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  1. Bempton

    Weather related pictures from our garden in Bempton, East Yorkshire
  2. Sunrise 14th October 2017

    From the album Bempton

  3. We had a wild spell on the east coast for an hour this morning, peak gust was 50mph ish. But not as bad as predicted, although we were on the edge of the warning area. A lot of leaves stripped off still partly green and a fence panel thats one step nearer to the woodburner, but to be fair its the last one that I haven't replaced, but I think I'll be going to be a trip to B&Q at the weekend and sort it before we get a real storm. Main feature was the gustiness which was pronounced, almost still to 50mph.
  4. My wife took these pictures yesterday at home, we had heavy showers in the area. My question, is it the start of a funnel cloud? There was not thunderstorms in the area as far as I know. (I was on my way back from Preston)
  5. DSC_1157a.JPG

    From the album Bempton

    New Moon 24-Aug-2017 Bempton
  6. DSC_1149a.JPG

    From the album Bempton

    Sunset 24-Aug-2017 Bempton
  7. DSC_1147a.JPG

    From the album Bempton

    Strange sunset sky.
  8. Wasn't sure where to post this, so if mods want to move it... This morning at around 4.45 we were woken by a huge crash of thunder much louder than usual. It also caused the power to fail for a few tens of seconds. It wasn't particularly near I don't think, as it wasn't the gunshot effect. A look on social media indicated that it was heard over a wide area, up 4 to 5 miles away at least, and everyone commented on how loud it was, it woke people all over our area and Bridlington. In spite of now being awake I didn't hear any more rumbles and a quick check on the radar showed the nearest storms were some way away, off towards Beverley. Doing a bit of Internet research turned up positive lightning. Could this have been positive lightning, would that explain why it was so loud, and heard over a wide area, with no storms in the immediate vicinity. I would assume the extra energy would equate to louder thunder.
  9. I am in Malton today, 3rd Malton storm of the year for me, and I am only here 9-5 weekdays. It was certainly a show, and the rain was torrential for about 20 mins. No cloud structure to see, but came in very dark, almost twilight dark. Storms are now clearing the coast. Mrs said it was thundering and heavy rain after lunch but not as bad as here. Scarborough copped the full force though.
  10. Same here I'm in Malton today, gone really dark and heavens have just opened. Some Thunder which is getting nearer from the sound of it.
  11. One huge crash of Thunder which woke us at about 4.45 it also tripped power for a few minutes. Then nothing else, not even a distant rumble.
  12. Four or five rumbles and one feint c-c flash near Malton, interesting looking sky here, not much rain but I think it's a glancing blow here
  13. 13C, strong northerly wind, and raining since 8 this morning, heavy at times. Reminds me of summers in the mid 1960's.

    1. Mokidugway


      Not been bad here ,warm in early sunĀ :)

    2. mike57


      Looks like another pulse of rain is on its way from the radar. In Liverpool tomorrow, think it may be better west of the Pennines.

    3. reef


      Up to 50.2mm here now. The wettest day since the day of the floods in June 2007.