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  1. The EPS maintains the flow from the northerly quadrant with temps below average for the ext period.
  2. Cloudy with Sc and Cu and a slight shower. temp 9C and a fair easterly breeze.
  3. And from the GEFS mean anomaly with everything just a tad further east
  4. Today Eastern Scotland still under the influence of the North Sea low and the NE wind so cool with showers whilst the west of Scotland and N. Ireland should be dry and sunny. England and Wales also dry, perhaps less sunny, but rain spreading to the south west this evening moving ENE and petering out as it goes. On to the GFS. As the low to the south west drifts south it is quickly replaced by ridging from the Azores HP connecting to the HP to the NE. This leads to a high cell to the south of the country by Thursday 12z with a quite intense trough to the NW in the vicinity of Iceland. Ergo quite a tight gradient with a 130kt jet running just north of Scotland and and any systems running ENE confined to affecting the Latter As the week progresses the trough tracks east, pressure rises over Greenland and the European high pressure retrogresses NW to connect with the latter leaving this situation by 0600z Sunday. The pattern then amplifies with pressure building to the west and the trough slipping south east to be east of the Baltic by Tuesday. All of this has the potential to drag some quite cold air down from the north at the beginning of next week with snow a distinct possibility on high ground. Of course how the detail of this pans out will be resolved in the next few days. Just a quick glimpse on how the GFS proceeds. It actually rotates the upper pattern clockwise which results in the trough moving SW
  5. The ecm 6-10 and day 10 indicates the strengthening of the Greenland HP and portending the continual veering of the wind to the NW quadrant and temps cooling below average.
  6. Maybe you could but I was trying to add a constructive comment that would suggest a possible different track for the upper trough and one that would follow previous anomaly suggestions. I'm sorry you thought it rather frivolous and nonsensical.
  7. It doesn't in fact need that much tweaking to get a different outcome. If the amplification is less intense then maybe the ridging to the NW is as well leaving higher pressure in situ over the UK. This in turn would have the affect pushing the track of the upper trough slightly more to the SE and thus cutting off the cold plunge and leaving the UK in a cool NW airstream. Just saying.
  8. An interesting ecm run. The HP duly ridges NE at the beginning of the week and by Wednesday is centred to the south of the UK. But it has little development north as there are couple of upper lows, one N Canada and the other Iceland, forming a general area of low pressure to the NW and north compressing the high pressure with a subsequent very strong westerly airflow. From here the trough to the north tracks east then SE whilst the HP ridges to the NW to combine with pressure rising around Greenland Thus we have a classic Omega block mid Atlantic with the upper trough running SE over the UK dragging down some cold air.
  9. The GEFS mean anomaly, although hinting at some retrogression, is not anywhere as near amplified as the det. run It has the HP centred to the south west ridging NE and with through to the east this will veer the upper flow and bring the temps down to around average. This pattern likely to persist, probably becoming flatter with temps below average.
  10. Well the chart I just deleted would qualify as one. If a bit squiffy
  11. You are quite right aj my post indeed doesn't add anything to the discussion so have deleted it.
  12. Caste have just given Saints a drubbing sticking 40 points past them.
  13. I think you will find that his contract with the Express has since been terminated.
  14. Difficult game for everyone in Limerick today. especially Glasgow and to a lesser extent the officials I feel. Anyway Munster, on a wave of emotion, overpowered Glasgow to win 38-17 even with 14 men for two thirds of the game.. The crowd wouldn't have had it any other way.