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  1. The anomalies this evening are all in pretty good agreement with strong ridging Alaska and eastern North America with a deep trough mid Atlantic so just sticking with the EPS. The upper flow from the SW (including the jet) portends systems tracking NE and impacting the west and NW of the UK again leaving the SE drier and fairly warm. As we move into the ext. period this may briefly improve as the trough weakens and becomes positively tilted we could see the HP influence extend a tad.
  2. An eminently forgettable day with low cloud, persistent rain currently moderate, temp 15C and quite windy gusting 35mph mid afternoon.
  3. Looking \at this morning's EPS we have slightly more amplification with the trough mid Atlantic and ridging to the east. Ergo some backing of the upper flow to the SW and Atlantic systems tending to track NE leaving the east/south east once again benefiting from drier conditions with temps a little above average.
  4. Regarding the weekend at Saturday 00z the ecm has the shallow low 998mb NW of N. Ireland which drifts slowly east bringing showery conditions to the NW of England and Scotland. As this continues east high pressure builds to the SE/E with ridging over the UK whilst at the same time the deep Atlantic depression meanders N/NW with the associated fronts stalled down the Irish Sea and weakening. It then proceeds to continue to strengthen the HP to the east and we are almost into disruptive trough territory again but this evolution at this stage is so much different to the previous run and doesn't tie in with last nights EPS anomaly that it would be advisable to exercise caution.
  5. Cloudy and slight rain. Temp 14C and a southerly breeze.
  6. Today An area of rain will move slowly NE over England with the east/south east/N. Ireland and Scotland remaining reasonable dry. This morning's GFs continues to be unsettled for the week which is no great surprise given the indicators. Wednesday evening sees the next system ariving in Scotland and the front(s) proceed to track SE during Thursday all the time weakening. Meanwhile the main depression is tracking sowly east to be just north of Scotland 976mb by Friday 00z bringing further rain and gales for a time. This depression then moves away east into Scandinavia in time for the next depression to arrive over the weekend A quick look at the evolution after that convinces me to file it under pending.
  7. I think you will find it interesting and informative and very useful in getting a grip on the basics of meteorology without getting too theoretical.
  8. And the anomalies are pretty unequivocal in the ten day range with Atlantic trough strongly influencing affairs.
  9. Looking at quite wet and possible severe gales in the north Thursday and then hey ho said Rowley (A jolly couple of days on Station 'India' in days of yon )
  10. An efficient and deserved victory by Leicester over Bath to inflict the first defeat of the season on the latter. Much jockeying for position going on at the moment.
  11. Toe-curling top 'C' This little fella was giving it some welly in the canopy this morning Talking of the canopy
  12. The ecm also introduces ridging from the south west next Sunday in the wake of the depression as it tracks east into Scandinavia but it's very transitional as the Atlantic brings pressure to bear. So to speak,.
  13. The GFS continues the unsettled theme for this week, including the weekend with the usual caveat that the wet and windy weather does gravitate to the northern and western part of Britain with the south and east, under some influence from the Azores HP remaining drier, albeit not completely. Thereafter ,from the beginning of next week, it does promote a temporary blocking scenario with HP initially rising from the SW then establishing to the east thus keeping the Atlantic at bay. A not unfamiliar scenario but whether any credence can be given to this remains to be seen although the GEFS anomaly does indicate some support.
  14. A bit of a turn up Quins beating Saracens and also good results for Newcastle and Wasps.