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  1. Polar Maritime

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Displays won't be great what with a full moon.
  2. Certainly cold for all next weekend from the North, Turning N/Ely into the new week.
  3. Polar Maritime

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Yes very warm here with the Davis reading 16.8c as is the Dew, Highest gust so far 57mph here.
  4. Just discussion on the Model Outputs please, Thanks.
  5. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    A lovely Autumnal morning here with a cloud inversion below me and the sun starting to burn through just now. Temp currently 8.5c
  6. Fired the Arger up Sunday night for a few hours as dropped to 16c inside, Other than that we have had the open fire going most evenings over the past week.
  7. Reports of bad flooding at Oban, With Tescos and other areas flooded out.. Credit- Highlands & Island's weather.
  8. Still 4 days away but the deep Low for Friday needs to be kept an eye on, With plenty of time for adjustments. Currently modelled to hit Ireland and N/W Scotland with wind gusts possibly touching 90mph.. As shown by NetW-wx.
  9. Rain cleared mid-morning here, A much cooler day than of later. Currently dry and cloudy with a chilly breeze. An overnight low of 4.9c Temp 8.5c Rain 8.5mm Wind gusting 27mph
  10. Roll on Autumn proper/Winter.

    1. I remember Atlantic 252
    2. Mokidugway


      And by extension spring 😁

  11. Ground and air frost here this morning. With some lovely Autumnal sunshine burning it off just now.
  12. Some posts have had to go, Can we please stick to Model Output discussion as per thread title, And cut the tickle tackle. Any problems please report said post or PM a member of the team. Thanks.
  13. And back to sensible Model discussion please, Thankyou.
  14. NetW-Wx showing a good chance of a ground frost for some over the next few nights.
  15. Polar Maritime

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes TM a very wet day indeed, Gusts touching 60mph to with some big trees down in the fields around me.