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  1. In fact the low slides under at 216, what a superb chart. Surface flow N/W across the UK, plenty of winter about that one, rain/sleet and snow for many northern areas at d9.
  2. The interruption in the retrogression at 192 is something to look at 216- the general flow seems to be that the EC has returned and supported the GFS modelling- and that is the main positive to reach from this run. -8c o/ Scotland at d8 is something to look forward to, at the least.
  3. Top class EC, attempted retrogression, but it doesn't need to be a 'pure' or full retrogression- a real pull of cold energy from the north associated with that Arctic trough. Shaping up for a N influence some time down the month.
  4. Early prediction- mixed December, some anticyclonic colder days, mostly W/NW/SW dominated, maybe one colder spell from the N January increasingly cold, possibly a SW start, changing SE/E with a potential later cold blast February very cold, dominated by E/SE winds, increasingly milder later on after a very cold first half
  5. 13c! Highest temperature in about 2 weeks.

    1. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      It's not been too mild or cold, a bit cool, but lovely recently. Fresh, sunny with some frosts and sunshine. Today was murky, humid and dull; not so nice.

    2. Eugene


      Yeah temps weren't that mild the week before, I was active delivering that week though and in the sun it felt very mild

    3. Eugene


      And on the dull days the air was mild and moist, only end of last week on Friday did it will feel cold and wet

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  6. If the minima for the 10th has already passed, we're 1.25c below the average to the 10th here at Durham. To be higher than the 1981-2010 average of 6.4c, the last 20 days must average higher than 7.0c. Higher than the 1981-2010 minima average of 3.4c, the last 20 days must average higher than 4.4c. Higher than the 1981-2010 maxima average of 9.4c, the last 20 days must average higher than 9.6c. A pretty cool first third, lots of notably cool minima, something that this year has lacked (January and March's cold mainly due to impressive -ve maxima).
  7. Best 2 months of the year, Nov and Dec. The long nights, increasingly colder outlook and festivities all add up to make it so atmospheric.
  8. HREC has snow and sleet turning to rain early Monday here- unlikely but pleasing to finally see.
  9. Very large difference between the anomaly here and in the CET zone, noticeably cooler here, nearly 3c difference or so after the first 8 days!
  10. 1c after a high of 10c, another lovely day with clear skies, and a little bit of rain in the afternoon.
  11. Well, it's 1c again... it's been a fairly cold start to November, with 3 ground frosts in the last 4 mornings now.

  12. Well, it was a VERY mild autumn when it came to minima, but an air frost on the morning of the 2nd (counts as the 1st meteorologically, 0900-0900), and potentially another tonight (1.3c at 0000), that's 2 in 3 days. Very brisk, much more fresh than of recent.
  13. Got down to -1c at Durham Uni yesterday morning, already 2c there now. Brilliant weather recently, some sunny days, some heavy rain and snow for higher hills.
  14. 3c, definitely increasingly festive now! :)))

    1. Bobby


      Heavy driving rain here, lovely!

  15. -1c this morning, finally...

  16. what the hell's going on? It's 3c... are you sure we've got the right Autumn here?

  17. I'm still expecting a very cool-cold second half of November, so I'm happy with my guess.
  18. this time last year, it was snowing...

    1. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Not been too bad down here

    2. cheese


      Yesterday was OK, Thursday was stunning. Overall - a crap month. Good if you like relentless cloud and rain though (emo?)

    3. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I remember the snow last year- the first time that I'd seen proper snow (rather than sleet mixed with rain) in October!

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  19. Hahaha- plenty of banter about that to come this Sunday... hopefully accompanied with a Sunderland win!
  20. a cooler (but still relatively mild) night to come, before a week of Atlantic domination, at least it's interesting I guess

    1. Eugene


      3C is not relatively mild for October

    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Bizarrely, I live in a different spot to the coldest place in England tonight. Got down to 6c, average here for late Oct is roughly 5c minima and 11c maxima.

  21. Here, the average maximum has only been 1c above the average, but the minima is currently running at +3.3c the average, so extremely mild nights. So much so that only 3 of the 22 minimum temperatures have been below the average of 6.2c!
  22. warm, but wet... feels nice in the approximately 43 seconds a day we get when it's not urinating it down

    1. Richard2901


      Doesn't feel nice at all whether it's raining or not. It's not raining at the moment but it's gloomy, dull and barely light. Just unrelentingly awful and depressing. Last even vaguely acceptable day was the 12th.

  23. Devoid of frosts, but bar that, some low and high maxima, some sunny days, mostly cloudy/wet days, with a few storms. You can never really get the average October, though this is very close. Remember October 2012 was very cold, so 2013 is simply its counter act. I agree with Bottesford, it's not been spectacularly abnormal.
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