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  1. which raises an interesting question- when is a PV not a PV?....
  2. RoboMod

    i think the issue is, robomod is not a robot. its basically the ability of a member to hide a post until reviewed by a mod. if it doesn't get reviewed, it stays hidden. if everyone is given the ability, then i can see it creating more problems than it solves. people will disagree and mods will have to get involved, creating more work. if its only a select few that have the ability, then its down to the personal opinion of those people if a post is hidden. in which case, they may as well be official mods. we already have a report facility so i dont think "RoboMod" is needed.
  3. they can't have got it wrong if it hasn't happened yet...
  4. despite all the different evolutions, every model wants to, at some point, blow us all away.
  5. RoboMod

    its a small number of testers not a small number of naughty guinea-pigs. obviously they only asked sensible people...
  6. RoboMod

    telegram for robomod! telegram for robomod!
  7. RoboMod

  8. are we beginning to see some continuity at last? - from the ECM- last two ECM runs looking very similar, allowing for the 12 hour difference. the jet digging south and the vortex being drained from greenland in the process. this could allow for amplification afterwards as @northwestsnow mentions. thats if there's anything left of us after that storm passes through!
  9. RoboMod

    fair enough, see how it goes but personally i think its fine how it is.
  10. RoboMod

    i'm all for improving the forum if improvements can be made - emoji's or tweaking communication methods etc, like the 'sticky notes'. however, i think we all get along just fine as it is, without changing the moderating methods.
  11. RoboMod

    fair enough but with a reporting system in place and moderators in place, is it really necessary? after all, its worked so far, people know the limits and if they are overstepped then posts are deleted. we all self moderate to a point and unless a post is offensive and i understand we need to keep the threads 'on topic' is it really neccessary to be so strict and find other methods of moderation? after all, we are discussing the weather, not deciding whether to go to war with north korea. i've been a member for over 7 years and very much enjoyed my time on here. nothing much has changed up to now and as the saying goes- "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
  12. RoboMod

    to be fair, my posts were in the spirit of the model thread and you've said yourself that posts have been allowed to keep it flowing. all things considered, it is a written conversation regarding a particular subject, involving many people with differing views. if we police it too strictly, it becomes boring. my particular posts are not really the issue, if a moderator feels they are not appropriate then they have the authority to delete them and i respect that. its the fact that someone may take their own personal issue with someone else's posts, which consequently are hidden, possibly undeservedly, then not dealt with by mods.
  13. RoboMod

    just wondered how this works. apparently, of someone reports a post, its hidden until reviewed by a mod. i've had two posts 'robo-modded' which were just humorous posts in the mod thread. if a moderator thought they were 'off topic' or just 'banter' then fair enough but there has been no feedback as to why. bearing in mind, several moderators were online at the time and either didnt see my posts or deemed them suitable.
  14. quite... (i'm not doing it, in case anyone is thinking it...) still feb, there are 33 more GFS runs before xmas and at just 144hrs, the big 3 dont agree on the way forward. looking at this morning's ECM, we could even see another unexpected evolution. lets see what tonights brings...