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  1. Thought i would open a new thread for 2016, Old thread is here; Conditions are/will be improving over the coming weeks after a very mild/stormy start. This was the Caingorms yesterday with full winter conditions now with wind-slab forming a good base..
  2. Just a reminder of what this thread is intended for from the top of the page, Again many post belong in the Winter thread.. "Please ensure that the majority of your posts in this thread are model related - a theme of model discussion needs to run throughout. Some off topic chat and reactions are ok, but please use other, more relevant threads for entirely off-topic chat (such as snow reports, met office forecasts and general chat/moans about the weather or this winter).
  3. Polar Maritime

    Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    There have been signs of Barn Owls here in the past 2 weeks, And spotted one on the old stone gate post the other day but didn't have a camera on me, Today while out walking the dogs down the dale I spotted the pair. Great to see and will be setting the wildlife camera up with bait I think ☺️ This picture was taken only with my phone hopefully you can see him, I was within 80ft of them for a good 10 minutes and saw one kill some prey.
  4. Yes feels almost Spring like today, Certainly making my joints feel better..
  5. Unless post's contains "Model Output discussion" It doesn't belong in here. Currently, 90% of post belong in the Winter thread which is here.. Please take note as they will end up going missing if this continues. Thanks please continue.
  6. Some posts are going to dissapear, Please stay on topic, That is chat based around the "Model Outputs". If you want to moan about this Winter, Head over to the Winter thread. Thanks. Edit- More posts are being hidden, If you want to discuss this Winter please head over to the Winter thread. This thread is for hunting for cold via the Model Outputs. If it's Climate chat head to the Climate area. For Meto chat head to the Meto thread. It's only a handful of members which are constantly posting off topic, And ignoring these rules which is derailing the thread and creating lots of work. The team is keeping a close eye on the persistent offenders, And action will be taken if it continues. Thanks please continue.
  7. Many posts are more suited to the Winter thread, Nothing wrong with the odd joke based around the models, But let's please leave out the moaning, Discussing other posters and meto to keep this thread what it's intended for. Otherwise posts will start to magically dissapear Thanks and please continue.
  8. Some model discussion wouldn't go a miss in here..☺️
  9. Absolutely agree, And why the Meto have been so careful in wording there extended outlooks.
  10. Northern England could see overnight gusts possibly touching 80mph in exposed area's.
  11. ECM showing a Continental flow by mid-Month, Mainly for the South as per Met extended...
  12. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    The Models are certainly following there script. An Easterly flow for the South, But as they say it's finely balanced as to if the Continental flow becomes strong enough to cover all the UK and how cold..
  13. Some posts have gone, Just Model Discussion. Thanks.
  14. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Moderate snow here currently. Edit- Still moderate wet snow with a thin covering now. Temp 0.7c Wind chill -4c Dp 0.4c
  15. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Made the most of the fine weather here today, Perfect..
  16. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Plenty of showers blowing inland now, Already a fresh covering here..
  17. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Just up at Ringing Low snow showers starting to blow in here. Temp -2c
  18. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes keeping an eye on them, Some could at least get a covering of a few cm.
  19. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Max temp today of -1.9c with an air frost all day. Temp currently -3.8c. I'm hoping to get some snow showers tomorrow blowing in off the North sea.
  20. Max temp today of -1.9c with an air frost all day. Temp currently -3.8c
  21. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Very low confidence even at the start of the forecasting period....
  22. No more posts in here on today's snow event, Be it radar or Meto warnings, Please keep said posts to the dedicated cold spell thread or regionals or they will go missing. Thank you once again.
  23. Can we please leave the now-casting/who's going to get snow and radar watching to the regionals or the cold spell thread which is dedicated to this event here.. Thank you, And back the Model Output related discussion.