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  1. EllyTech

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    We are not in a serious drought as we were in '76. It was the drought that really was the outstanding feature of that Summer. However, we still have a 25 consecutive day heatwave to achieve, to match '76. 15 of those days with temps over 30C from June to July.
  2. I apologise that the only storm in our region happens to be 5 miles ENE of me at this time. It isn't pleasant though, let me tell you. Night all.
  3. Well, estofex was having non of the severe yesterday. Today it give level 1 for excessive rain. Rain is damaging to infrastructure... believe me, since 2007 floods, I never underestimate the power of water.
  4. Two day amber warning was issued just before lunchtime today. Not arguing any more. Its a two day warning. And, you know very well that with convective weather, the exact location of storms cannot be accurate predicted. The MetO did their best to warn the public and that is what they are there for.
  5. road flooded. easing off a little but there is a lot more moving in
  6. Twister: there is a storm moving into North of here. Should get a few flash bangs soon.
  7. Well that is reassuring, thanks. Shame we are on blight watch also. ..
  8. its a 2 day thing last time I looked! And anyway, you too... the clock clicks into the warned time and some people expect immediate impact. Its almost flooding my street here. The drains are struggling and there is more to come.
  9. Talk about the 'instant generation'. This warning is 48hr long and we are only just over 2 and a half hours into it!
  10. Not to mention, that my Potatoes are now growing in a bog once more.
  11. A good little storm going on in the village of Enstone Nr Chipping Norton.