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  1. Difference is, people within UKIP say racist things, people within the SNP do not.
  2. can't wait for Winter mind, after the World Cup it's all about watching the Svalbard cams...

  3. Long time no speak SS; quick question, with polling indicating a 10pt or so lead for the No vote and just 4 months until Election day, do you think you can win the referendum still?
  4. The real winners (at least from my point of view atm) are China- they hold so much US debt that they hold strings big time- if they side more towards Russia but tow the neutral line (what I'd expect, and what's happening it appears), then strategically that's a major blow for western powers; especially considering China's general neutrality whilst the rest of the world has gone to war and back in recent decades.
  5. Putin's flexing his muscles- it's no different to US foreign policy; except Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq didn't have strong English speaking areas. Also, note how quiet Merkel's been...
  6. This is so intriguing to me, it's probably the first real European conflict I've ever witnessed or been in the knowledge of- and it's eerily Cold War, 20th century type tactics and dynamics that have made me interested deeply in it. From a purely sideline and amateur POV- it appears a revolution/coup against a democratically elected government was perhaps made in the right intention- but corrupted by the US/EU and other Western forces to try and control a very strategic nation at risk of Russia/Putin- and this (much like Syria/Libya) has been taken over by the US under the guise of nationalists/fascists. Moscow is making serious movement in Crimea and potentially Ukraine- and there is a real prospect of civil war, and direct confrontation between Russia and the US; the type not seen since the 80s (at least away from movies).
  7. My winter f'cast was effectively, a mild start, staying mild, turning cooler and wetter in January and cold in February. It was wrong. Probably spent the majority of winter expecting that shift in late Jan/early Feb... and it didn't surface. Roll on winter 2014/15!
  8. This winter has taught me... July June May AugustApril September December November March January October February
  9. Just had a look at the EC, that's a suite and a half, especially compared to previous... Time to buckle in- winters REALLY about to start; caution is always urged though, as many on here know...
  10. just had a look at the latest EC- pattern is there now, it's going to get colder from now on; have a feeling this first spell is only the beginning

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      How are things, IF? Haven't seen you on here as much as previous years - hope all is well :-)

    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      aye BB- combination of a lot of studying and the fact I hadn't noticed it'd became winter yet haha!

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  11. I feel as though December didn't go to plan as much as I'd like- mainly due to the lack of any actual cold spell. I'm still optimistic about Jan and Feb; on a limb with the ECMWF atm; but you got to hope that we see that Strat finally see that breakthrough.
  12. think December belongs to the vortex; Jan the interlude and Feb the block is dominant imo

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Fingers crossed you're correct. I don't mind waiting for the white gold to arrive :-)

  13. just seen the latest ECM... merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!

    1. karyo


      Are you talking about the ECM 32 dayer? What does it show?

  14. 4.7c. Cold at times, particularly around early-mid month and Christmas time, lots of nearby high pressure though, and a mean SW flow.
  15. I'll need to update my Extra to see the NMM but yeah, pretty minimal to me- though there will be windows w/ colder air, just got to hope we get lucky and see the first fall.
  16. I do believe that we are in for a rather more prolonged, cold spell, rather than snap- it may gradually take some time to get into; but the EC again, is very encouraging and the 216/240 profile leaves you begging for more. 168 is my favourite (IMBY) frame though. -6c to -8c uppers with such a large temp difference? Convection overload, plenty of snow for eastern areas. Plenty of good stuff from the N and NW beforehand for the West as well. All in all, it does look pretty promising.
  17. Perfection from the EC; best chart I've seen since March or beforehand. Very interesting times ahead, as Nick says, general pattern > local details... but looking at H5 and NWP recently, reason to be excited.
  18. My, my, the UKMO has a friend. Classic troughing into central Europe- strong MLB ridging into Greenland with a good retrogressive motion on it, a little unorthodox WAA up there- but the end result is a slack, wintry N'ly for much of the UK at 144. EC's done its job again.
  19. Just noticed how synoptically top notch the 0z EC was, especially in comparison to recent suites. UKMO 12z looked good as well, time to see whether the EC 12z can keep up any NWP momentum- anything akin to the 0z would be good, as such a solution moving into a more reliable timeframe can only be a good thing. I think a NW/N flow, turning NE, before high pressure builds is likely. What happens after is up for grabs, but I think after this wknd, the likelyhood for it to turn colder is very much on- just, how cold.
  20. http://www.yr.no/place/United_Kingdom/England/Westerdale/long.html Ah, yep, very similar though.
  21. http://www.yr.no/place/United_Kingdom/England/Wensleydale/long.html Have a deeks, 4wd, looks pretty cold indeed- and less marginal for Tuesday, and an ice day on Wednesday- but it's a long, long time away, meteorologically speaking.
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