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  1. UKV temps for Sun/Mon/Tue, Some stark differences in the far S/E to the rest of the UK. All down to how much the cloud can burn off so time for change yet..
  2. Maybe just me, But lately I've found the 6z more consistent with the other big two models. Bearing in mind it was the first to pick up signals for the upcoming warm/hot spell..
  3. UKV take on Saturday/Sunday temps. Monday not quite within its reach atm..
  4. 2019 — August all-Scotland snow survey https://medium.com/@theiaincameron/2019-august-all-scotland-snow-survey-ea2530230baa
  5. A very respectable 6z with temps widely near to or touching 30c on Bank Holiday Monday.
  6. Heavy Showers blowing through here just now, No thunder as yet though.
  7. The GFS 6z tries but fails reg next weekends signals for a rise in pressure bar the far S/E, As the Low that was model'd to sit to our S/West moves through over the UK off the Atlantic into Wk2. All very messy into the run and so still lots to be resolved.
  8. GFS this morning once again showing a warm S/E flow into next weekend, With temps touching 30c locally in the South.
  9. Absolutely tipping it down here, Really does feel like Autumn have even lit the open fire to lift moods. Temp 14.7c and nearly 30mm of rain..
  10. The 6z into the run and towards Month end certainly shows a more settled warmer outlook compared to the 12z. With High Pressure over the UK bringing a warm S/E flow.
  11. Yes another Autumnal feel to today, Light rain has turned moderate with some heavy bursts here just now. Temp currently 12.8c with 4mm rain so far.
  12. Showers blowing through here but not stopping me going out with the mutts, some nice sunny spells currently.
  13. A wet and wild morning out there today with fast moving showers pushing through. Peak of winds should be mid-afternoon going by UKV.
  14. A few cracks of lightning close to here just now and the sky's black to my S/E with a few spots of rain starting.
  15. Some high Cape values as the front moves N/E tomorrow, As shown on UKV.
  16. A little later but the Low is still showing on the 12z, Not as deep but with heavy rain over Central UK and gale force winds as it exits the N/E on Thursday.
  17. Gale force winds over the Channel and Southern coastal areas Friday.
  18. Going of my earlier screen shot it looks even worse now..
  19. The GFS shows the Atlantic Low next Tuesday making for a more direct path over the UK on this morning's run. Beforehand some heavy rainfall to come Friday, With flooding once again very possible as shown by UKV. Some very active weather on the way in the medium term to keep tabs on..
  20. Yes Knocker was just looking at that myself, A striking difference to the 6z.
  21. Let's please discuss what the Models are showing in here, And use the Summer thread for thoughts/feels and what we don't or do like. Thanks all.
  22. GFS showing some ground frosts for the North after the Low swings through pulling in some cooler uppers. Some wintry showers for the Mountains I would of thought in this set-up.
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