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  1. The only supercell for miles - lights up Poole Bay and you don't go to see ?! I guess I expect everyone to be a chaser.
  2. ps. I don't profess to understand SkewT at first glance. What were the soundings for Bournemouth. I don't see you missing this cell - or see it overshooting you..
  3. Agree. I consider GFS the best model for picking out storms - even their general location. It has 6 hours of storm risk for me today. That's just about what is occurring.
  4. More thunder and lightning here - a few miles away. Chucking out lightning bolts miles away from cell core is also classic severe.
  5. These are classic servere T storm cells. They cycle up and down... they become intense, then peter out, then pic up and become more intense..
  6. Well, at the moment it is a three pronged attack. General motion is Northward from the Channel but the drift is NNE.
  7. .. away to my NE now. Short lived but some wild lightning. Lots more cells moving up from the channel.