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  1. -2.8C under cloud cover + 8 inches of snow here.

  2. -1.5C, -3.2C Dew Point. 8 inches of snow on the ground, and much more to come...

  3. 4 inches of snow in the last 100 minutes, and more to come this morning!!

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      You jammy easterners!!

  4. Moderate snowfall, and currently 9cm :)

  5. 1032 users online now, It'll be 5,000 by Saturday, and 10% percent of the bladdy nation if we get a cold spell just before Christmas

  6. Living in Durham at this time of year after THAT 12Z makes me want to kiss every single cloud I see...

  7. The regionals are here again!!!! :D

  8. The model thread is dangerous D:

  9. 4C, Frosty and Clear. And we have the Tropical Mush. Bring on tomorrow!! :D

  10. First fireworks of the night have gone off, here's to many more!

  11. Something white is coming out of the sky! :D

  12. Horrid day -________-

  13. Hello, fellow Washatonian!

  14. Hi. I've added it as a link, but it won't work at all.

  15. BTW, your weather website is really good. Really well designed, probably best one that isn't actually official (Met, WMO etc.)!

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