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  1. A few off topic/overnight posts have been removed.
  2. Lovely late Spring day here with next to no wind at all and temp 22c in the shade.
  3. N/W Scotland has a stark difference in temps compared to the South, With temps into single digits and blustery winds/rain as a small Low exits North over the Outer Hebrides. A snapshot for Sunday from the Net/Wx- MR Model.
  4. The scope for some convective activity into Saturday evening continues. Especially in the S/E...
  5. GFS rainfall charts for Sunday/Monday.
  6. The Meto do have much more information than us, Do consider that.
  7. Lets please keep BBC forecasts/screen-shots and discussion to the relevant thread. Thanks.
  8. Certainly good scope for storms in the South/E as a weak front pushes in off the Channel on Sunday/Monday.
  9. Some post have had to go as off topic. Please continue discussions on the Model Output. Thanks.
  10. Some very nice late Spring warmth showing across the models this morning, Especially into the Bank Holiday weekend where temps could touch 27/28c quite widely.. Some Temp snapshots from the Net/Wx in-house Model..
  11. Do consider the GFS chart is for 6pm, With the screenshot being 3pm.
  12. Showers starting to push in here now.
  13. Yes this afternoon looks promising inland for convection and some heavy showers bubbling up.
  14. Dogs should be kept on leads at this time of year unless on open ground as wildlife is far to busy and become easy pray for dogs especially by the waterside. Here my Mrs Wren just now tucking in for the night.