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  1. hiya knocker thought you might like this......................





    It is important to dwell on the language issue. This is one of clearest demarcations between one (cultural) group and another. The fact that Kernewek exists still, despite England’s best attempts at silencing it, is the most potent symbol for Cornwall in having a clear separate identity to England. In the 22 years since the chapter was written, Kernewek has gained a far greater presence and symbolism. More people are now able to speak the language than have done for decades, duel language signage around the territory is more evident than ever before (something which will only increase in years to come) and it is protected under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. Eight years ago saw Kernewek established in a Standard Written Form, and 2010 saw UNESCO announce that its former classification of the language as “extinct” was “no longer accurate” (BBC News: 2010)


    1. knocker


      Thanks very much for that balmaha it is indeed very interesting. I've read a fair number of the Cornish Study Series and a fair bit of Philip Peyton's writing although I must admit I found some of the language articles somewhat heavy going. In fact I nearly signed up for their masters course some years ago but couldn't afford it. I will post this link around some of the Cornish groups I float around in.

      I've resolved not to look in the asylum, a.k.a the ref., thread but I expect I'll weaken.

      I trust you and yours are in rude health


    2. balmaha


      Aye  , we are all fine Malcolm.

      I am a member of various celtic study groups on facebook and lots of interesting stuff  , like this article , getting posted on there.

      As for the ref thread , what can i say? I think it is extremely worrying times for the majority of sensible decent people around these islands , coupled with the rise in racist and extreme behaviour and you do wonder what the future holds , especially for the children. ( my two just about to go up to secondary school).

      Every time a conservative government is in power  these islands are in utter chaos.

      Anyway hope you are well also and look after yourself , if i get anymore articles i will post them over to you .


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