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  1. Just to remind folk that this thread is purely only for 'Model' Hunt for cold.. Lot's of posts are more suited to the Winter thread. Please make sure you are posting in the correct thread before clicking 'Submit reply' or posts will start to magically go missing. Thanks.
  2. Some Meto extended forecast musings have gone, Please use the correct thread for discussing them. Thanks.
  3. A few posts have been hidden, Please use the pm function for anything other than Model Discussion in here. Onwards and upwards..
  4. The Jet really ramping up on this evening's run, With Severe gales and hill snow from a PM flow. Something seasonal/interesting at least.. or last! And in line with Meto Extended.
  5. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    I'm quite happy with that update.
  6. A very Merry Christmas to all here in this special corner of the world, Go steady on the Sprouts. At least the EC46 looks chilly..
  7. Only 2c here just now, With frost and ice remaining in places.

  8. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    A cold day here with temp hovering around 2c with frost and ice still remains in places, Lovely clear blue sky's and no wind to speak of.
  9. Ok, It's Christmas Eve.. The team will not tolerate posts that create knee jerk reactions and de-rail the thread. So please think about what your posting before clicking submit or posts will end up dissapering. The festive season is upon us so let's all get on and enjoy the discussions in a friendly manner on what is currently quite fascinating Model watching on offer over the Christmas period, Which couldn't come at a better time...
  10. And back to sensible, Friendly Model Discussion please. Merry Christmas to all on here.
  11. Ridge reaching for the Pole at the end of the 6z..
  12. Polar Maritime


    I had a drone hovering around my house last Summer, Thought it was a swarm of Wasps at first what with the loud buzzing noise, Live very rural so ran for the shotgun but on return it had gone. I did wonder if it was burglers having a look so it made me very edgey. Do not agree with them at all except for the emergency services.
  13. Can we please discuss the Meto extended in the correct thread. Thanks.
  14. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Reads the same with just different wording to me.. Still very uncertain on detail.
  15. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Rain just making inroads here, Temp currently at 3.9c.
  16. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Freezing rain here with car frozen solid.. Temp 0c Dp -1c
  17. Polar Maritime

    Short range model discussion - into 2018

    A very interesting day tomorrow, Severe gales a bitting wind chill and blizzards for some.
  18. It will certainly feel bitterly cold tomorrow what with the wind chill and gales..
  19. Ok let's stop the bickering in here, 1000's log in for friendly informative model discussion, So let's keep it that way or posts will magically go missing.. Onwards and upwards 🙂
  20. Some may get a wet dusting Wed/Thursday over high ground.
  21. Yes the Atlantic certainly wins out by the weekend.
  22. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Certainly feels cooler in the N/N/Wly here with temp currently at 6.2c, Mainly clear blue sky's with little wind.