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  1. depends what people consider really hot. anyway, Tomasz Sweatyknackers said possibly back into the 30's by next week.
  2. where's the downgrade for hot weather though? forecasts are saying hot again by next weekend...
  3. says who? latest GFS showing highs of 31C next weekend....
  4. soon, we're already half way to the middle of next winter!!
  5. hi chaps, warm and humid today, bbq planned for later, so those storms can stay over in france at least until tonight...
  6. the good thing with streamers is, they can be wider than that and vary in direction to get everyone in a big area!
  7. i've done a little paint job on your map to show an example of what a full-flow thames streamer would look like (a bit like 2010 from memory)
  8. when i say localised, i mean it extends in a cone from the thames estuary. it can be quite wide and far reaching. to be fair, we had tons of snow from every direction and we also had a frontal northerly in 2010 which hit everyone. i remember the radar picture well- it looked like someone built a island sized snow machine in the estuary and turned it on full!
  9. no its not. it covers most of the south east. streamers are usually fairly localised and can dump tons of snow in their path. i had a foot from one in 2010. the term 'streamer' is being used erroneously here. as i said its similar to how a streamer forms but not one. that said, an actual streamer is not beyond the realms of possibility in this set up...
  10. not much really, the deepest lying snow i can find in the shade is on my wheely bin which is maybe an inch. (including last night)
  11. just to clarify, this is not a thames streamer. the flow is picking up moisture from the sea in a vaguely similar way to how a streamer forms but its not a streamer. it is however, giving us unexpected snowfall. which will do nicely.
  12. you were in the horsham snow-shield but i think the power is failing and the snow might break through even here!
  13. snowing here now but its breaking up on the radar as it approaches me!
  14. ok, the snowline is approximately 5 miles away from me in horsham. it should grind to a halt any minute now....
  15. watching the snow from your toilet window?
  16. the blob is attacking kent...
  17. why don't you two just have a snowball fight to sort it out. i would offer to host it here but i'm lacking the vital ammo for the battle....
  18. anyway, i know what the problem is. my Land Rover passed its MOT this morning. if it had failed, we would have been snowed in!
  19. it is if you live in the infamous 'West Sussex Triangle'....
  20. they would just move the snow-shield to wherever i moved to!
  21. here we go again... horsham snow-shield generators on maximum power...
  22. a streamer is a good possibility. don't worry about MetO forecasts now, just watch the observations- radar, sattelite and wind direction.
  23. yes i am. it does seem to be building very slowly. we all need to watch the blob off the thames estuary, thats where the action will start and it looks like it already is...
  24. brace yourselves, the snowstorm arrives in 5 minutes....