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  1. On a number of occasions recently when I've booted up from sleep mode in the morning i get an error message along the lines that Firefox cannot access my bookmark file as it's being used by another programmer. This is often caused by anti virus software. In that department I use AVG. It appears to be quite easily solved by restarting but I just wonder if there is a simple way of stopping this in case this diesn't work. Thanks
  2. The ecm not dissimilar to the gfs. A frontal passage with wind and rain on Friday followed by an unstable showery weekend. But Monday sees the upper trough caught in a pincer movement as the subtropical high pressure zones amplify This does not stop a front tracking north east accompanied by more rain. Temps above average Oh my......................
  3. The most noted aspect of the gfs this morning is we move through next weekend into the following week is the amplification of the subtropical high in the western Atlantic which drifts east and thus causes the trough over the UK to do the same. But not before more wet and windy weather on Friday and then a sunny intervals and squally showers weekend. Temps varying around the average
  4. Fortunately, although of course not without interest meteorologically, most of yesterdays inclement weather has travelled on with just the far north of Scotland and the Shetland Islands still being effected. The significant change of airmass is well illustrated by glancing at the last two Nottingham soundings. And as a matter of interest Nottingham did report freezing rain yesterday afternoon, Anyway to move on with the NH 500mb and surface analysis for midnight.and the 0300 WV image So a reasonable start to the day for most with just a few residual showers around in the north and west and this will remain the case for eastern areas but an area of more concentrated showers will effect the south west by late morning and cross England and wales during the afternoon and evening, associated with a stray occlusion. There could well be thunder and hail in the mix. Not to be left out some more intense showery activity could also effect western Scotland. Temps a marked improvement on yesterday. The showery rain will quickly clear during the night resulting in quite a widespread frost by morning with some ice around with some fog patches but once this clears not a bad day for most, But cloud will spread from the west during the afternoon from fronts associated with another deep depression west of Ireland and rain will arrive by 1800 along with strengthening winds. Temps back to around average, maybe a tad above. Over Monday night and through Tuesday the depression to the west, and the waving trailing front associated with it, dominates proceedings resulting in a very wet day, particularly in western regions ad a strong south westerly wind which also ensures temps a little above average. In many ways Wednesday and Thursday are relatively quiet as the block to the east is boosted somewhat by some amplification and thus the upper trough sits and fills over the UK. But this does result in sunny intervals and showers which again could well have hail and thunder in the mix. temps around average. And the NH profile at T120
  5. December 2018 ENSO Update: relationship advice https://www.climate.gov/news-features/blogs/enso/december-2018-enso-update-relationship-advice
  6. Cold front now through here Interesting midday Nottingham sounding. The possibilities with the warm air aloft and low level inversion vis freezing rain are apparent If not here, elsewhere
  7. Fascinating geostationary image at midday showing the wave and frontal structure across western Ireland A lot of moderate/heavy rain around at 1300 And the high res. MODIS at 1340
  8. knocker

    Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    The Chiefs completely reversed last weeks game and dominated Gloucester which probably did neither side any good. In the other game Ulster beat Scarlets
  9. Still possibly quite windy for a short time later this PM
  10. knocker

    Altocumulus Floccus

    The cloud the background to the crane being used to change the sluice gates at the head of the Copperhouse Canal at Hayle. The canal was built in 1787 and they were last changed in 1982