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  1. Mornin, Agree there MWB.. Here's some Net-wx mr daily snapshots fir Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri. With Monday being the better day of the week.
  2. Some welcome rain just started here, Shouldn't last to long as only a thin band. Edit- Moderate rain now.
  3. Great stuff Arnie, You have a good vantage point there. Mine are v good to my East with open sky's as far as the eye can see. I'm limited to my North due to woodland.
  4. Hi Rob, Here on Spaceweather scroll down and it's on the left. Not had any luck myself so far this year as always nodded off. Will be stopping up tonight hopefully. http://www.spaceweather.com/
  5. Clouds burnt off here now with wall to wall sunshine and feels very warm.
  6. Lookin nice up there today, UKV Model showing 26c for the West Coast Friday. 27/28c possible for some spots.
  7. Data from the NatGeo #Everest weather stations at the Balcony (8382m), South Col (8000m), C2 (6487m), EBC (5298m) and Phortse 93780) are now available online. https://nationalgeographic.org/earth-pulse/everest/widget/16/

  8. Suns just burnt through here after cloud all day, Certainly feels hot in it.
  9. UKV this morning shows some potent showers moving North through Central/Northern England around mid-day.
  10. No more on Meto please. If your post has gone it's because it should not belong in here.
  11. A few posts have had to go, Posts will go missing if they aren't Model Output Discussion. Thanks.
  12. Me to was fast off, But I will make the effort tonight. Some great photos cheers all.
  13. Can we please only post what the Models are actually showing, Posting about 'i expect downgrades/upgrades' or 'i live in the North' is not helpful and don't belong in this thread.
  14. Very possible the Humidity will outweigh 2m temps next week, Expect more flitting from the models over the next few days as slight adjustments will make for big differences run to run until the creases have been ironed out..
  15. Scope certainly there Dami, Being the start of something that could escalate with severe thunderstorms into Tue/Wed. Cape charts for Tue/Wed.
  16. NetWx-mr take on rainfall accumulation out till next Thursday.
  17. Mon/Tue/Wed temps/Cape next week. Years since I've seen charts like this, Interesting times ahead.
  18. NetWx-mr take on Cape and temps for next Tuesday.
  19. Nice shot! I have a pair in the field below me. Love watching them hunt during daylight hours.
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