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  1. Yes just model duscusion please in here there is the meto extended thread open for discusion on just that. Thanks all.
  2. This is just amazing. I'm all stocked up here ready, Yes Mark 2013 was as you say very severe with snow wall to wall in the lanes, I was snowed in for days with drifts up to the windows.
  3. Snow on the Scottish Mountains 2016/17

    https://www.ukhillwalking.com/articles/features/imagining_britain's_lost_glaciers-10207 An interesting read here.
  4. Yes something the GFS picked up on a few days ago, With High Pressure moving West over Greenland bringing a cold N/Ely flow. Here's Mondays 00z chart against today's. Very wintry charts again this morning..
  5. That's first 2 post gone directly under Paul's opening post..They will just go missing so don't wast your time and spoil the thread for the rest of the commuity. Members repeatedly posting off topic will be added to the ever growing restricted list. Not a good place to be what with the upcoming interest... On we go.
  6. That's some more post gone, So if yours is missing it's because it's not Model Output Discussion. During these up-coming v busy periods PLEASE keep on topic in here. Thanks again, And on we go...
  7. Some posts have had to go, Please only discussion on what the Model Outputs are showing in here, And use the banter ramp thread or cold spell thread for everything else to keep the thread clean and constructive during these busy times. Thanks as always, Please continue ☺
  8. Winter starts this weekend.

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      About bloody time!:yahoo:

    2. karyo


      May your lips be blessed forever!

  9. Impressive runs again this morning, Severe cold as good as guaranteed next week. Just the detail to iron out now..
  10. Some cracking charts this morning again from the GFS, A bitter Easterly setting up for next weekend and through wk2 turning N/Ely.
  11. Just model outut discussion please in here, There is a cold spell thread and ramp/banter thread already open. Thanks.
  12. 2 weeks and I will be back up in God's land (Strontian) hopefully the cold spell will be in full swing then.
  13. Have you knocked your heating off yet?

    Arga still ticking over and will be for a good while yet I would think.