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  1. Very heavy rain here and has been since I got home at about 5.30pm, looking at the radar the heaviest rain seems to be in a fairly narrow band. Mrs said it has been raining hard since about 2.30pm, there was some surface water flooding coming home. Yesterday a tree blew down blocking the main village street. Wanted to go down and get a picture but too wet. As I have been typing this it's gone from heavy to torrential.
  2. Absolutely chucking it down here (Yorkshire Coast), a bit unexpected, shower were forecast, but rain was torrential for about 10 mins

  3. Polka dot rain and, I think, a distant rumble of thunder near Malton at  lunchtime

  4. mike57

    Make us laugh

    A true one this, a few years ago, and no names, not even first names to protect the guilty... One of the ladies in the office where I was working came in on the Monday morning sporting a very spikey very short haircut which to be honest was totally unflattering, where as on the Friday she had a pony tail down her back. She asked the 'Do you like my new hair cut?' question. I just pretended I was struggling with a particularly difficult programming problem, as did a couple of my colleagues. One replied with an obviously fake 'It looks nice' whilst growing an imaginary Pinocchio nose, but the best reply came from oldest person in the office, he was well over 70 at the time, who was renowned for his outspoken views on many issues and was totally politically incorrect. "M'dear (He addressed all women as M'dear, irrespective of age, race or colour...), the last time I saw hair that short on a woman I was NOT looking at her head" We all creased up and tried to stifle laughs, she of spikey haircut thought for a few seconds, and then flounced out of the office.
  5. First 'proper' rain since May, steady for most of the day. Had a few downpours during the last 8 weeks or so, but steady rain soaks in. Also much cooler which means the Mike57 household is much happier

  6. I think pressure fluctuations during severe storms are to be expected, after all the gusty winds require a pressure differential to drive them, with wind flowing into the low pressure area. We are now under an amber Metoffice warning in common with the rest of the east coast.
  7. Its now '10.30 pm dark', fairly continuous thunder, quite a few flashes, and gusty winds, but still very little rain, just been out to the shed and the ground is hardly wet. Then as I am typing heavens have just opened... Trying to work out which way winds are are going, clouds moving West to East as is ground level, but storms appear to be moving South to North. So much for see lunar eclipse...
  8. Getting up to Bempton now, very dark, lights on indoors, windy, thunder and lightning, but not much rain yet
  9. Yes a couple of definite rumbles now, and some 'polka dot rain, huge spots that don't overlap, seems to have come out of no where
  10. Sat at home in Bempton and just heard a couple of rumbles that sounded like thunder, checked the radar and the nearest is I would have thought too far away to hear.
  11. Just got back from Scarborough, it's 29 at home which is about the hottest since we've lived at Bempton, usually on the coast it's a bit cooler. We had the thrips Sunday, we seem to get them for a day or two every year. Storm over York this morning were impressive according to my wife who was in York this morning. Trains through York were badly disrupted due to lightning strikes. Hoping for some good storms tonight and cooler tomorrow.
  12. Was rumbling and the odd flash of lightning at home from about 5am, looks like there will be some big storms this afternoon on the east coast. Haven't seen 'severe thunderstorms' on the storm forecast over our location for a long time. In Malton now and it's rumbling around here as well.
  13. Just started pouring here, real cloudburst for a few minutes, a few flashes of lightning and thunder has been rumbling for the last hour. Wife got this picture.
  14. Just looking at weather radar and there is a big storm over London, its showing 250mm/hr, if thats correct I would expect to see more reports of flash floods. East Yorkshire weather is boring, grey misty and cold, been like this for 2 weeks.

    1. Mokidugway


      London does generate its own storms UHI and all think there was a storm in the 70s that dumped 4 inch of rain in a short period of time 

  15. mike57


    I was in Budapest about 10 years ago, working not pleasure admittedly, no doubt a lot has changed, but the following thoughts may help English isn't widely spoken, having said that got by with sign language in shops and restaurants equally everyone tried to help, no hostility. A bit of German will help. Obviously the Danube and the area around the castle are worth exploring, Personally I avoided the shopping streets and stuck to the older areas, the shopping areas were the same as any other large city. Try and find some restaurants serving local foods, they tend to be very rich and meat heavy, but quite different to anything further west. Public transport is efficient but remember the language barrier, for this reason the Metro is easier to use than buses. If you've got time the childrens railway in the Buda Hills is something different