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  1. And the ext anomalies pretty much go along with that Mushy
  2. Pleasant sunny morning with a smidgen of Ci but not looking too clever to the south
  3. Cracking day once early cloud had dissipated. ...sunny with some Ci and the odd puff of small Cu and a pleasant breeze
  4. But the models are not sentient beings. They are designed to pick up signals via mathmatical equations such as the equations of motion etc. and then run them over time which, as we all know, becomes less reliable with the increasing time span as the 'signals' conflict; Which is why running backwards from day ten should always be a no. no. Similarly teleconnections, which are an ever improving and important tool in the medium and long term forecast armoury, should be used with caution, particularly when assessing limited areas such as the UK. For starters It is not always obvious which of the t
  5. A much better morning with a mixture of broken cloud Ci, Ac, Sc and a little breezy
  6. Probaly correct vis IOW......the precise movement of the cold front is importand...........the 700mb wind field for midnight
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