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  1. Morning Knocker. What do you make of it this morning then?
  2. They should do less talking and more deletion. Mind you, people are so incredibly on edge because the models have so often led us down the garden path. This looks so absolutely exquisite in terms of weather synoptics, its so closely upon us. The whole of Net wx is waiting for the airlock to finally open on reality. Its a nail biting inertia promising dread or exaltation. Its all too much for those who have even a hairline crack in their sanity. Its not nicknamed the MAD thread for nothing.
  3. My suitcases were packed yesterday my darling. Off we fly! lol.
  4. He might be using Google Translate. Perhaps English isn't his first language. Has anyone asked him?
  5. And here is the current GFS modelled Jet. Quite weak atm, some were saying...
  6. In simple terms; (there are other factors to look at sometimes) High Pressure will try to fill a Low Pressure so, often it becomes a blocking high.
  7. I am so having a senior... Got to look at low pressure for winds lol.
  8. High pressure systems tend to move clockwise so we will look at the isobars to see what direction the fetch is from; for example, from a cold pool. The closer the isobars the windier the conditions. So a slack High Pressure would have isobars quite widely space out. This would give calmer conditions at the surface.
  9. Ahem, even that stopped working in 2010, the ground was so cold.
  10. .. and I'd probably look for signs of Polar Low on the GFS first and foremost (post 36hrs to event). GFS was always good at picking out disturbances. like depressions that go on to become Hurricanes etc. Could do with a good blizzard....
  11. With what has been modelled the past few days, any precipitation is likely to be powder snow.
  12. Polar Lows: Models hardly ever predict those. Look around the charts with your chess head on. Where is the 'non cold' or 'non precipitation' zone?
  13. Well if this event is prolonged, not many will be 'left out'.
  14. Yes, better get your energy up for the finale.