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  1. Can we please take note on what Chio elaborated on yesterday.. When it comes to folk getting excited about snow prospects be it North/South/East/West can we not just read said posts and move on, There is no need to quote the posts in thinking they are being biased it only leads to a heap of woffle being posted then reports come flying in.. Thanks.
  2. Polar Maritime

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Some back edge snow for some on the radar.
  3. Detail still to be ironed out reg snow potential next week, And I wouldn't trust any runs hemispherically past day 5 currently.. Nice to see -17c surface temps for the highlands though!
  4. As the cold front moves through S/E Sunday some pretty high winds to be expected especially for West S/W coastal regions. Snow showers for some especially over high ground continuing into the new week with some hard frosts especially under any clearing sky's and cold days under a brisk wind.
  5. Polar Maritime

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    Some sad news.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/snowpatchesscotland/permalink/981968862003165/ Some very sad news today. Dr Adam Watson passed away peacefully this morning. Not only a snow patch legend, but the person most responsible for our understanding of so much in Scotland's uplands. His daughter Jenny wanted people to know. From a personal perspective, I owe him a debt of gratitude that I'll never be able to repay. An inspirational man.
  6. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    A thin covering of snow here that's just fallen.
  7. A wintry run this morning for next week, Lows swinging further South so snow chances will be a plenty, Even for the South!
  8. Just Models please, No Meto extended chat in here that's for another thread. Thanks.
  9. Thought I would open a thread to observe and follow the cold PM shot over the next few days. Yellow Meto warnings are already out for snow and ice, And the models show plenty of snow showers packing in behind into tomorrow and Wednesday. The Radar will be a must.. Good luck all.
  10. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Up at the Cat n Fiddle now, Snowing heavy and the radar looks good with plenty more snow incoming. Temp 0c
  11. Polar Maritime

    Potential Cold Shot Incoming.

    Few post gone as unrelated to this thread. A few shots from Flagg just now.
  12. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    At Flagg atm just started to snow here again with full snow cover of around an inch.
  13. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Just driven back home from Buxton via Flagg, A good covering already with around an inch in places.
  14. Just a heads up that a thread has been started for tonight/tomorrows snow potential.
  15. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes during recent Easterlys all the snow just blows away and fills the lanes here. I have always favoured a PM flow.
  16. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes Flash is not to far from me and have worked there numerous times on Farms, Some odd folk though.. As you say we could have snow showers Tue/Wed/Thu. Radar watching at the ready!
  17. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yellow warnings out now for snow and ice. I do think the details will change somewhat and be updated nearer the time.. A band of rain and hill snow will move southeastwards across the UK during Monday evening and overnight. A brief spell of wet snow is possible on high ground of southern Scotland, northern England and north Wales, with some small accumulations possible. Behind this surface temperatures will rapidly fall away with some ice forming on some surfaces. Once the rain has cleared, some hail, sleet and snow showers will follow from the northwest, with 1-3 cm above 200 metres and some small accumulations expected at lower levels.
  18. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    The BBC video forcast certainly shows it in full force on there website, Continuing all day Wednesday to..
  19. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Plenty of small villages/Hamlets round here with pub B&B which do much better than Buxton due to alt and colder temps, Agree it's the highest town, Take a look at Flash for instance.. No idea if the Cat Fiddle has a new landlord yet as they do B&B.
  20. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes it's looking good tonight into tomo, I will prob stop up late tonight to see how it arrives here..Would not surprise me if Meto out a yellow warning.
  21. GFSP showing a cold PM blast Mon/Tue next week, With -9/-10 uppers over the majority of the UK and possible widespread snowfall. GFS making it more a Northerly flow.. Certainly a wintry outlook looking at the models this morning with temps mainly keeping below avg.
  22. Yes agree, Here are the 850's certainly altitude makes all the difference. Early days yet for tiny changes but with a -7 wind chill we shall see..