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  1. BTW. Backtrack > Rocky Balboa.

    Had to be said...

  2. He's a 'Sophisticated Pimp', in his own words.

    He made up Great Asby so that the 3 residents of Cumbria would visit him, amongst other things...

  3. You say ramping. You mean romping.

    Twisted mind IMO.

  4. -0.4C and something is falling out of the sky at Cairngorm summit. Hmm...!

  5. -1.5C, -3.2C Dew Point. 8 inches of snow on the ground, and much more to come...

  6. -16C at 7pm in Crosby, near the Merseyside Coast!

    1. Ben_Cambs


      -20C in Shropshire though at the moment! Still though -16C is truly remarkable for a location near the coast!

  7. -1c this morning, finally...

  8. -2.8C under cloud cover + 8 inches of snow here.

  9. -3c low this morning and we haven't passed 3c today; I think the last 24 hours have been more wintry than 3 months of 13/14.

    1. lassie23


      Was mostly in double figures last winter

    2. Lauren


      Christmas day was 14C here!

    3. lassie23


      yes something like that here too, felt like spring!

  10. -3c this morning here, nice for some variety.

  11. -79 now. You going for 100 (minus of course).

  12. ''Have you heard, it's gonna snow next week'' NO IT BLOODY ISNT!!! Wish the British public weren't so gullible and down right stupid.

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    2. Isolated Frost
    3. wimblettben


      During the Winter, maybe. But next week?

    4. jennyifer


      i really wish it was true but its a way of selling papers !

  13. 0.5cm of snow here *PARTY* "(

  14. 0c low, 22c high. Possibly the best 5 day period since July 2006 for constant sunshine :)

  15. 1 defeat in 11 league games is not bad at all... just 4 pts behind 4th for December 9th is a better position than I expected, kiu!

  16. 1,112 users online - not bad for what is infact a milder interlude, 1,500 by Thursday Night anyone?

    1. Mondy
    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      could we break the 1764 record?!

  17. 10:45 tonight, Fax updates to 96 and 120- only things that are important tonight

  18. 1032 users online now, It'll be 5,000 by Saturday, and 10% percent of the bladdy nation if we get a cold spell just before Christmas

  19. 10cm of snow cover, -7C. Nice :) MERRY XMAS ALL!

  20. 1237 user(s) online.

  21. 13c! Highest temperature in about 2 weeks.

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    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      It's not been too mild or cold, a bit cool, but lovely recently. Fresh, sunny with some frosts and sunshine. Today was murky, humid and dull; not so nice.

    3. Eugene


      Yeah temps weren't that mild the week before, I was active delivering that week though and in the sun it felt very mild

    4. Eugene


      And on the dull days the air was mild and moist, only end of last week on Friday did it will feel cold and wet

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