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  1. Ooo, hope so, I've only gained around 10cm in the last 2 years-ish
  2. I'm currently 7st5 and 13 - Ideal according to my BMI, but I don't actually feel it, my goal is to be 7st by my 14th birthday (September), but I know that I need to grow still, and foodstuffs are the only ones that are keeping me grow - so exercise and a balance diet will be crucial for me...
  3. Best premier league day ever - goals, goals, and goals. And Tiote - 4-4!

  4. Oh my yes! Silly me! 1. 87' 2. 91' 3. 48' Any other potent ones? Preferably the UK all under -10C upper air, OR, part of the UK under -15C upper air?
  5. The year after the snowiest winter in years, if not history. Not as widespread, but the cold is as powerful, especially in SE England. Icelandic HP on the face of it, but a Scandinavian High the day before, as the situation progressed. Definitely Creme de la Creme material.
  6. Many regard the Scandinavian High the Holy Grail of Cold and Snow in Winter, but which ones truly delivered? More exclusive to get them nowadays it seems, but with one fringing in FI on the GFS, what is required, and where, for the most optimised cold and snow for the UK? Them are two of my favourites looking at it, are there any like it?
  7. currently -5.9C, cold E wind 40kph, drifting snow depth - 80cm level. Oh, sorry that's Reykjavik's forecast D:

  8. Labour 10% ahead of the Tories, and Osbourne's Eton Mess' is driving us into a ditch, OH BRILL!

    1. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Thanks Nick mate. Interesting to learn. Let's hope that the Tory vote goes down as much, ey? Methinks you disagree? =P

    2. Fozfoster


      torys will tell us to cut back and save,but most of us can not cut back anymore, and to save well its a joke.

    3. NorthantsSnow


      A leopard doesn't change its spots. The same is true of the Tories. Can't be trusted, especially at a time like this when the economic situation is so delicate. Labour can only get stronger with this shambles of a coalition in power.

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  9. Bit late (just a week), but better late than never! Happy Birthday!

  10. Interesting charts Kevin Brilliant 1050MB HP in Russia, with a strong Easterly flow with very cold conditions moving in, and then Blowtor*h south-westerlies and gales 12 days later, always hope I guess!
  11. 7C max, but under the slightly stronger (than Dec) winter sun, it felt beautiful, now if we can add 20C onto that...

  12. http://www.sea-temperature.com/country_water/great%20britain/25 Cromer, in East Anglia, is back down to 5C, seems that this mild spell is decreasing the temperatures! 5C in Skegness, Lincolnshire now aswell, possibly 2-3C in parts of EA/Lincs. by early February, 0C by March anyone?!
  13. Good Lord, -115?! Meh, you must have an alter-ego somewhere on this site, or this IS your alter-ego...

  14. Happy Birthday mate! Perfect weather, ey?! =D

  15. I'm guessing 'guest' is you PP. If so, no problem mate
  16. [img]http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/clap.gif[/img] Well Said.
  17. -79 now. You going for 100 (minus of course).

  18. Have to agree totally with you on the Political Discussion debate.

  19. Hi could you put your location in your avatar? Thanks :D NSSB

  20. Just noticed you replied to my 'bisexual predator' comment... I stand by it, free spirit and all.

  21. 6 months time; Wimbledon, long days, hot summer sun, Pimms' and lemonade, deckchairs, short nights and that lingering twilight... Ah yes please!

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      And the cricket. And the smell of freshly cut grass.

    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Yeah, England-India should be BRILLIANT this summer! Top o' the world by this time next year?!

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