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  1. Four or five rumbles and one feint c-c flash near Malton, interesting looking sky here, not much rain but I think it's a glancing blow here
  2. 13C, strong northerly wind, and raining since 8 this morning, heavy at times. Reminds me of summers in the mid 1960's.

    1. Mokidugway


      Not been bad here ,warm in early sunĀ :)

    2. mike57


      Looks like another pulse of rain is on its way from the radar. In Liverpool tomorrow, think it may be better west of the Pennines.

    3. reef


      Up to 50.2mm here now. The wettest day since the day of the floods in June 2007.

  3. Heavy showers this afternoon, just had a very clear double rainbow, managed to take pictures, which have come out OK. Posted in Gallery
  4. Double rainbow over Bempton

    From the album Bempton

    Very clear double rainbow
  5. Bempton

    Weather related pictures from our garden in Bempton, East Yorkshire
  6. National Trust lost the plot?

    I had dealings with the National Trust in the 1980's when they bought Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. Whilst I understand that they do a good job on the whole they can be very arrogant when dealing with for example local people. We had a number of run ins with them over the first few years on a number of different but related issues which culminated with a demonstration outside the Abbey gates on a busy Saturday in the summer when they repeatedly failed to listen to our concerns. This view of them being arrogant was backed by some good friends who had dealings with them in the Lake District. This 'gaygate' business seems to me a being another example of that arrogance. Its a shame really, as a charitable institution dealing with preserving heritage and landscapes they should be more aware of reactions that their decisions cause. To me its a case of 'If they couldn't see it coming then they are wrong and if they did see it coming and ignored/don't care they are still wrong'
  7. Went north of you, but was dieing out by the time it got to the coast. Wife was at home and said there were a few rumbles but no visible lightning.
  8. A good storm over Malton at the moment Thunder lightning hail and gusty winds with torrential rain. Incoming shot and during storm taken through glass so quality isn't good.
  9. How Will the world End?.

    End of the world... A global extinction event like the Chicxulub impact probably wouldn't kill off the human race, we have spread into every corner of the world, OK so maybe only a few 1000's to 100000's would survive, but they would eventually repopulate the earth. Not much consolation to the 99.9999% who wouldn't survive, but its hard to imagine everyone on every continent being wiped out. Global Pandemic, again through some quirk of genetics or due to isolation there would probably be a few survivors. I suspect given how widespread and diverse the human race is it would be difficult to imagine events which would kill every single human being off, or reduce the population below a genetically viable level. Gamma ray burst may be, close encounter with a black hole.
  10. And it's caused a small landslip on the York Scarborough railway near Kirkham Abbey
  11. Just had a really heavy shower pass over Malton it only rained for about 5 mins but during that time it left a lot of surface water. No thunderstorms in it. I can see the line of rain on the radar. Showing 150mm hour in spots
  12. Strong northerly wind, very wet with a lot of rain in the night and hill fog at home.

  13. DSC_1128_1500748842364_1.JPG

    From the album Bempton

    Evening cumulus taken 9th July
  14. BBC so called stars are paid

    I really can't see what all the fuss is about. Broadcasting is effectively a free market as there are a number of other companies operating. This means that if the BBC wish to employ someone they will have to pay the market rates. Otherwise that person will obviously seek alternative employment, just like most working people really, if you think you can do better by changing jobs, you do. As for salaries being published then yes they should be after all it is licence payers money. Secretive salary structures have ended badly in quite a few companies I've worked in, with mass leaving when inequalities are exposed, and they inevitably are. That's one reason why I have been 'contracting' for the last 30+ years, you tend to get paid the rate for the job, and it easy to move on if there are problems.