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  1. Knocker,

    I have written to my MP suggesting that this referendum was fundamentally flawed by a deceitful leave campaign leaving people confused with a load of waffle, some of mit being hysterical.

    I think it might help if all of us on the remain side did this.

    There is also a petition to request a re-run of the referendum:


    My views are that if this is granted it should be properly supervised to ensure that the campaigns are honest, ethical and pertinent to the issue giving people positive and correct information to enable their choice.

    I would rather there not have been the necessity for a further ref and feel like I need one like a hole in the head but when you consider the alternative, to me it is the better choice.

    I realise my current attitude is likely to upset a lot of people but just is not in my nature to take things lying down.

    For your information should you decide to act on it.

    Best wishes,


    1. knocker



      You probably appreciate that I'm as disgusted and angry with this whole sorry state of affairs as you but I honestly don't feel there is anything to be gained by looking for a second referendum. I doubt if anyone has the appetite or the will to go through this again and I'm not sure it would make any difference anyway. I think it also possible it may alienate even more people.

      I realise you may think this defeatist but I fear this the only practical way forward. Anyway good luck with whatever you attempt and I've signed the petition.

      All the best


    2. lassie23


      Not even David Cameron can help you with that, let alone your MP

    3. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan


      I see your point but I have thought deeply about this and to be honest we had enough trouble with this one but if push comes to shove I would rather have one but this time have the campaigning properly supervised, say by a trio of three judges. It may not work but at least sending in the petition to parliament will give the MP's something to think about.

      There is also an outside chance that they may baulk at the idea of breaking up the UK which sounds as though it may be on the cards.

      If all else fails I will have to make further attempts to 'er indoors to move to France but she is resisting at the moment.

      I never dreamed of these problems when taking that met office course in the huts at Stanmore so many year ago.

      Best wishes.