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  1. Tonight’s anomalies are of interest, not because they shed a great deal of light because they don’t, but because they are part of the very fluid upper pattern changes that are ongoing at the moment. Upstream is not too bad as the clockwork cycle begins with the main Canadian vortex lobe in the vicinity of Bank’s Island and the trough south down western North America and subsequently the jet leaving the north east losing some oomph. The detached lobe is now a trough negatively aligned in mid Atlantic and a key player in the triple amplified complex in the Atlantic and European arena. The other two are the high cell ridging north of the UK into the eastern Arctic and the troughs tracking south west into central Europe along the eastern flank of the high. It is probably stating the obvious but how these align is critical to the weather over the UK , the temperature in particular, so basically one can only reiterate that this something the det models will have to sort but I think one can say with much confidence that this will not be a static scenario.
  2. Yes weren't they great. Unfortunately not common down here although there is an ongoing Red project.
  3. The ecm very similar to the gfs in the short term and has the front just affecting N. Ireland and NW Scotland at T108 before consolidating the block. http://wxcharts.eu/?model=ecmwf&region=europe&chart=850temp_anom&run=12&step=000&plottype=10&lat=51.500&lon=-1.000&skewtstep=0
  4. Not only that there is a squirrel whisperer on as well
  5. The weather here today has generally been thick fog, sky obscured and intermittent rain and drizzle. This is probably emblematic of many areas particularly in the western half of the country and will continue to be the story through the night as the warm front edges east and the warm sector expands it's influence.Thus temps in the morning on the mild side. By midday the front has cleared the east coast and a wave has formed on it.Max temps up as high as 13C Rain will linger near the east coast overnight and into Tuesday as the cold front peters out in the west giving clear periods as the high cell moves north east. This continues overnight Tuesday into Wednesday whilst out to west the detached vortex lobe and the energy running south of it has created a split trough in mad Atlantic with the said energy hitting the brick wall of the block to the east. It does have a partial success forcing the high cell to realign which initiates the easterly regime into southern England The stage is now set for the cold upper troughs in the east to track south west under the high pressure establishing a conduit for the cold air which are all linked to the vortex lobe and split upper trough in the Atlantic.
  6. Still slight rain, thick fog and sky obscured
  7. The 1200 geostationary showing the large warm sector and cold front to the west
  8. Love is in the air as elusive Port Kembla sea birds breed in time for Valentines Day http://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/5226989/love-is-in-the-air-again-for-elusive-port-kembla-sea-birds/?cs=300
  9. The high resolution 1120 Modis sums it up pretty well, Courtesy of the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
  10. Early morning Cumulus over the lake

    Cumulus over the lake at Tehidy Country Park, Camborne
  11. Currently moderate rain here, thick fog and sky obscured http://meteocentre.com/radar/europe/?lang=en
  12. Moderate rain, fog, sky obscured and a westerly breeze.