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  1. They actually only have to give us 2 months notice, so 3 is a bonus really. They really don't want to sell the house and said if their circumstances change in the meantime, they won't sell. Mid-winter is not a good time to be moving house.
  2. Lovely house there. Sadly, our landlords informed us yesterday that they are going to have to sell the house so we will have to move by January. Been here 4 and a half years and this was their retirement income. They were happy for us to live here forever but due to unforseen circumstances they have to sell. They are almost as gutted as we are. They said we are the best tenants they could have hoped for and offered us first refusal on buying it. I bought a lottery ticket last night.... (£550,000 market value...) Didn't win... Sad really, we love the house and we couldn't have wished for better landlords. They've even been here for barbecues in the summer. If we do have an epic winter, we could be moving in the middle of it. Not quite sure where though, there aren't many properties around here which suit our needs within our budget. But hey, $#/! happens, that's life...
  3. bobbydog

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    So... we're now on 159 days, with 86 days left, the maximum number of spotless days we could theoretically achieve is 245 days. Realistically, there is likely to be a few more sunspots by the end of the year but I reckon we will still manage to pass the 200 mark
  4. Just for fun at this stage but the CFS looks interesting for Boxing day Even -16c uppers a few days later! 1962 anyone?
  5. bobbydog

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Now equal to 2007 for blank days.
  6. Actually, as of now, the anomaly is slightly positive for all areas-
  7. The Met office complaints department should deal with that for you. Though you do need to subscribe to their premium service if you want a sting jet over your house...
  8. I suppose I better take my gazebo down. Before it ends up somewhere over the rainbow....
  9. That's 8m/s going up to 9 at the end. Still lower than climatology I suppose.
  10. Can't see it here Steve- Looking around average. That's H. Attard website. Where do you see the dip to 5m/s? (which site I mean)
  11. Hmm... one ensemble chart at +384hrs doesn't really 'tie' into much. Lots of waiting yet before any projections can be given credibility....
  12. So do I. Though based on scientific fact and historical data, It's more a 'feeling' than anything else..
  13. bobbydog

    Forgettable years, weatherwise.

    Forgettable years?... Dunno, I forgot them....
  14. Yes I agree about the larger gains point. What I'm really referring to is the suggestion that we may see recurring blocking weather patterns which could result in larger gains anyway through October. Early days yet but all we can do is watch and wait...
  15. Yes. It's technically the October SAI. However, an early start to the season can only help things along
  16. Not in China though... Well below 60°N (think S.A.I. ...)
  17. 23ºc and cloudless sky. sunbathing in the garden, loving this 'autumnal' weather
  18. bobbydog

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    great summer. august not great overall but 2 weeks of it were spent in st ives in cornwall which has its own sunny micro-climate anyway. so my summer was brilliant. and (thankfully....)i DID get the 34ºc heat for a while which i loved. summers shold be HOT and winters should be COLD! now bring on the arctic!!
  19. naah, i can see red, orange, yellow, green....
  20. bobbydog

    Autumn 2018

    seems early or is that normal for there? when would you expect your first snow?
  21. funnily enough, i was just thinking today that trying to work from analogues of previous winter teleconnections- doesn't work. there are too many variables, many of which are major players in influencing weather. however, some do need to be in place for western europe to be in with a favourable chance. one of which is the "POL" you mention. though i've never before seen it given a title, the persistent 'siberian high' which is often referenced, seems to be what you are referring to. the tabloids often say "icy blast all the way from siberia" - and that stubborn high (when it happens) is the source. that high is a product of the extent of the eurasian snow cover which we all watch intently through october. we've got to be due a proper epic winter soon...
  22. true nick but i could have done without an 'all-dayer' on this weekend in particular.
  23. yeah... a ton of washing to do from our holiday, can't hang it out to dry, kids stuck indoors, can't fix the oil leak on my car, can't cut the overgrown lawn after 2 weeks away... you can stick your autumn day where the sun don't shine... which is most of the UK today....
  24. GFS says back to warm by next weekend
  25. hot weather always brings out the melons...