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  1. Nice Moon.

    1. Mapantz


      I was hoping to see that tonight, but there's low cloud & drizzle. 😞

  2. Not snow related, But an interesting read. "Ben Nevis - the highest mountain in Britain - occasionally experiences periods at its summit when the air is bone dry. The revelation that this notoriously wet peak should have times of near-zero humidity comes from the analysis of a newly recovered, unique data-set . Weather observations were made around the clock by a group of men who lived atop Ben Nevis from 1883 to 1904. Their records have now been digitised for modern science by volunteers." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/science-environment-47615716
  3. Just been out with the dogs down the local Dale, Rivers are full bore after yesterday's rain and all the brooks are overflowing, Nice to see.. Spotted this young Heron fishing at the Dam outlet. Having been the local river keeper (some time ago now)I was surprised how close I got to it as they are usually easily spooked. This one must of flown in from much busyer waters.
  4. Some Wintry showers pushing in just now here, Temp 1c
  5. Absolutely lashing it down here with now touching 20mm of rain and temp 7.2c.
  6. I quite enjoy rough wether like this when behind glass, I see an ice warning is out for here tonight and maybe even a dusting of snow in the early hours. Dogs are quite happy asleep in the living room and I'm in no rush to take them out..
  7. More persistent moderate rain now moving in here after a showery morning with gusts into the low 50's and the rain moving across the hills in like sheets.. Temp 8.9c Rain so far today 10.3mm
  8. Another very windy morning here with gales & heavy showers rattling through, And I notice the Meto have put out further warnings for gales this morning over our area.
  9. Gusts still into the high 60s here with squally showers, Some trees and branches down locally.
  10. Heavy rain turning sleety now, Temp 2.7c Edit-Wet snow mix now.
  11. From what I have seen & read the GFSP does have a cold bias, So until this issue is resolved it has been delayed.
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