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  1. Warnings are now out from the Meto. : 09:39 (UTC+1) on Tue 23 Jul 2019 Scattered thunderstorms are expected to affect parts of south-west and southern England this evening, moving north quickly across the UK overnight, clearing Scotland and eastern England by mid-morning on Wednesday. Although some places will miss the thunderstorms altogether, where they do occur there is the potential for frequent lightning, hail and gusty winds, as well as sudden downpours in a few places.
  2. Yes cloudy here to atm, Warning now out for our region this evening/overnight from the Meto
  3. Fingers crossed for storms tonight UKV has them moving over us so promise is there.. I like extremes in weather but this sort of heat I find unbearable for working outside in the fields.
  4. A few posts have had to go, If we could please move away from Meto forecasts/weather stations/and what one wants or doesn't/holiday plans.. And back to what the Models are showing as per thread title, Thanks all.
  5. Were starting to head off topic, Please use the summer thread for past heat records and the upcoming heat spell possibilities.. A new top temp competition thread will also be opened at some point. Thanks all..
  6. UKV shows plenty of heavy showers moving through Tuesday evening effecting the S/W at first then through the Midlands. NetWx-mr showing high ML Cape values so plenty of scope for thunderstorms.
  7. 37c showing this morning for the S/E on the NetWx-mr for Thursday.
  8. Tuesday night into Wednesday looks good for potential storms with plenty of convective scope and high Cape values. A very hot moist week ahead... Off up Snowdon again tonight so wish me luck
  9. NetWx-mr take on temps Tue-Fri. With Tuesday looking the hottest day nationwide thereafter a more N/S split, 35/36c possible in the S/E.
  10. It's going to be hot for a couple of days especially in the S/E next week, How hot to the 'degree' is v difficult at this range and with umpteen models runs over the next few days it's all rather academic at this range, Keeping in mind the North will be much cooler and unsettled at times..
  11. Temps at this range is/was never a done deal, And agree it was always only a couple of days with said max temps for the South..
  12. NetWx-mr take on Tue/Wed/Thu temps, 36c possible for the S/E Tue..
  13. Ok let's please move on to what the thread is about, That is Model Output Discussion whether positive or negative is irelavent, As the trends in the Models negotiate that for us all within our favourite weather type which this thread is not for spouting.
  14. Yes Pete, All academic at this range re temps, But at a glance low 30s in the S/E very warm elsewhere and record temps for parts of Europe again maybe?
  15. At least you managed to stop up Rob, Going to bed at 6:30 last night was a big help for me after watching cricket some Hobgoblin gold and a Sunday roast.. long day ahead though.
  16. Off up Snowdon this weekend.

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Yes been up may times over the years, Fingers crossed with the weather..

    2. Paul


      Looks a bit blowy for a bit, take care!

    3. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Been up a few times during hurricane force winds on my hands and knees in a complete whiteout. Great fun but to old/risky for that now, Saturday looks 'ok atm.

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  17. Woke up around 3am so went for a look with the dogs and a cup of tea.. Saw the first of the season to the N/E low on the horizon but not strong enough for my phone camera to pick up, Excellent all the same and many reports coming in with some strong displays further North.
  18. My two best friends, Misty & Heb Boarder Terriers. They go everywhere with me.
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