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  1. Well take it easy the old boy's getting on a bit
  2. It's a thermodynamic diagram that represents the atmosphere and is exceptionally useful, nay vital, for calculating many relevant aspects of the weather such as convection, cloud heights, etc, etc. It looks like this one I posted earlier which actually shows a big low level inversion under which our blasted cloud lies. There is a guide in the learners area about understanding them which our own JH wrote
  3. I sent a similar message to my Facebook contacts in this area about an hour ago although I missed the freezing rain scenario EDIT Not the above but the Fergie tweet
  4. Sorry offerman just me attempting to be humorous. The chart I posted showed a westerly jet and the very cold air no longer with us. But not to be taken too seriosly at this stage.
  5. Next Sunday we could be blessed, truly blessed.
  6. Here we go again with low level Sc, about 2000ft by the looks of it, drifting in from the south east still kept the temp up
  7. Cloudy this morning with low level Sc, around 2000ft, again drifting in from the south east which does keep the temp up, currently 4C
  8. The ecm 850mb 5 day temp contour and anomaly
  9. The ecm take on the low and the 1-5 850mb temp contour and anomaly
  10. This morning's updated fax charts through late Monday/Tuesday
  11. Well I can report that yesterday Sidney was tucked up with his nuts and the cold was taking it's toll although the black headed gulls were getting their Spring plumage
  12. The witching hour is finally upon us and later today the very cold air will arrive from the east bearing gifts, wanted or unwanted depending on your inclination. Thus from tonight and through the next few days the ideal convection conditions will breed an increasing number of snow showers which will spread further afield than the eastern parts of the UK in the strong wind and at times be more concentrated as small disturbances run west in the flow. Plus it will be bitterly cold which the strong wind will exacerbate giving a very high wind chill. Snow accumulation will increase and spread during this period but will be impossible to accurately forecast so down mainly to observation. Anyway enough waffle Today a clear cold day with maybe some patchy cloud and a cold night with a widespread hard frost by morning The GFS-WRF on the snow showers and a forecast sounding for tomorrow illustrating the much colder air. Another very cold night and a severe frost Tuesday morning but the much mentioned wave feature tracks south west overnight and through Tuesday morning and brings more concentrated snow showers along the route as indicated with the charts. Another very clod night with a severe frost Wednesday morning heralding a bitterly cold day with extensive snow showers but changes are afoot, The blocking high cell gears up and starts to move west which allows the Atlantic upper trough(s) to nudge in from the south west with the associated surface low west of Iberia by 1800. Another bitterly cold day on Thursday but the surface low is now taking closer order with much warmer air entering the mix with the possibility of frontal snow and blizzard conditions for the south west. Have to leave it there This is of course according to the gfs