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  1. Threads like this are brilliant, cheers Riccardo, Chiono, Steve, LS, BFTV and more, brilliant input, and all of a sudden October is as exciting as Christmas!
  2. Wahey! I'm going out and saying 50-50 and coin toss to decide it.
  3. 3000/400000000, perhaps 0.001% of the turnout.
  4. Sample size is surely at max 0.005% of those who voted.
  5. Ladbrokes just changed their odds; 1/7 NO, 9/2 YES, massively moving No.
  6. A bit stat now: Turnout- 75% (3,213,992) to WIN = 1,606,996 80% (3,428,258) to WIN = 1,714,129 85% (3,642,525) to WIN = 1,821,263 90% (3,856,791) to WIN = 1,928,396 95% (4,071,057) to WIN = 2,035,529 and with no more than 100k in it, I think it's turnout is vital; is higher turnout going to favour Yes, or No? I think something like 85% turnout is likely; meaning around 1.8million votes to win it.
  7. Policies for the future can be decided by anyone; the No campaign has been fought on looking at the past, and the union, and being scared and fearful of change; whilst Yes has been one of hope and progressive politics. I know which ones will be more relevant in the 21st century.
  8. Hahah I'm always going down a slippery slope by generalising; but the truth enough is that 25-64 year olds generally have more access to social media and a great wealth of unbiased information, usually more so than 65 and over. I'm going Y49-N51 but I really hope not.
  9. The younger generation (generally) have much more access to social media, to unbiased sources (I watched BBC News and I was astonished at the bias last night), and to therefore more knowledge/information; and these 25-34 year olds in particular are voting YES in droves. The more info, the more you lean to yes. I meant nothing of 'electoral euthanasia' or whatever some people insinuated. NorthernRab summed it up.
  10. Was August really that cool, or September just stupidly mild?
  11. Comes to something when 16-34's are strongly yes, 35-64's slightly yes and over 65's strongly no; the future needs to be decided by the future.
  12. Good luck Scots; and I'd love nothing more than to see a YES vote on Friday morning; against all MSM, against all the major political parties, against the Orange Order, UKIP, the BNP; and most of all, to create a small, new, independent, progressive nation. The union has served its dues, it's time to move on and do the best thing for Scottish people; and increasingly, they want out of this Westminster elite, hopefully, in time, we can localise power even further across all nations; but tomorrow is just the start, for both Scotland, and the rest of the UK. Vote YES!
  13. Blimey, not been here since page 410... refreshingly, it looks like YES is really in the ascendency now, yous are going to do it!
  14. I don't have a clue. 14c seems normal enough. 14c.
  15. Dropped down to 3c last night; coldest August night since 2010, and the coldest night since May. Real shame that it's mild, drizzly and moist weather for the next week.
  16. Lovely weather; mostly days with sunshine and highs in the mid-teens, and lows between 6-8c. Tonight looks really nippy as well, touch of frost in isolated glens?
  17. 8c... you can smell the Eastenders christmas special in the air

    1. lassie23


      I wonder who they are going to kill off this year! Hopefully they will kill off Eastenders altogether! 10.7c here!

  18. 9 consecutive above average months here at Durham... imagine the reaction if there were 9 cooler ones! Acclimatised to the abnormal warmth

    1. Styx


      8 month run in hobart, august may go the other way. i defiently appreciate what you mean about being acclimatised to anomalous warmth

    2. gottolovethisweather


      There were 13 consecutive months below average from May 2012 to May 2013 as I recall so yes anything is possible I suspect. August 2014 is looking likely to be well below average for some. I'm registering 1.5c below the 1981-2010 mean as things stand. Nothing is predictable any more if truth be told.

    3. gottolovethisweather


      So to answer Isolated Frost, I wouldn't rule out that particular prospect but then again it may well not happen either. I think the certainty that another extreme month for one whichever reason be it rainfall, dryness, temperature is on the cards before the year is out, all IMHO. Afterall we appear to be world of weather extremes right now.

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  19. as a SAFC fan, this Borini deal reminds me of endless model watching in winter... and ultimately disappointment; no matter how nailed on it looked at one point :(

  20. Spotted this on twitter, very diversified economy
  21. March: 10-15c high, -5c-0c low, mostly clear skies, some snow, some showers. April: 15-20c high, 0c low, mostly clear again, less snow, increasing heat. May: 20-25c high, 0-10c low, mostly hot by day, cold by night, some t-storms/showers. June: 25-30c high, 5-15c low, very hot most days, cooler by the evening. July: 25-35c high, 10-15c low, hot and dry days and warm evenings. August: 20-30c high, 10-15c low, hot still, but increasingly humid/erratic, plenty of t-storms/storms. September: 15-25c high, 5-15c low, increasingly cool, plenty of rain/wind/storms/t-storms with a few sunny days. October: 5-15c high, -5c-0c low, increasingly cold, first snows, plenty of storms/wind. November-December: very cold, increasingly sub-zero highs, ice days, heavy snow/storms, little sun. January-February: still cold, though in Feb less so, increasing sun. Basically anything with plenty of snow/cold/storms between September and January; and hot and sunny between May and August. And a fair few t-storms throughout the year.
  22. was 20c at NCL an hour ago, 15c with t-storms and rain now, come on Autumn?

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