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  1. Sunny spells here currently after a clear start keeping the heat down thankfully. Temp 24c Humidity 62% on the Davis.
  2. Perfect summer's day here with a nice breeze, Been out in the garden all day and managed to get all my veg in at last.
  3. A nice squall line shaping up as the front moves slowly East.
  4. Just had a power cut here with v heavy hail a thunder and lightning directly above wow
  5. Let's please keep it friendly in here. Some recent posts belong in the spring thread, Let's not stray any further off topic and continue with Model Output Discussion. Thanks 😊
  6. Yes a few snow showers here early this morning, clear and sunny currently. Temp 3c
  7. Like the middle of Autumn out there here, A cool week coming up and I've got about an inch of oil left in the tank for the range...
  8. A few posts hidden and edited, As per forum rules, Please absolutely nothing political in here. Thanks all ☺️
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