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  1. The clearance of the sheet of Ac was quite noticeable last night as there was a sharp demarcation line between the drier, clear sky, and the Ac as it moved east. Quite noticeable because it occurred at sunset. Anyway this morning we have those clear skies with a temp of 11C and calm.
  2. We have had some settled weather this week Matthew, well most have, but I wouldn't say the near future is that settled although the south would appear to be remaining quite dry. You can see from the anomaly chart this morning that the pattern is quite flat with low pressure over the Pole, which has been a feature for a while, with a trough mid Atlantic which would indicate surface systems tracking NE portending the usual N/S split over the UK. So essentially the upper air pattern has become less amplified (in our neck of the woods)
  3. Today A fine sunny day for most, some showers in northern Scotland, albeit temps a little cooler than of late. The usual regional variation regarding temperature. Not really much to whitter about this morning. The GFS tracks showery area NE tomorrow into the North Sea which is not the accepted wisdom according to the METO so to move on. Showery on Sunday before some transient HP moves in on Monday before the next system arrives on Wednesday, initially effecting the north but the declining front does travel south east. This leaves the UK in a showery airflow before the next system arrives on Friday. We are entering choppy waters here as Gaston has arrived on the scene although the GFS kindly dissipates it over Iberia. This is of course a long way from being resolved.
  4. MOD> guidance
  5. Apart from Western Scotland not a huge amount of rain in the next nine days.
  6. The ecm makes rather more of the thundery outbreaks on Saturday which could effect much of the southern half of England before moving east Sunday still in the circulation of the low so showery. Then brif ridging until the next system swings in on Tuesday Subsequent to this it rapidly builds HP to the NE, connected to the Azores which manages to keep more systems tracking from the west at bay.
  7. Some interesting cloud this morning with Ci, Ac Cas. and recently some Cu building. Temp 14C and a zephyr from the NNE.
  8. Today A mainly dry day apart from the north with thr rain there clearing away to the east. High temps still concentrated in the East Anglia area although a little down on yesterday. Tomorrow a fine dry day for most. On the face of it the GFS this morning is not too bad for the next week. The thundery rain effecting the south on Saturday quickly clears east leaving the UK in a slack area of high pressure until the next systems start arriving on Wednesday. Might be a few showers initially but generally dry and quite warm in the sunny periods although temps generally around average.
  9. I took a very quick photo this morning which was a total disaster as I had the camera on the wrong settings. Out of focus, underexposed, you name it. Anyway merely out of interest I fiddled around with it and it's passable. This is a Nuthatch (I think). I hasten to add I wouldn't normally fiddle around to this extent.
  10. Interesting shot, I assume it's taken inside the walled garden. Okay I admit I had to Google it but it looks a fascinating place.
  11. The ecm has the thundery area tracking north into the south west Saturday morning and quickly moves it ENE to be in the North Sea by Sunday The low to the west has been absorbed into this general area of low pressure and also moves east over Sunday bringing with it showery conditions. By Monday this is clear and a transient ridge builds bringing a dry Monday to most before the next system arrives tracking NE bringing more wet weather to Scotland with the ridge hanging on in the south. Sidney is eagerly awaiting the EPS having become interested in Gaston
  12. 99L Poised to Become Tropical Storm Hermine