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  1. Well I certainly don't claim to be one who might know but the advent of the north east Pacific ridge is doing just that over much of North america at the moment
  2. Not to forget that the tpv has also been a fairly tightly knit affair which resulted in 'locking' up the cold air whilst at the same time turning the western Atlantic into a very active baroclinic zone. This not only resulted in some very intense cyclogeneisis but also. from time to time, the transport of very moist air over the UK leading to copious amounts of rain
  3. The forgotten drought of 1,765–1,768: Reconstructing and re‐evaluating historical droughts in the British and Irish Isles https://rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/joc.6521
  4. A very cold and symmetrical vortex at the moment as shown by the 10 and 50mb plots. Difficult to illustrate this with a sounding but Danmarkshavn in NE Greenland does show the difference between the two levels as well as the cold at 50mb, -85C
  5. Yes indeed. Fred and all the gang were at Dunststable when I was briefly there, Corby, Sutcliffe Sawyer, et al Paper tapes for the Main Frame And talking of the old days it would have been quite jolly on ocean stations Juliet and India over the weekend
  6. knocker

    St Ives

    A short break from the very unsettled weather last week
  7. It was the trough that cleared these parts just now, and you can see it indicated on the sounding at 600mb which also shows a westerly jet of of 197mph And now heavy showers which unfortunately look like the order of the day from now through tomorrow
  8. Tricky to know what's going on with the wave on the cold front except it's producing moderate rain here
  9. This may be of interest. Dr. Michael Folmer, one the OPC's Marine Forecasters, has written a blog post summarizing the most recent hurricane force low pressure system in the E Atlantic. It can be found at the following link: https://satelliteliaisonblog.com/2020/02/16/north-atlantic-storminess-february-13-15-2020/
  10. The wave forming on the cold front could be a problem vis further rain.. The latest WV image
  11. The wave forming on the cold front could be a problem vis further rain.. The latest WV image
  12. Through the first half of Sunday a double cold front structure will track south across England and Wales. There could well be some heavy rain and strong gusts on the squall lines but behind both the winds and rain should abate But note in the latter half of the day further complications arise in the form of troughs tracking east in the circulation and the movement south east of a filling Dennis. Thus the wind picking up in western regions, particularly NW Scotland with more heavy rain on the cards And aloft
  13. The wind and rain set to drop and clear behind the cold front Sunday afternoon, could well be a nasty squall line on it, for the southern half of the UK. But the position is complex in the north west as Dennis fills and drifts south east to be 951mb just north west of the Hebrides by midnight Monday
  14. Dennis just beginning to get it's act together as the trough from the Labrador Straits and the other that has tracked up from the eastern seaboard merge in the south west quadrant of the huge trough already in situ in the Atlantic
  15. Rapid cyclogenisis Cloud Structure In Satellite Images http://www.eumetrain.org/satmanu/CMs/RaCy/navmenu.php?tab=1&page=1.0.0
  16. Sixty mbs in 30 hours! Whichever way you hack it very impressive cyclogenisis Which also initiates warm and moist advection with a long fetch resulting in likely some heavy rain. A mini atmospheric river
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