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  1. Torrential rain now. Radar shows it moving NE pretty fast, should ease off later but could cause flash flooding in prone spots here.
  2. Pulses of very heavy rain. No thunder or lightning. Very little wind right now. It was quite gusty this morning for a time. My area lingered within the central area of the circulation/ low for quite some time this afternoon - its around the Birmingham area now. Expecting frequent bursts of heavy rain here.
  3. Tipping down with rain here, near to the centre of the low. No thunder, no wind (though gusty earlier). A very Summer type of rain.
  4. What a contrast to the recent heatwave. 17C currently and rain all morning. Still very warm indoors. Taking the opportunity to do some batch cooking
  5. But the quadrant for severe covered a much broader area. Agree that was a very good group of cells, but even so, nothing further South so far. To my mind, the whole lot was shunted Eastward of the forecast.
  6. Still, its not the level 2 or 1 severe any of us were expecting. We'll see in the coming few hours.
  7. Offshore, to the SE of IOW there is an interesting cell cluster coming ashore to mainland south coast and intensifying (according to forecast radar) on its way to Farnborough. Its appears to be a rotating cluster. No sferics detected just yet, but I'm just looking at how its being forecasted. Hail cores too.
  8. My room just hit 30C. I will never again complain I am hot when its 26C. I think the veg got a brief watering just a few minutes ago. Not feeling this 'event', even estofex seems a bust for this.
  9. The MCS shift to the East is Marked. We have hours yet so lets not give up hope. Those in the far SE missed out on Tuesday so pleased they have seen some action. Its looking a dead loss for me, so far West but there are showers around so the moisture is there..
  10. Don't want to predict what will or will not turn up but its good to see clear sunny skies in between potent convective cells, any claggyness will mess up storm cells.
  11. I'd like to try to answer, because I'm an enthusiast.. but don't want to come across with a certainty as the tools to examine it aren't at my disposal. But very severe cells .. supercell that are potentially tornadic in nature have less lighting, but more extreme strikes, they cycle up and down, stay very compact ... they can 'float' over your head and yet a mile away drop a severe hail core, blow the cobwebs away with very strong winds and drop a funnel. I have my eye on it.
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