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  1. The irony... a forum filling upΒ with snowflakes -Β and it's not snowing...Β 

  2. Really.....? See you next year guys, maybe there'll be no dispute as to professional opinions when we hit the 'epic' winter we've all been waiting for. It really could happen this year. I hope it does. Even though my family could have to temporarily live in a caravan through mid winter. Good luck...
  3. Well I've just seen my fridge and it's still only November. As an added bonus, there was beer in it...
  4. What were you expecting? A baby? It's +360 so it'll be different tomorrow. Here's the op at +360 to cheer you up- anyway, someone spotted a stray isobar earlier on a model somewhere. Apparently could be worthy of an Express headline...
  5. Busy mate, we have to move house in January. (Landlord selling up) another reason to be confident of a cold snowy winter. - My kind of luck says I'll be moving house in a blizzard...
  6. Yet another very different (and very good) evolution from the GFS 00z 06z Whilst the details are unclear, the overwhelming theme over the past few days, (Yes, I have been watching but life's problems have been keeping me away from my hobbies) is for a definite slide into winter. Notably colder, more frequent wintry showers and more importantly, the signal for significant cold and snowy weather into western Europe - exactly where we need it. So far, this winter is shaping up to be a good one. Patience young jedis...
  7. They actually only have to give us 2 months notice, so 3 is a bonus really. They really don't want to sell the house and said if their circumstances change in the meantime, they won't sell. Mid-winter is not a good time to be moving house.
  8. Lovely house there. Sadly, our landlords informed us yesterday that they are going to have to sell the house so we will have to move by January. Been here 4 and a half years and this was their retirement income. They were happy for us to live here forever but due to unforseen circumstances they have to sell. They are almost as gutted as we are. They said we are the best tenants they could have hoped for and offered us first refusal on buying it. I bought a lottery ticket last night.... (Β£550,000 market value...) Didn't win... Sad really, we love the house and we couldn't have wished for better landlords. They've even been here for barbecues in the summer. If we do have an epic winter, we could be moving in the middle of it. Not quite sure where though, there aren't many properties around here which suit our needs within our budget. But hey, $#/! happens, that's life...
  9. bobbydog

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    So... we're now on 159 days, with 86 days left, the maximum number of spotless days we could theoretically achieve is 245 days. Realistically, there is likely to be a few more sunspots by the end of the year but I reckon we will still manage to pass the 200 mark
  10. bobbydog

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    Just for fun at this stage but the CFS looks interesting for Boxing day Even -16c uppers a few days later! 1962 anyone?
  11. bobbydog

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Now equal to 2007 for blank days.
  12. Actually, as of now, the anomaly is slightly positive for all areas-