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  1. I know hinton very well. Built a house there last year just as you leave the village towards crougton.. im hoping to see some snow tomorrow been a few snowless years here at the moment.. my son at 2.5 years old has never seen a good dumping of snow or any snow at all come to think of it
  2. Im hoping im in a good spot.. fingers all crossed Brackley south Northamptonshire
  3. Thats the only down side for me but i will find away to get it on the wall some how.. Couldnt wait any longer as the 25% offer ended 12am tonight so ordered £100 off. http://store.oregonscientific.com/uk/ At £299 i think thats not bad
  4. Can anyone with a wmr300 confirm for me it can be wall hung? (Console) As this cyber monday thing with 25% discount is temping me to buy!
  5. Thanks mapantz.. The only thing that's putting me off the vue is the console. Looks so dated! Plus i want to mount the console on the hall way wall and not sure that would suit the vue either
  6. Hi all.. just after some advice Which would be a better choice of station? OREGON SCIENTIFIC WMR300 WIRELESS WEATHER STATION @ £349.00 Or a DAVIS VANTAGE VUE COMPLETE SYSTEM @ £325.00 Many thanks
  7. Good time for the fish... lots of extra food sturdy up. They will be more than happy. that's why you see a lot at anglers hitting the coast on hi tides etc
  8. Got the xbox one and love it. No problems at all so far.
  9. I've set up a simple little forum for quad biking in the midlands area, anyone welcome to join. Just putting the word about cheers http://midlandsquadforum.webs.com/
  10. carl79

    Make us laugh

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