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  1. Just looking at weather radar and there is a big storm over London, its showing 250mm/hr, if thats correct I would expect to see more reports of flash floods. East Yorkshire weather is boring, grey misty and cold, been like this for 2 weeks.

    1. Mokidugway


      London does generate its own storms UHI and all think there was a storm in the 70s that dumped 4 inch of rain in a short period of time 

  2. mike57


    I was in Budapest about 10 years ago, working not pleasure admittedly, no doubt a lot has changed, but the following thoughts may help English isn't widely spoken, having said that got by with sign language in shops and restaurants equally everyone tried to help, no hostility. A bit of German will help. Obviously the Danube and the area around the castle are worth exploring, Personally I avoided the shopping streets and stuck to the older areas, the shopping areas were the same as any other large city. Try and find some restaurants serving local foods, they tend to be very rich and meat heavy, but quite different to anything further west. Public transport is efficient but remember the language barrier, for this reason the Metro is easier to use than buses. If you've got time the childrens railway in the Buda Hills is something different
  3. Not as bad today as I thought it would be. Actually some sun today. Still cold, didn't quite make double figures again but did I manage to cut the grass.

  4. Foggy again, wet and cold. Ground is sodden. Hopefully the forecast warmth will dry things out, but the North Sea is very cold, and as soon as there is any easterly in the wind (SSE to NNE) the cold sea triggers sea fret
  5. Oh well, 1 and a half fine days. Sea fret came in about 1.30, now quite foggy and WET. Managed to cut grass today, but ground is still really soggy, this is the most miserable weather-wise spring for some years

  6. Weather wise this has to be the most miserable Easter long weekend for several years, 3 wet days, yesterday was dry but still cloudy, and today the rain has been heavy and persistent all day, and no snow here.

    1. Mokidugway


      Leaves you yearning for a cloudydaze all this rain ,lol

  7. As others have said what a miserable day, cold east wind and been raining most of the day. Went to Beverley this morning and fields are looking very soggy with large patches of standing water

    1. lassie23


      be alright if it was snow lol

  8. Hail over Malton just now, turned the ground white for a few minutes but back to rain now
  9. Still bitterly cold, not a lot of snow, but no thaw today. Strong winds have made the wind chill impressive. Our wood burner has been going 24/7, very unusual this time of year, and our woodsheds are starting to look empty after having only used just over half our store by mid Feb.

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    2. lassie23


      12 incher

    3. Mokidugway


      Can't beat a foot long ,wife says :drunk-emoji:

    4. lassie23


      dilly dilly:drunk-emoji:

  10. mike57


    Weather related pictures from our garden in Bempton, East Yorkshire
  11. In Bridlington at the moment and in the heavier bursts it sleety, and car exterior says 2c
  12. mike57

    In Memoriam

    Stephen Hawking not only a great physicist but also overcame disabilities. His name will live on
  13. An interesting one this, after the initial 'shock horror' reaction think about this: As technology has advanced the skills needed to survive at that point in time change. 20000 years ago the ability to hunt, and find wild foods were essential, now days how many people know how to hunt, skin and dress an animal. As increasingly complex electronic devices embed them selves will writing go the same way. Equally watch a group of teenagers texting or using their mobiles, they can write quicker than I can using a pen and paper. So I suspect it's just evolution of homo sapiens. I hardly ever use pen and paper at work, everything is electronic. If I couldn't write I would survive as long as I can use a keyboard and mouse, but if I wasn't computer literate I would be out of a job
  14. Heavy snow in Malton not settling properly but if it keeps up like it is now that will change
  15. Snow all gone now, been raining most of the afternoon. Still cold but nothing like last week, quite foggy here tonight.