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  1. My Orientals are still closed Mushy. I hope there ok..
  2. Can we please move on from discussing personal posting styles from here on in, Thanks.
  3. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/14642404.Snow_researcher_captures_incredible_photographs_of_Ben_Nevis_snow_tunnels/?ref=twtrec These fantastic images show snow tunnels that have formed on the north face of Scotland's highest mountain. Amateur snow researcher Iain Cameron, 43, climbed the mountain to document the summertime snow levels.
  4. Ok lets please swiftly move on now from this, And continue discussing what the Model Outputs are showing. Thanks.
  5. Tuffy that one..
  6. Shane, Come back Shane.
  7. Very well put together stormeh, And what a storm it was!
  8. It must of been like all Christmases came at once Knock ☺
  9. autumn

    Im hoping for a quiet start to Autumn with a progressivly Stormy end as we enter Winter.
  10. Nowt here Rob, Just one sighting earlier in the Month. Some nice shots from Fife night before last though, Wont be long now until the end of the season..
  11. Very nice Mushy, My Orientals are on the cusp of opening.. And forgot the name of this lovely plant just starting to flower.
  12. A dry and cloudy night with little wind and a low of 13.4c. Currently; Dry and calm with patchy cloud. Temp 16.5c Wind S/S/W Avg 3mpg Rain 0.0mm
  13. A cooler week than what we have endured coming up. With weak fronts pushing in off the Atlantic, Giving showers or longer spells of rain at times with temps in the mid to high teens during the day and down to single digits at night especially for the N/W so much better for sleeping in. The far S/E holds on to the warmer temps in the low 20's..
  14. Without a shadow of any doubts it has to be Fleetwood Mac for me and still going strong today.
  15. Ok.. An M5 + M7 class flares last night which could lead to a glancing blows to Earth over the next few days.