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  1. It's boiling is all I know here, but definitely seeing signs as shown above. Remember though, reactive, not proactive!
  2. 22c at 11am, sun out, lovely river view, no breeze... in an office!

  3. 22c at Durham for 1300; hopefully we can hit 25c sometime (someday, far away); lovely though.
  4. What a lovely day, warm, slight breeze; too much cloud cover up here though. Still hoping for one big Summer blast where we can actually get a 30c here on the Wear, I don't think they make them anymore. Arthur Scargill will have reclaimed Labour by the time we get 30 here.
  5. when we looking for that first sub -5c 850 air then?

    1. karyo


      Do you mean over us or appearing on the model maps? By early August, Greenland should have decently cold upper air.

    2. pip22



    3. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      With this never ending warm/very mild cycle of months I have already given up hope for winter 2014/2015.

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  6. Haha I was jesting of course, I'm very much for Scotland to say YES! It's turned into a OK day, which is little consolation as I'm spending it watching daytime TV.
  7. Ah, we're all together- Scotland and the Far North of England... don't you think we're better together?Anyway... drab day here, rain in the morning, clouds clearing out now, but still pretty cool.
  8. Lazy Sunday afternoon's, ey? With July looking to move slightly positive, I'm going to see whether, using more concise use of the AO index, I can match anything up; this time around.
  9. 171 days until Christmas...

  10. They should have held the referendum on the day where England played Uruguay, 90% yes guaranteed!
  11. With Suarez, it's the way he is so good and so controversial, and how the English media have attacked him so much (rightfully or wrongfully) and how he has shown them exactly where to go; and with Argentina, I find the whole debacle from both sides so meaningless in the 21st century, it's madness
  12. In order of who I want to win: 1. Colombia - drug lords, communists and the best fans in the competition. And Juan Cuadrado.2. France - love the team and the country as a whole3. Italy - another nice country 4. Argentina - Messi needs the WC to be the best ever, and also this Malvinas stuff really does anger the Little Englanders 5. Germany - really good to watch, Joachim Loew deserves something 6. Netherlands - young side 7. USA - love the support and 70s NASL 8. Uruguay - Suarez is fun
  13. They can only beat what's in front of them, no matter how they do it. Germany look good but you can imagine Brazil in the semis, and the Dutch always have looked dodgy at the back.
  14. Brazil v Chile, Colombia v Italy, France v Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany v Russia, Netherlands v Croatia, Costa Rica v Ivory Coast, Argentina v Switzerland, Belgium v USA Brazil v Colombia, France v Germany, Netherlands v Ivory Coast, Argentina v Belgium Brazil v Germany, Netherlands v Argentina Brazil v Argentina final.
  15. longest day- it only gets better from here!

  16. longest day- it only gets better from here!

  17. Housing bubble bursts in 2 years; Labour government in by then, it'll be all Labour's fault. The economy is dead, just getting short electric shocks of life; it'll collapse soon.
  18. You did? What a coincidence! Typical anti-Englander conspiracy! GSTQ!
  19. Only 18 days until the days get better shorter... I jest of course, love the light days, plenty of parties/football to do over the summer, but it's not long until the real fun comes back! Waking up at 5am and it being light is always weird for me, but it's great to be out until 10pm whilst it's light, but nothing compares to walks in the dark at 7/8am in the winter, and even coming back home while it's dark, more eery/festive.
  20. 2 weeks of exams and then it's 10 weeks off!

    1. lassie23


      Sounds like bliss!

  21. Day-by-day I'm finding myself increasingly intrigued and hopeful for this vote. Looking at Catalonia's situation, in which over half of Catalans want independence but are rejected a legal referendum by Madrid; it makes me really hope that the Scots take the opportunity they have got and vote Yes, I just don't see it happening, a preservation of the Status Quo, continuity and almost of Stockholm Syndrome at times really does seem to resonate amongst Brits.
  22. grey slate skies, every day

    1. Eugene


      Add torrential rainfall to that right now

    2. Tim M

      Tim M

      snap ...

    3. lassie23


      Reminds me of winter

  23. Hahah, well perhaps some do; but the majority of UKIP rhetoric is xenophobic at heart, and many comments are racist. The SNP's argument is more positive than the negatives of both the no campaign and UKIP.
  24. Difference is, people within UKIP say racist things, people within the SNP do not.
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