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  1. Weds sees the shallow wave cross Scotland and the associated fronts track south east down the country giving a pronounced temp boundary
  2. Just a spot observation that this evening the gfs initiates the amplification of the Atlantic ridge at around T96 which by itself is not a great move but the evolution of the ridge, and thus the position of the surface high, from this point will be a key factor in the days following.
  3. The cloud and patchy rain/drizzle over much of the country at the moment will slowly clear western areas by tonight leaving a clear night in most places apart from central south and the south east.This will be slow to clear there in the morning whilst elswhere a bright and sunny start but quickly clouding over in N. Ireland and the north west with some light rain which then extends to other western areas during the afternoon. Temps very respectable over the parts of England that stay relatively cloud free
  4. knocker

    Brixham - trawler race day

    I missed the race yesterday but caught the festivities on the trawlers later in the harbour. The noise was mind blowing.
  5. knocker


    The memorial at Brixham that reads. "For those lost at sea" Worth noting on a weather site as from it's inception the Met. Office has been key to the safety of many seamen. A tad personal to me as well as I spent half my working life in the North Atlantic. Are those violins I hear?
  6. The high res. MODIS at 1134 UTC (courtesy Dundee Satellite Receiving Station) Some elements of banked St development in these parts at the moment, as we are possible in the warm sector)
  7. knocker

    Did you know.

  8. After half a century one of our Met Office weather observers has retired. Edith Mason has been recording daily rainfall totals in Cumbria for 50 years http://www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/news/16287902.Weather_watcher_Edith_Mason_notches_up_half_a_century/
  9. The ecm temp anomaly Tues > Thurs The 0600 geostationary. Currently some patchy low St here but the main cloud Ac and Cs
  10. Also just musing over, as the gfs builds a high cell to west, on the likelihood of a subsidence inversion and a Sc layer between say, 3,000 and 4,500ft
  11. I was out all day yesterday so having to catch up a tad but judging by last night’s short range EPS 500mb mean anomaly little has changed, certainly in this time period. Still ridging in western N. America and triple vortex lobes dominating proceedings resulting in a strong westerly upper flow across the Atlantic with the Azores high pressure struggling to ridge north east across the UK (not dissimilar at 100mb). This portends a N/S split with any systems, and the more unsettled and cooler weather, tending to track north east whilst it remains dry and warmer in the south but even here probably a south east bias. Meanwhile a low to the west of Ireland is deepening and tracking north east to be east of Iceland and the associated fronts are moving slowly east. Thus during last night and through today cloud and patchy rain/drizzle already affecting some western regions (note medium and high cloud already on the Camborne 00 sounding) will move slowly east across the country although eastern regions will be mostly sunny and warm until later on. By late evening most of the precipitation and cloud will have cleared the east coast leaving a clear night for most. So a relatively clear night for most tonight, and quite cool in some areas, and start to tomorrow but the next wave from the active front orientated across the Atlantic (this has been described in a tad more detail in earlier posts) is fast approaching and cloud and rain and strengthening wind are already into north western areas by midday and will continue to track east. A very marked temperature contrast either side of the front with the S/SE being less windy and sunny and quite warm. The dry and fine weather in the south continues overnight and into Tuesday but the north continues cooler, windier and unsettled and looking at the overall north Atlantic pattern illustrates why ( as mentioned in a little more detail in earlier posts). So on the surface this equates to the next wave west of Ireland, some unsettled weather in the north and dry and quite warm in the south with a very marked N/S temp gradient, A not dissimilar scenario on Wednesday with fronts straddled across northern England with it getting very warm in the south east in contrast to single digits in northern Scotland. Thursday a much better day for everyone being calm, dry and mainly sunny, albeit the temps down somewhat but more evenly distributed, as high pressure sneaks in from the south west