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  1. 24C and rising =D

    1. Backtrack


      Get your sensor out of the sun.


    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      haha at least i have sun :p

    3. Backtrack


      ....... touche.

  2. Bahalona! Brilliant match - well deserved, stuffed the devils!

  3. Heavy rain showers accompanied by thunder, and now bright sunshine with the birds tweeting away!

  4. Sunniest day of the year by far - not a SINGLE cloud - beaut at near 20C but feels twice as warm.

  5. What a scorcher - 19C and getting warmer.

  6. one second - clear skies, then clouding over, then heavy rain showers, then hail showers, sudden bursts and now sunny again - I

  7. What a scorcher: High of 12C but felt much more in the scorching sun - especially after 8 hours of football and cricket!

  8. After two beautiful days - with wall-to-wall sunshine, it ended today. Dirty Easterlies -_-

  9. Loved the Barca Arsenal match - what an intriguing second leg to come. I think 3-1 Barca - the Nou Camp is formidable for the Spanish giants!

  10. This orange thing - gleeming in the sky, \

    1. shuggee


      lol - I've been spotting that today too!

    2. A.J


      must be an impacting comet!?

  11. Best premier league day ever - goals, goals, and goals. And Tiote - 4-4!

  12. currently -5.9C, cold E wind 40kph, drifting snow depth - 80cm level. Oh, sorry that's Reykjavik's forecast D:

  13. Labour 10% ahead of the Tories, and Osbourne's Eton Mess' is driving us into a ditch, OH BRILL!

    1. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Thanks Nick mate. Interesting to learn. Let's hope that the Tory vote goes down as much, ey? Methinks you disagree? =P

    2. Fozfoster


      torys will tell us to cut back and save,but most of us can not cut back anymore, and to save well its a joke.

    3. NorthantsSnow


      A leopard doesn't change its spots. The same is true of the Tories. Can't be trusted, especially at a time like this when the economic situation is so delicate. Labour can only get stronger with this shambles of a coalition in power.

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  14. Bit late (just a week), but better late than never! Happy Birthday!

  15. 7C max, but under the slightly stronger (than Dec) winter sun, it felt beautiful, now if we can add 20C onto that...

  16. Good Lord, -115?! Meh, you must have an alter-ego somewhere on this site, or this IS your alter-ego...

  17. Happy Birthday mate! Perfect weather, ey?! =D

  18. -79 now. You going for 100 (minus of course).

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