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  1. -5 at home, coldest morning for a couple of years, bearing mind we are 1 mile from the coast. -8 at Seamer station, which is a bit a frost hollow, (This was car sensor, and I have checked its and its +-1 so fairly accurate)
  2. Snowing at Seamer station at 6.30am, not quite cold enough to settle, but coming down fast.
  3. A covering of snow in Bempton this morning, just enough to be white all over. Now sat at Seamer station waiting for Manchester train and nothing,
  4. About 2C, unless it drops rain/sleet I reckon
  5. I wonder what the chances are on the coast. Yesterdays snow is still hanging about, this was leaving Hunmanby station tonight going home from work
  6. Very cold this morning on the way to the station, car thermometer showing -4C at home and -5C in places. Roads still icy, even the main A165 where last nights snow had frozen
  7. Had quite a bit of wet snow on the coast. Coming home past Filey around 5.30pm roads were very slushy, and of course it had to be the day I was towing a trailer with some wood to be converted into firewood. Took it steady but some people seemed to have completely lost their bottle coming up the hill to the Dotterill pub, slowed right down and then lost traction on a straight wide road. All the snow seems to have gone now.
  8. Well it was forecast, but still a shock to the system, arrived back in Scarborough this afternoon to a downpour and an icy northerly near gale. At home now, woodburner lit, and a couple of power dips which indicates some trees down round about.

  9. mike57

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Just noted that metoffice warning has gone to amber for rain. The setup is very similar to November 2009 during the Cumbria floods
  10. Very heavy rain here and has been since I got home at about 5.30pm, looking at the radar the heaviest rain seems to be in a fairly narrow band. Mrs said it has been raining hard since about 2.30pm, there was some surface water flooding coming home. Yesterday a tree blew down blocking the main village street. Wanted to go down and get a picture but too wet. As I have been typing this it's gone from heavy to torrential.
  11. Absolutely chucking it down here (Yorkshire Coast), a bit unexpected, shower were forecast, but rain was torrential for about 10 mins

  12. Polka dot rain and, I think, a distant rumble of thunder near Malton at  lunchtime

  13. mike57

    Make us laugh

    A true one this, a few years ago, and no names, not even first names to protect the guilty... One of the ladies in the office where I was working came in on the Monday morning sporting a very spikey very short haircut which to be honest was totally unflattering, where as on the Friday she had a pony tail down her back. She asked the 'Do you like my new hair cut?' question. I just pretended I was struggling with a particularly difficult programming problem, as did a couple of my colleagues. One replied with an obviously fake 'It looks nice' whilst growing an imaginary Pinocchio nose, but the best reply came from oldest person in the office, he was well over 70 at the time, who was renowned for his outspoken views on many issues and was totally politically incorrect. "M'dear (He addressed all women as M'dear, irrespective of age, race or colour...), the last time I saw hair that short on a woman I was NOT looking at her head" We all creased up and tried to stifle laughs, she of spikey haircut thought for a few seconds, and then flounced out of the office.
  14. First 'proper' rain since May, steady for most of the day. Had a few downpours during the last 8 weeks or so, but steady rain soaks in. Also much cooler which means the Mike57 household is much happier

  15. I think pressure fluctuations during severe storms are to be expected, after all the gusty winds require a pressure differential to drive them, with wind flowing into the low pressure area. We are now under an amber Metoffice warning in common with the rest of the east coast.