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  1. Bahalona! Brilliant match - well deserved, stuffed the devils!

  2. Heavy rain showers accompanied by thunder, and now bright sunshine with the birds tweeting away!

  3. Sunniest day of the year by far - not a SINGLE cloud - beaut at near 20C but feels twice as warm.

  4. What a scorcher - 19C and getting warmer.

  5. one second - clear skies, then clouding over, then heavy rain showers, then hail showers, sudden bursts and now sunny again - I

  6. What a scorcher: High of 12C but felt much more in the scorching sun - especially after 8 hours of football and cricket!

  7. Mwahaha I've grew 2 inches since then, and lost 3lbs - happy days!
  8. Right then - Gaddafi's won Libya - but not the people - and I'm sure it'll be hard to find 1 million people living there in 2015, especially if the far NE remains liberated.
  9. My dad's getting a 4.5% pay rise soon - so I think The PIT is very unlucky - what sector do you work in? My Dad works in Website Designing.
  10. 30 years ago - inept Tory Government 20 years ago - inept Tory Government 10 years ago - inept Labour Government. That's why.
  11. After two beautiful days - with wall-to-wall sunshine, it ended today. Dirty Easterlies -_-

  12. We acknowledge that - we were merely exercising our democratic right to reply and see, what we understand as, faults in your opinion. Not all us liberals are communists. So, it is dangerous there, it's dangerous in alot of places, surely this presses forward the argument that they should be brought home?
  13. It's all about technology. Technology will not ALLOW this to happen again, it won't allow authoritarian and fascist, repressive regimes. I really feel that we CAN hit a nail here, and possibly most of the world changing, of course very far away, but Dijbouti, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi (possibly), Qatar (possibly) and Iran (possibly) are next in line...
  14. Gaddafi's speech: VERY PRODUCTIVE. EDIT: ''I am in Tripoli and wish to speak to protesters'' - This is an alternate translation. ARGHHHHHHH!
  15. Gaddafi's boys' are on one last saloon, and are going around the nation of Libya in their Jets, bombing towns and killing many, nearing on in Benghazi. However, a fatwa has been imposed on Colonel Gaddafi. Why have the UN not made a no-fly zone there? And to believe this is 2011 and THIS is happening. Whoever pulls the trigger on the deranged Dictator will be a legend, especially if it happens soon...
  16. Over 500 people have died in Tripoli today as Gaddafi has fired at them from Militart tanks in Green Square. The Police have joined the protesters, and practically every Libyan Ambassador has quit, it's a shambles there - I'm sure Gaddafi is killing as a farewell, which is disgraceful, and if it's not a farewell, even more so. Notice how the US, the EU, and the UN has kept nice and quiet, can't be disappointing Weapon Trade Customer #1, can we now?
  17. Okay then, we're going somewhere now are we? Protests rage on in Libya, but the dictatorship is still as crazy as before! And for the record - Blair is a genius domestically, but an absolute idiot on the foreign scene. Bit like Thatcher reversed...
  18. Libya would be an utterly amazing coup! With a military colonel type figure (some could suggest Mubarak was nothing but), and a rather deluded army moving out onto the protestors, this one'll be hard. Tunisia: Completed (14/01/11) - Leader in power for 23 yearsEgypt: Completed (11/02/11) - Leader in power for 30 yearsLibya: In Progress - Leader in power for 41 yearsBahrain: In Progress - Leader in power for 39 yearsYemen: In Progress - Leader in power for 20 yearsIran: Ended? - Leader in power for 5 years
  19. Tbf PIT, PP hasn't warranted this at all - he's done nothing to contribute to this crisis and has probably done less to contribute than anyone else, considering he doesn't vote for the mainstream parties who are instigating this crisis. I'm agreeing totally with what PP is saying - once more...
  20. Loved the Barca Arsenal match - what an intriguing second leg to come. I think 3-1 Barca - the Nou Camp is formidable for the Spanish giants!

  21. This orange thing - gleeming in the sky, \

    1. shuggee


      lol - I've been spotting that today too!

    2. A.J


      must be an impacting comet!?

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