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  1. Please report any posts you deem unsuitable, Thanks. More off topic posts have gone. Please let's keep away from discussing other members posting styles once and for all.
  2. Some posts have been hidden, Just model moans and ramps please in here. It's not for moaning about other members. Thanks
  3. Moderate rain here now with temp currently 12.3c.
  4. Rain just starting here at my location now, Sky's to my South..
  5. A dry cloudy morning so far with a few breaks in the cloud at times. Rain eased int early hours leaving 4.7mm. Temp currently 14c
  6. A dry cloudy morning so far here with some clear patches. Tomorrow looks like a wet day here in the N/Midlands.
  7. Just model 'output' discussion please in here,Ta ☺
  8. Yes Pit agree there as rain was not forecast here until the afternoon.
  9. Persistent moderate rain here with temp currently 11.2c
  10. Light sometimes moderate rain here all morning with the fronts back edge just passing now.. Hopefully a dry afternoon, Much cooler than of late. Temp 11.8c with a slack N/West wind.
  11. Great footage and photos Christchurch/SS and many others..Light rain currently just starting here with low cloud.
  12. Fingers crossed no lives are lost.
  13. Yep I also can't grumble so far this Summer as we have has many a day of light winds and temps into the low/mid 20's here, Perfect for working outside it.
  14. Kp6 storm currently and tonight, A good chance for the North under clear sky's.
  15. Some cracking cape values for next Wednesday..With Temps possibly touching 29/30c in the E/SE. A stark temperature difference as Knocker points out.