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  1. Well at least you enjoyed "at least one decent snow event" in every one of the 35 years you lived in the south east.... Haven't had a "decent snow event" for 8 years here in Horsham.... 😉
  2. Very true. (Though I wouldn't call most 4x4's "off road) I've owned Land Rovers for 9 years and I'm well aware that though I have more traction, when it comes to braking on ice and snow, it's the same as any other vehicle. You have to know how to drive them... 😉
  3. Not necessarily, the end you refer to 'might' allow convective showers to start, like further north.
  4. Admittedly not much, but you might see something falling out of the sky in the next couple of hours... 😉
  5. Ok, winds taking on a slightly more easterly direction. Light snow showers feeding through to west and south Western areas of our region. Some who thought they would get nothing might get a dusting at least. For me, it's probably going to need a Thames streamer to fire up. Keeping a close eye on the Thames estuary.... 👁️❄️
  6. Hi lottie, everything you said is true, except I was talking about Capel near Dorking, apparently there's a Capel near Folkestone as well 😆 Our Capel nearly always gets snow when we get none and its only a few miles up the road.
  7. Nearly spat my beer out when I read the first line of your post... 😆
  8. They're not really streamers, more organised bands. True streamers set up over relatively warm water, generating a "stream" of convection.
  9. I wasn't.... but I'll bet he was forecasting 'snowmageddon' for today.... 🙄
  10. To be fair, there has been less snow than forecast up to this point. That is probably due to the delay in the colder temps arriving, which has left ground temps slightly on the high side, making it more difficult to achieve laying snow initially. The MetO forecast is still going for heavy snow for the south east area. As you say, I think the heaviest falls associated with the warnings will come from showers and streamers. The problem will be how far inland the showers make it and the direction of any streamers 'if' they set up. Some will hit the jackpot whilst others will miss out (probably m
  11. I'm in Hills Farm Lane area, none settling here either, just steady light (sideways) snow
  12. Hi Lottie, my mother in law lives in Rickwood Park in Capel, its only just started snowing here in Horsham.
  13. The Horsham snow-shield is holding steady. This is torturously painful....
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