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  1. Hey you guys are finally getting truly international, what with me having done 3 tours and Jock currently drive. Have a great trip Josh. I've travelled from Oz for my trips and its definitely worth getting to Dallas a couple of days earlier to acclimatise to the heat and do some sightseeing. Am now wishing I was chasing again this year
  2. Well its 11.12pm here in Sydney and is still currently 30.5c, so not very conducive to sleeping. It looks like it will cool down slightly in time for the weekend, only to ramp back up to full furnace strength again on Monday. Think I need to move back to the UK LOL
  3. CycloneGail

    Iceland 2

    Lovely photos. I'm heading there myself in September and am really looking forward to seeing all the icebergs
  4. And don't forget, Tour 3 last year scored 8 in 1 afternoon
  5. Well looks like we could be in for a significant weather event here over the next few days. This rainfall forecast is looking ominous with a cyclone up in the gulf and the low of the Qld coast. http://www.bom.gov.au/jsp/watl/rainfall/pme.jsp?ref=ftr
  6. The rate they are going, the cars will need to be put in for a mid-chase service
  7. Fingers crossed Wyoming will be kind again this year. Bet you didn't think you'd end up that far north again so early in the tour season
  8. Enjoy the festivities and have a sip of beer and a spoonful of curry for me!
  9. I'm bringing my Macbook Air with me and will also have a 1TB portable hard drive that I can offload onto as well as a couple of reasonable capacity memory cards for the camera. We have different power cord ends to both the US and UK but I already have the US adaptor for my Mac so that should be ok and am also planning on picking up a US cord for my camera battery charger when I get to Seattle prior to arriving in Denver for Tour 5.
  10. Thanks everyone. Already have a remote shutter release and a spare battery as well (may get another one just in case) and think I'll try and pick up a tripod at Walmart when I get stateside rather than carrying one across the Pacific.
  11. Hi guys, well I'm starting to get myself organised and was just wondering what camera gear (as in lenses) would be best to bring with me. I have an Olympus OMD-E5 camera with the following lenses: 12-50mm weatherproof (this is definitely coming) (35mm equivalent is 24-100) 14-150mm ultra zoom (28 - 300mm equivalent) 12mm f.20 super wide prime (24mm equivalent) and a novelty 15mm body cap lens (this was a freebie) Hoping these will cover all possibilities for photos? Cheers Gail
  12. It didn't occur to me that it would be like water going down a drain in the opposite direction between the hemispheres.
  13. And they've been occurring downunder again, this is from yesterday. http://www.smh.com.a...0321-2gj86.html Is getting me really excited for June
  14. I'll be there in spirit, will be up in Brisbane hoping for some storm action.
  15. There was a supercell storm over my home town yesterday. Some awesome lightning shots here: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/gallery-e6frer9f-1226518633361?page=4
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