4. A few flakes on the ground and in the air here in Capel. Disappointing considering the forecast and Meto warnings but expected really. It's only weather and that's the way it goes. There are worse things in life to get annoyed about. My only real disappointment is that we won't have enough snow to build a snowman. Yet another year my little Molly (7 next month) hasn't had the chance to build one. I'm not giving up totally yet though, still time, as we still have a month left of winter
  5. Just out of interest, latest GFS snow chart for 1500hrs compared to radar at 1500hrs
  6. They are for tomorrow night into Wednesday. That's two posts explaining that as well...
  7. Not quite sure why anyone should be arguing tonight... I suggest those involved should sort it out with a snowball fight...
  8. There are two threads though Nick, personally, I really don't find it difficult to scroll past a few posts if they don't interest me.
  9. Yes, I know. That's why we have 2 model threads. This thread is for models and banter. Read the title. That's also quite clear.
  10. Very true. Take the 06z GFS for example. At first glance, it doesn't appear overly impressive for long lasting cold or snow. However It actually shows snow on every day from this Sunday onwards, with virtually every part of the UK seeing significant amounts at some point.
  11. But the key to the easterly is the trough disruption at +144hrs That's not F.I.....
  12. And suddenly, Jeremy Corbyn withdraws his vote of no confidence in the GFS...
  13. Hey, you should be a comedian, you're hilarious! I was just about to reply to your post about MOD gear. There's loads of ex military landies on ibidder.com. I heard a few years back that they sold all the Defenders (amongst other vehicles) to one company who had the disposal contract, for an average of £3000 each who then sold them on for upwards of £8000.
  14. I know someone who has a series 3 ambulance converted to a camper. It's brilliant.
  15. Kenneth Noye drove one. But he was from Kent...
  16. Of course, 4wd offers better stability, my point was going to be before 'someone' started throwing insults around, if you are looking for strictly a road car, winter/snow tyres will massively improve handling on a 2wd. Better than a 4wd on road tyres. However a 4wd on winter tyres is a virtually unstoppable machine in almost all conditions. Oh and I've had 4 discoveries, my current D2 Td5 ES is on snow tyres... I'm hoping I get to test them...
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