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  1. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    A covering of snow here this morning of around 3/4cm with snow showers during the night. A low of 0c Currently 0.2c Dp -0.4c Wind NNW
  2. A covering of snow here this morning of around 4cm with snow showers during the night and persisting this morning. A low of 0c Currently 0.2c Dp -0.4c Wind NNW
  3. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Yes a covering here and still snowing
  4. The best model watching for years ☺

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      surely not the S word, probably not for London

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      I can think of other words beginning with s for london


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      thought you meant super duper:shok:

  5. Let's please keep banter/hopes to the correct threads, Thanks ☺
  6. Gales possible in the mix for Saturday, Blizzard conditions over the hills for some..
  7. A continuation of a cool/cold N/W flow turning Northerly at times.
  8. Snow on the Scottish Mountains 2016/17

    The back corries on Nevis Range are looking good today with some big dumpings to come over the coming weeks ☺
  9. St Anthony Light - Roseland Peninsula

    Nice shot Knocker with the light hitting it perfectly.
  10. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Some morning reading here. HomepaIain Cameron I write about snow, and occasionally other stuff. Nov 15 #25 — Records of year-round snow surviving at Eldon Hole, Peak District In the Derbyshire Peak District, situated at grid reference SK116809, there is a deep (60 metres) cleft in the ground called Eldon Hole. This pot-hole, long-dubbed the ‘fourth wonder of the Peake’ (Cotton 1683), is little-known, except to speleologists and locals. Entrance to the pot-hole cannot be achieved without the aid of specialist equipment, and as a consequence it is visited only rarely, even in summer https://medium.com/@theiaincameron/25-records-of-year-round-snow-surviving-at-eldon-hole-peak-district-790355bcbed4
  11. Yes into Wk2 were back to a N/W Pm flow, Drifting Northerly at times as systems pass. So temps avg or just below especially for the North with snow for Scotland and over high ground. What you would expect for the time of year.. As others have said good news for Northern Hills/Mountains. And not a bad set-up for the start of Winter!
  12. Some posts are more suited to the Model moan/banter thread, Please use that thread for such posts or they may start to go missing. Please continue, Thanks.
  13. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    A low of 0.5c here last night with a ground frost, A glorious morning so far.