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  1. The decaying front is still affecting parts of the UK and N. Ireland and Scotland are in a different WSW airstream. The MODIS 1050 UTC high res.illustrates this as does some various temps for same time. Heathrow 22C Gatwick 23C Blackpool airport 10C Valley 8C Culdrose 14C Kinloss 15C Prestwick 12C Belfast 12C
  2. After a clear morning fog was advected in quite early down here which lifted to low stratus but only partially cleared by early afternoon. Mainly I suspect to the closeness of the decaying front and some high level broken Sc. So although an 850mb temp of 11C the surface struggled to 14C. The front depressed the temps in all the far west regions and N.Ireland and Scotland.
  3. The front lingering to the west of the UK has made a massive difference to the temps in the far west as a belt of cloud has persisted all day. Thus the temp at Culdrose at 1150 UTC was just 13C and at Heathrow at 1220 UTC 27C The high res. MODIS ( courtesy DSRS) at midday and surface chart
  4. The upper low with the little cold pool at Saturday midnight. Then moving east through Saturday/Sunday And the front impacts late Saturday/Sunday resulting in thundery outbreaks and quite a west/east temp gradient
  5. Medical issues

    Thanks but I have been prescribed Colchicine which according to a friend who takes these are very good and it's a no no to take supplements with them. But will keep in mind if they don't work.
  6. Medical issues

    Obviously not as serious as the above posts but over the last nine days I've seen, or spoken to, four doctors, had a blood test and an x-ray and the consensus is that I have severe gout in my wrists. I've had to stop the anti-inflammatory tablets first prescribed as they were affecting my kidney function. so just been up to pick some new tablets which I hope kick in fairly swiftly as one wrist is giving me some gyp today,
  7. Nice MODIS at 1109 UTC showing the clear weather south of the front and mist and fog around the coasts. (courtesy DSRS)
  8. East/west contrast on the 0900 geostationary. (image courtesy Dundee Satellite Receiving Station)
  9. The ecm not dissimilar to the GFS The analysis at T96 & 120 Similar mini breakdown over the weekend with thundery showers. https://weathermodels.com/index.php?r=site%2Fmodels&mode=animator&set=9-km ECMWF Europe Surface&area=United Kingdom&param=6-h Precipitation&offset=0
  10. Just a quick heads up on the GEFS 3-8 anomaly to start as it gives an idea on the direction of travel of the short term evolution. Today patchy rain/drizzle will track north along western coasts as a wave to the west moves north but will quite quickly clear all areas apart from north west Scotland where it will linger all day. Quite breezy particularly in the north west. Elsewhere dry and sunny resulting in a very warm day. The rain may linger a while in NW Scotland during the night before clearing but generally a fine clear night with perhaps the odd fog patch by morning. The next three days essentially develop into a skirmish between east bound troughs/energy in the Atlantic, with low pressure over Iberia also playing a key role, and retreating high pressure to the east and the Azores ridging north east, with the UK sitting in the middle which is fine, albeit it leads to some quite marked regional variations of temp, but gets a tad complicated over the weekend. So keeping this in mind Thursday sees the UK in a very slack pressure gradient as the two high pressure areas rather tenuously try to connect as the trough disrupts to the west. Thus a dry and sunny day in most areas and warm, very warm in the south east, with temps significantly above average, Friday a not dissimilar scenario but the lows to the west and south west are taking closer order and another sunny and very warm day, the exception being the far north west of Scotland where there may be some showery rain. Temps again significantly above average particularly in the south east. Saturday portends another very warm day but the analysis is getting tad messy with the upper low to west moving closer with some cooler air (relatively speaking) and towards late afternoon the weather could become more unsettled in Wales and the west with thundery showers entering the mix, On Sunday the unsettled weather gathers pace as the upper low moves north west of Ireland and front associated with the surface feature tracks east and the thundery showers become more widespread. Temps still above average in the east but nearer average in the west. This is of course the gospel according to the GFS
  11. The 1800 UTC geostationary showing the front straddling the country and the trough
  12. March 2018 was One of Six Warmest Marches on Record https://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/news/20180416/