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  1. Fire lit and feet up, A lazy Sunday for me as not fit to be out.
  2. Had the range ticking over the past 2 nights here just to keep the damp/early chill off.
  3. The first snowfall over the highest tops yesterday.
  4. Pete/Ed Stone will probably remember where they went.... I 'think' he tapped the wrong button late one night when a mod and some went missing. Although I could be completely wrong.
  5. To be expected as extremes become more normal. Certainly the past few years have proved this throughout the world..
  6. Showers rattling through here and pretty blustery to. Temp currently 14c
  7. Relentless moderate sometimes heavy rain here so far this morning and plenty more to come looking at the Radar. Temp currently 14.8c.
  8. And on the that note let's please move swiftly back to Discussing the Model Outputs, Thank you all.
  9. A few posts have had to go as off topic, Please continue with Model Discussion. Thank you all.
  10. Some cool night's to come over the next few days, With frosts in places. Some chilly days for the North of UK.
  11. They are usually pretty good re- broad brush pattern changes minus the detail, But with ex tropical storms/hurricanes moving into the Atlantic this is more often than not masked by them.
  12. A glorious Autumn morning here with another hot air balloon passing earlyer.
  13. Quite a deep Channel Low showing into Wk2 on the GFS this morning..
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