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  1. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Not a good weekend for premiership clubs in Europe they all lost. The Chiefs at home to Leinster and Wasps were blown away by La Rochelle who look a pretty good side
  2. Cloudy with Cu, Sc and fairly frequent rain showers, temp 4C. Quite a temp spread this morning
  3. I haven't had much chance to look at the outputs this morning but there is nothing surprising about the ecm contours and anomalies. And I can confirm that SIdneys cockles are warming nicely
  4. Just a glance at NOAA this evening. Not to say much else as nothing has changed from this morning but the 8 14 does illustrate the strong upper flow from the eastern seaboard that becomes more diffuse in the east for reasons already given. Neither the GEFS or EPS mean anomalies this evening contradict this suggested pattern in any significant way
  5. With a little poetic license one could easily argue that phase 7 is very similar to what the anomalies are indicating
  6. I'm not sure where the idea of a raging Atlantic originated. I think a zonal pattern is being indicated in the medium term but in the eastern Atlantic the energy is being spread courtesy of the HP block in the east and positive anomalies to the NW and the trough running south to our east. The key may well be if the Azones ridges a little close to the UK
  7. Pretty reasonable anomalies on the 12 det run taking into account last nights
  8. Believe it or not its relatively pleasant late afternoon here
  9. I note cmc charts tend to get posted if favourable so I feel obliged to include the 00 5 day anomalies as an addendum to my earlier post
  10. Happy New Year from myself and Sldney (currently curled up with his nuts)
  11. I'm on the western edge, I'm hoping the worst may be through now.
  12. Just about a full gale here, westerly 34mph gusting get 55. Not pleasant