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  1. The depth of the Low may of gone, But the bulk of the rain is now over exactly where we don't need it, Was further North on last run, Still a long way off though..
  2. They are dropping bulk bags of MOT into the hole to hold back the water.
  3. Thanks for the info S.J. Keep us updated and hope the worst does not happen..
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-49189955 Bad new for local residents of Whaley Bridge due to excessive rainfall
  5. Torrential rain here at my location for the past 30 min, The lane past my house is like a river and all gutters on house overflowing, Sheep don't give two hoots..
  6. Torrential heavy rain here for past 30 min, the lane is currently like a river.
  7. North Yorkshire must be flooded out.. Very heavy rain moving into my location now.
  8. NetW-sr Model has been pretty good regarding this afternoons storms/Cape levels & where.
  9. Moderate rain with heavy bursts here with a few cracks of thunder to my East so far.
  10. Heavy rain here just now with a few rumbles of thunder to my East.
  11. Rain just starting here at my location, plenty to come with some heavy bursts looking at the radar.
  12. Long warm sunny spells now this afternoon here, With temp now 20.5c
  13. I was looking at it extremely positively I can assure you
  14. The cool Northerly as touched on by Cap't above from the GFS into Wk2, Possible first frosts in the Glens..
  15. Yes for me personally the heat was unbearable, These fresher conditions are making things much more pleasurable especially for working outside. Even the sheep have chirped up..
  16. UKV take on rainfall from the little Low spinning up from the S/W later today and into tomorrow, A fair bit of rain could fall in places that have already had big total's over the weekend.
  17. Persistent rain here all night with some very heavy rain in the past few hours. Temp currently 14c Rainfall 19.3mm Edit: Up to 27mm now.
  18. Still raining here this morning, Turned heavy in the the past few hour and more to come looking at the radar. Temp 12.8c
  19. Just had a Kestrel fly inside my conservatry chasing a Robin, Both were flapping about for a few minutes until i had opened all the windows, Both are out now unharmed. The same happened in my shed last year..
  20. Persistent light rain here with moderate bursts, Much fresher with a temp of 16c
  21. Just touched 28c here on the Davis, Plenty of warming yet.. Around 31c is the shade record locally to beet since 2003. Be interesting what TM's is..
  22. Let's please remember this is the Summer thread..
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