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  1. I see there are number of posts regarding the storms moving up the north sea off the east coast last night. I saw them from our bedroom window in Bempton, around 1.30am there was an almost continuous flickering from the lightning and you could hear the deep rumbles of distant thunder. We were in a good spot to see it. How far will the sound of thunder carry, I assume there are a number of variables, wind, terrain etc. I would estimate from the radar that the storms last night were the order of 20 miles away, with the rapid flickering couldn't apply the 5 sec rule at that distance.
  2. A decent storm over Bempton as I write this, mainly cc lightning, heavy rain, been going for nearly 30 mins
  3. As I expected no severe storms on the coast. Some distant rumbles and flickering lightning just before midnight, and a couple of flashes and loud rumbles around 4 this morning, bit of a let down. Woken to a grey wet morning.
  4. We are fortunate in Bempton tonight, wind turned to the SE late this afternoon cooling it down. Left work in Malton at around 4, car air temp sensor showing 31 while driving, I suspect this equated to 28/29 actual temp. As soon as I got near the coast temperature dropped away, 23 when I got home. Yesterday was the hottest day at home for many years, a strong SW wind kept the sea breeze away, resulting in exceptional for our location heat. 27 was reached which is very unusual, since we have lived here (13 years) only seen one hotter day. I don't think we will see major storms here, a bit too far east, which is a shame. I wonder what Thursday will bring. Neither me or Mrs like hot weather so hopefully sea breeze will rescue us
  5. Still raining this morning, hard. Cold and low cloud, plenty of water about on my way to the station. Met office seem to have mainly got it right, a little later starting but otherwise ad forecast
  6. Well its a miserable night here on the Yorkshire Coast. 10C, a stiff NE wind and persistent rain which is getting heavier. I've been in Malton today, just a few light showers and it even brightened up a couple of times, whereas at home 30 miles away its rained nearly all day from a grey leaden sky. Not as much rain as predicted, but still very soggy outside, and that front seems stubbornly stuck at the moment. Looking at the radar rain now seems to be penetrating inland more now.
  7. To I am over in the NW tonight, and when I spoke to my wife she commented on the weather 'its xxx it down all day.' Weekend was cold, and we have had wood stove going all day every day since Friday, more like winter. It was warmer in February.
  8. Just been upto Reighton to watch the women's race, cold, wet and windy. 4c Dont envy them 130km in these conditions.
  9. Hail showers this morning, but bright sun in between. Northerly near gale, feels like winter, not May. Tour de Yorkshire setting off from Bridlington this morning into the wind and almost immediately climbs onto the Wolds, it will be unpleasant if one of the hail showers hits. Looking at the route 2/3 of it will be into the wind.
  10. A couple of stills from my wife's video of last nights storm on the Yorkshire Coast. She didn't manage to capture any of the cloud formations probably because she was setting off to fetch me from the station.
  11. Thornwick bay, at Flamborough, best storm in years came over the top of our house and I was on my way back from Manchester. Wife took some video and pictures, I'm going to have a close look tonight to see if the is anything worth sharing
  12. Unfortunately I missed it as I was over in Manchester yesterday, just saw the tail end as it went out over the North Sea as I got home. My wife took some photos, plenty of CC flashes and a few CG's, power went off 3 times, and pea or a bit bigger sized hail. Heavy rain which caused surface water flooding on all the usual vulnerable spots. Best storm at home for a couple of years, and I miss it. Had a few flashes and some rain in Manchester around 5, but nothing spectacular
  13. Storm overhead just after 6 in Bamber Bridge near Preston, looked to be all cloud to cloud strikes, heavy rain for a few minutes, but moved over pretty quickly. First storm of the year, nothing at home on the Yorkshire coast according to mrs.
  14. -5 at home, coldest morning for a couple of years, bearing mind we are 1 mile from the coast. -8 at Seamer station, which is a bit a frost hollow, (This was car sensor, and I have checked its and its +-1 so fairly accurate)
  15. Snowing at Seamer station at 6.30am, not quite cold enough to settle, but coming down fast.
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