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  1. I think it's fine as it is. BST allows longer summer evenings (light at 10pm instead of 2am) when most people are out- and GMT ensures it's not dark at 930/10am.
  2. No difference in them anom charts for me- first one was Nov Dec Jan, second one was Dec Jan Feb- fits in with my thoughts about a NW block come November, and a NE block in Jan/Feb.
  3. In the last 4 years, here at Durham... October (2012) was the 3rd coldest of the last 30 years. November (2010) was the 3rd coldest of the last 30 years. December (2010) was the coldest of the last 30 years, December (2009) was the 2nd coldest. January (2010) was the 3rd coldest of the last 30 years, January (2013) was the 6th coldest. February (2010) was the 3rd coldest of the last 30 years. March (2013) was the coldest of the last 30 years. I wonder if we'll see the trend continue...
  4. 6c at 8am, 16c at 11am!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Yep looks like were one of the sunniest spots in the UK today which makes a change!

    2. SomeLikeItHot


      had an hour or so of misty drizzle down here in Essex.

  5. Playing football last night- couldn't see anything from 730 onwards, and tomorrow is the equinox. Looks like we are streamrolling towards darkness, despite this warmer spell. In the next week alone, we're losing 30 minutes of the day to the night here. The start of the 'waking up when it's dark' days!
  6. Got down to 6c this morning, has since risen 6c in 2 hours under splendid sunshine! Already looking like being the warmest day in a while.
  7. Looks like being a lovely few days here with temperatures in the low teens and high twenties. Hopefully lots of sunshine, perfect autumnal combination of relaxing, warm days and cool, fresh mornings.
  8. Probably the last below average day in a while (or at least more than 1c below) here in Durham; 12.65c to the 19th, nearly 0.5c below the 81-10 average. Looks like the anomaly between cooler than average daytime temperatures and average nighttime temperatures will be addressed with the upcoming spell. I think it's about Durham 85% above 61-90, 50% above 81-10 CET 90% above 61-90, 50% above 81-10
  9. 0.4c below the average here in Durham to the 18th. Minima have been on average, whilst maxima have been 0.8c below average. The first 9 days averaged 14.1c, the last 9 have averaged just 11.3c.
  10. Lush sunset tonight, clear skies, so you can still see well at 2010, 9c.
  11. Oh, you never know... February is on average colder than December, so the measly difference in sun angle will be compensated for.
  12. Not really. Not only can one month have a significant anomalous result to that, or even one month being completely dominated by high pressure with the other two not so much. High pressure to the west or just over the UK does indicate cooler than average conditions- which would in turn be more conductive for snowy/cold spells, more so than most options available.
  13. 11c after a max of 15c. Clear skies w/ scattered clouds, lovely day again.
  14. Snow and the Sea - beat that! Sunderland (top) and South Shields (below).
  15. Durham had a cold day yesterday and its 5c this morning, the average is now at 12.85c (-0.25c), might go cooler tonight before some warm days, but below average is now slight favourite here.
  16. 5c, clear and cool. The coldest day of the month so far, with a 11.9c high as well. More late October than mid September.
  17. I think cooler nights in the CET zone will stop it passing 14c, so I think sub 14c is 80-20 over 14c+. Here in Durham, we finally fell below average yesterday, and the coldest day of September so far should pull the average down 0.2 or 0.3c depending on the morning low.
  18. 12c max, currently 8c. On course to being the coolest day in September so far.
  19. GTA V is amazing!

    1. Eugene


      Yeah its fantastic

    2. Bottesford


      But not on the PC... grr...

  20. I'm going for a month which is more dominated by the atlantic in the north, and more milder in the south, but a generally more unsettled, and slightly milder month.
  21. A milder night than of late, 8c the low. Currently similar to yesterday with clear skies and cloudy patches.
  22. Seems awfully cloudy and dull! Nothing compared to the beauty of snow!
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