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  1. NetWx-sr high resolution model showing snow for Tuesday. All subject to change (which it will)..
  2. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Snow started here with big flakes, Still 100% snow cover here.
  3. If your post is missing or dissapears it's because it's off topic and does not belong in here, Some great Model watching to be had, So let's not jump the gun. Thanks.
  4. Snow chances for most parts into next Tuesday, With a bitting wind chill. Winter is here.
  5. NetWX-MR still shows an Easterly Thursday next week.
  6. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    About half inch cover here and still snowing. Temp 0.5c dp -2 Wind chill -4
  7. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    It's absolutely brilliant Phil, Thank god I got my oil tank filed up today so it can do what it wants!
  8. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Moderate snow now here. Edit, White-out conditions here in the hills with a thin covering already.
  9. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Light snow just started here. Temp 1.2c Dp 0 Wind chill 0.2c
  10. Polar Maritime

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Great stuff..
  11. Polar Maritime

    Are you happy that solid fuel fires are to be banned?

    No gas here as live very rural, Have an Esse oil range which does the heating hot water and for cooking, That's always ticking away on low 24/7 this time of year. In the living room we have an open fire which i light when it starts to get chilly as so I don't have to turn the range up. I have woodland so all my wood is free and seasoned for at least 2 years but it's a labour of love as it's hard work!
  12. NetW-Wx MR certainly advertising an Easterly flow from Mid-Week. -9c uppers and colder to follow.
  13. Yes very exciting runs indeed, But please let's keep this thread away from one liners/ramps especially during these upcoming busy periods as to keep the thread informative as posts will go missing. Onwards and upwards..😊
  14. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    A thin covering of snow here. Temp -1c Dp -3c Wind chill -7c
  15. Just a quick note.. Please only sensible posts in here, One line ramps and the like will disappear, Especially during these busy periods as good posts just get lost amongst the clutter. Thanks please continue.
  16. Yes as others have already put the GFS is certainly showing the Turkish Delight this evening from the East. Will be an interesting ECMWF run this evening, Will it follow suit?
  17. Again the GFS shows the cold to the East ever slightly further West & South.
  18. Friday's Snow risk has grown a little on this evenings GFS..
  19. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    The best Qualified professional forecasters in the UK.
  20. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Very good.. Mainly Easterly flow.
  21. The Atlantic certainly looking more blocked, With stronger Heights pushing North leaving us in more of a Continental flow..
  22. The 6z shows colder air over the continent and a little closer West than the 0z run...
  23. Polar Maritime

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Looks absolutely fine to me..