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  1. Well as some of you may know I give a forecast every morning and night on my Kilmersdon Weather Facebook page and on a Sunday night a look at two weeks ahead which has proved very popular with the page followers. I’ve just posted tonight’s and no way was I gonna suggest snowy Armageddon at 7-10 days out whatever the models show. In fact I tried to highlight the chance of a UK based cold High as possible too. Probably won’t be too popular with my snow revellers who surprisingly enough are mostly ladies.
  2. Been snowing for an hour or so. Mostly light but a little more than I expected so should be grateful for that
  3. Apologies. I forget my station resets st 9am so current 24.4 since 9am and 6.3 before 9am and after midnight equates to 30.7mm today
  4. Spending the weekend in Bourton On The Water with friends and woke up to the view below. Started snowing a while back, settling fast and currently coming down quite thick. Unfortunately my webcams 50mls away at home shows the same old rainy view which will spread up here later. Oh well at least I can say I have seen some real snow this season.
  5. Yes unless there is troughing in the flow showers quickly fade after leaving high ground to the West, especially at night. The hills and mountains of Wales offer too much shelter. To be honest the wind has a bit too much NW in it even for my location as it’s West Somerset, Cornwall and Devon who are soaking up the beefiest showers.
  6. No mine still reporting. Mind you I have lots of interruptions to the webcam service.
  7. Here’s the latest screen grap off my app. It was showing sferics down over Ilchester way but they are now removed. Obviously not been a strike over recent minutes.
  8. No it’s not the V7 radar that alerts me it’s the Weather and Radar app on my iPad and phone that notifies me. I often use it in conjunction with my Facebook weather page. Incidentally the sferics over a South Somerset will be in the Poole area soon. It’s all moving at quite a lick.
  9. I’ve seen lightning to the SW from up here in NE Somerset. We have had a few sleety snowy showers over recent hours when the wind really whips up but nothing of note. Incidentally I am not a lover of those BBC Weather or Met Office rainfall apps. Worth £20 a year to subscribe to the V7 radar from here. Even the free radar apps are better than hopecasting from a graphic. I have mine set up to alert me when a shower is approaching then go on sentry duty out of the upstairs window before it arrives. The wife thinks I’m mad.
  10. Dull and uninspiring is the ‘buzz’ word around here this morning. Grey, overcast and just 1.3C.
  11. Not too bad today. A few showers earlier but dry currently Light winds and colder at 5C.
  12. A lot of hangback of cloud to clear following overnight rain but 9mm in the last 24 hours is a lot less rainfall than was feared thankfully.