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  1. Impressive lightning from a video my wife took in our back garden last night. Yesterday's storms were the most spectacular I've seen here for a few years. We also had numerous power dips after the cg strikes
  2. Now closer, just had power dip, but I think it will just miss us, keeping to the west of Bridlington.
  3. Distant rumbles of thunder in Bempton just north of Bridlington, that cell popped up out of nowhere.
  4. mike57

    Sunshine after the rain

    27 July Heavy rain at tea time cleared togive a fine evening. Looking over Bempton to towards the sea
  5. Wonder if we will get any storms on the coast, onshore breezes tend mean that we miss out, winds are currently light but easterly
  6. Some distant rumbles at the moment radar is showing activity to the north and south of us, but looks like wne will miss it
  7. 8th July 1970, my mothers birthday. We lived in London at the time, and a massive storm moved in during the early hours. Lightning got more frequent and closer, by this time I had an interest in all things meteorological and was well aware of the five second rule. Then BANG, our house was struck by lightning. Some minor damage to the chimney stack, but more importantly we still had open coal fires in the two downstairs rooms. The strike did a much better job than the annual visit by the chimney sweep, with the rooms covered in soot. I was kept off school to help with the clean up, I would have been 13 at the time. Accompanied by very heavy rain, although where we lived wasn't subject to flooding. Second occasion, August 1981 (I think), By this time I was living in Yorkshire, working for a company in Sheffield, but had been sent back to London to work on a major project, so I lived in London during the week. I had to go to another office near Twickenham from my temporary office near Victoria and it turned as dark as night, with torrential rain, thunder and lightning whilst I was making my way back from Twickenham Third one would be North York Moors storm of June 2005, we lived on high ground to the west of the Vale of York, so missed most of it, but had a grandstand view of the storm, as we could see the top of Sutton Bank and the White Horse from our garden. We went over to Helmsley on our way to Scarborough the following weekend and realised just how bad it had been.
  8. Well a wet night and early morning, but certainly not even borderline 'Yellow warning' conditions here. Just cold, damp and grey.
  9. Met Office yellow warning for rain this evening and overnight. Warning matrix indicates low probability. Looking at weather charts looks unlikely to me, certainly not yellow warning levels, what do others think?
  10. Cold 9C, upto 11C now, windy, woodburner lit. Had warmer days in January.
  11. mike57

    Shower clouds

    Shower clouds near Bempton, had a rumble of thunder about 10 mins later. Not strictly virga as it was reaching the ground
  12. Just had a hail shower in Bempton, small hail, smaller than pea size, but still hail, and unseasonably cold, 9C
  13. Very windy today, but after a damp start bright sunshine. I went for my daily bike ride mid afternoon, and was directly into the wind going out, couple this with a climb out of our village, and a polite description would be character building. Coming back was amazing, 30mph down the hill and not quite keeping up with the cloud shadows. One of the windiest spells I can remember in early summer
  14. mike57


    Weather related pictures from our garden in Bempton, East Yorkshire
  15. Unfortunately now a clear sky in Bempton, saw them earlier when we had our walk
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