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  1. The GFS this morning shows a long drawn Northerly by next Thursday, With -5/-6/-7 850's covering a large swathe of the UK giving the potential for the 1st snowfalls for some..
  2. A chilly dry night with clear spells and a low of 4c with temps rising in the early hours as cloud built. Currently; Dry and cloudy with light winds. Temp 6.4c Wind E/N/E Avg 6mph Rain 0.0mm
  3. The GFS this morning continues to show dry/settled weather as we head into November for the majority of the UK, With only the far N/W of Scotland clipping any weak systems as the Jet run's over Iceland. So some fine Autumnal weather on the cards with some chilly nights under clear sky's.
  4. I'm up in Strontian/Sky in 2 weeks, Can't wait ☺
  5. A chilly dry night with some long clear intervals and light W/S/W winds, A low of 4.5c. Currently: Dry & clear temp 4.9c
  6. First Snowfall on Ben Nevis today. http://www.abacusmountainguides.com/blog
  7. Grey Corries have had a dusting today on Nevis Range ☺
  8. The odd light shower as dawn broke dampening the ground, Other than that a dry night with a low of 6.7c and little wind. Current Temp 7.7c Wind East 3mph
  9. Cant wait for this.
  10. A dry morning with patchy cloud and a low of 6.6. Temp currently 6.9c
  11. Hopefully better conditions tonight for sightings..
  12. A few off topic posts hidden, Please keep to sensible discussion in here, Thanks.
  13. The GFS this morning shows a Northerly shot into Wk2. Cold enough for some Wintry showers at elevation for parts in the North with -7 850's shown over the UK, And ground frosts to boot..
  14. autumn

    Hail here at Clumber Park.