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  1. Hey you guys are finally getting truly international, what with me having done 3 tours and Jock currently drive. Have a great trip Josh. I've travelled from Oz for my trips and its definitely worth getting to Dallas a couple of days earlier to acclimatise to the heat and do some sightseeing. Am now wishing I was chasing again this year
  2. Well its 11.12pm here in Sydney and is still currently 30.5c, so not very conducive to sleeping. It looks like it will cool down slightly in time for the weekend, only to ramp back up to full furnace strength again on Monday. Think I need to move back to the UK LOL
  3. CycloneGail

    Iceland 2

    Lovely photos. I'm heading there myself in September and am really looking forward to seeing all the icebergs
  4. And don't forget, Tour 3 last year scored 8 in 1 afternoon
  5. Unfortunately I'm now not going to be doing T4 , but I will be back again in 2017. I seem to like chasing in odd numbered years anyway... 2013, 2015 Looking forward to watching and ready all the reports and seeing the photos
  6. Come and live in Oz Nick! 22 hr flights are the normal for some destinations! SYD to DFW is 16hrs+ non-stop
  7. Hi Chris, hey I just google search the Days Inn at Aurora and its showing as permanently closed and its not showing on the Days Inn website although the one at Denver International is showing. You may want to check your booking.
  8. T4 booked for me Just love chasing in Colorado
  9. Great British humour is one way to describe it.... Oh yeah Skip! I would like to that Paul, Nick, Arron and Mr Vicary for the hours of fun and exciting driving skills provided on T3. My work colleagues are now ready to certify me for my love of twisty weather events.
  10. Here is our group shot which was kindly taken by fellow Aussie chaser Daniel Shaw, after an amazing chase day.
  11. I've got the hairdryer issue covered this time, I brought my own, given I had to go 3 hotels in a row without one 2 years ago. Not a good scenario for a girl. Although I'm sure you guys are meaning something else in your ribbing of Mr Vicary I arrived in Dallas this afternoon. Hotel has put on a party with free bbq and live music
  12. Will that mean tan topping up and shopping time then... JOKE!
  13. Denver Cyclone Vortex Zone?? or something like that
  14. I love Paul's comment of "watch that tree" at around 1.42mins in
  15. LOL Andy at least you'll be going home to "fingers crossed" some warmer weather, I'll be a heading home to 3 months of winter temps Will have the gloves and scarf packed for the 6.30am arrival home in Sydney on 12 June.
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