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  1. High speed trains

    We seem to have completely lost the ability to deliver infrastructure projects in this country. I am not sure what has gone wrong, its probably a number of things, politicians doing things for short term spin rather than the good of the country, loss of technical knowledge owing to poor support for engineering and related subjects, NIMBYism, no doubt others could expand the list. As a result of the recent demise of Carrilion HS2 must again be in doubt, and the timescales are ridiculously long anyway, as for follow on projects such as Leeds Manchester, I doubt they will happen in my lifetime. The French have been able to deliver on this type of thing, and no doubt will continue to do so
  2. Taken at just after 4pm. Grey, light snow, with just a covering.
  3. Been snowing in Bempton since just after 2pm. Hasn't turned to rain, but it's really only a covering, 1cm would be almost exaggerating. Got a picture at dusk but it won't post from my tablet for some reason, I'll post it from my laptop after tea
  4. It's a different situation to Thursday and the mild air overrunning the cold air with the mild air moving in from the West tends to favour those of us in the East. The southern extent of Thursdays snow was determined by warm sector moving through. There is quite a sharp cut off on the southern edge of Thursdays snow. We just had some very wet slush but at Cayton the snow is still hanging around
  5. A lot of wet snow, slush and surface water on the way to the station, about an inch of very wet snow at Seamer and a fine drizzle.
  6. Show us your pet

    Something spooked her, she jumped off the window sill missed her footing and hit the corner of the cupboard with her head. She was obviously very distressed, flailing all over the place, we managed to get her to the vet but by then she was unconscious and they said there was nothing they could do.
  7. Show us your pet

    Back in early November we lost Ebony to a freak accident. This is our new cat, Tabitha. Since the picture was taken she has acquired a bald patch on her side as she has been spayed. Shes about 10 months old, into everything, but gets on fine with the dog as she came from a house with dogs.
  8. Very disappointing here on the Yorkshire coast, a dull wet morning with no sign of snow +3C
  9. Light snow in Bempton now from a line of showers moving down the north Sea. Not settling but a bitterly cold strong northerly wind temp +2 but feels much colder
  10. Happy Christmas to everyone, been a rather boring spell of weather recently after the snow on November 30th.

    1. lassie23


      thanks, merry christmas mate

  11. First snow of the winter on the Yorkshire coast. -1, Roads not gritted even A165 very slow going to station
  12. Strong North-North Westerly wind, sharp showers with snow and soft hail mixed in 3C. Looking at charts we may see some snow this week.
  13. Just been to friends house at the other side of the village where we are looking after the cats for the weekend and the garage door had blown off some quick repairs made.
  14. Very heavy showers and a near gale force wind with some very sharp gusts in the showers. Bridlington is showing 45mph gusts, I suspect we are getting 50-55mph in the gusts here. Some of the showers have had grauple and even a bit of wet snow embedded. Feeling very cold in the NW/N wind, actual temp 7C but feels like 2 or 3 in the wind. Surprised just how strong the wind is wasnt really forecast to as wild as it is.
  15. Bempton

    Weather related pictures from our garden in Bempton, East Yorkshire