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  1. Are you being sarcastic or is this good news for cold weather fans?
  2. 4 days ago the GFS picked up this Nly pattern, and for the most part stuck to its guns, it isn't the first time its picked up a trend in the far reaches of the forecast, dropped the idea for 4-6 runs and then go it right. Ok Nly aint great for Southern snow lovers but if the 12Z is even within a sniff of what it has projected, the NE of Scotland, the Northern Isles and Highlands are stuffed with widespread blizzards even to lower levels. And right now there is nothing to doubt what it is telling me given the GEM, ECM and ensembles are heading exactly the same way too. The key is this low and when it begins too deepen, Its timing is crucial to a wintry outbreak. However there is no doubt in my mind that given the pressure over Greenland, eventually this set sup will cause an outbreak of significantly colder air from the north. How long it lasts for is another matter.. I suspect it will be a relatively short sharp blast of around 4 days.
  3. Ladyofthestorm

    Stratosphere Temperature Watch 2012/2013

    thanks for your reply,maybe between my hunch and your science we might just see another cold blast!
  4. Ladyofthestorm

    Stratosphere Temperature Watch 2012/2013

    Hi Guys, I have been reading your posts intently for the past four weeks or so and it can make some really interesting reading. I have a hunch that after the mild spell lasting Approx 7-10 days thecold will come back.Is there anything in the SSW forecasts that could support my hunch? PS Chino your a weather god! lol
  5. Ladyofthestorm

    IMG 8421

    I dont think so as ours had low cloud round them at the time of taking the photograph. Ours were more purple in the middle/ It really has to be the photograph opf the month... it was amazing to see. My husband said get outthe house quick and I thought the house was on fire! But truelly breathtaking!
  6. Ladyofthestorm

    IMG 8370 improved

    thanks folks for all your lovely comments, it is such a rare occasion. Our local PJ paper reported that they are caused by global warming due to increases in methane, which is slightly misleading as truelly Nacreous clouds are in fact iuce crystals refracting of the suns rays. I suspect it was the latter.
  7. Ladyofthestorm

    Mother of Pearl Clouds

  8. Ladyofthestorm

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    HI Blasty! For once an echo of my own sentiments. Been ages since Ilast posted. Keep well.
  9. Hi firefly... I was doing my low hills training in Mid May and there was a real dumping of snow on the ground above 700m then...it did melt really quickly because of a storm from the west coming in...... however I bet that filled up the snow patches again on the tops! We went camping on the west coast and went via Ullapool mid June.... there was still snow patches on Sgurr Mor at just over 3500ft and Beinn Wyvis at 3200ft! So you dont have to be all that high to see them.
  10. Ladyofthestorm

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    I wish it would shift it has been strong over the uk for ages now. I do hope it breaks down soon and allows for some settling down. Has anyone else noticed that the high pressure over the azores is large but not very strong at 1024mb?
  11. Is thinking... please do not snow!

  12. Ladyofthestorm

    A Move From (not So) Sunny Skye

    The weather on Skye from October right through to March has been pretty awful, not much snow has fallen, nor did we get the settled mid winter spell either. Instead it was rain and wind all he way. The locals had said to me it was the worse winter for 20 years maybe more and some of these locals have leved in Skye for 50 years and more! And now that we have moved? Last week was amazing, we are only a few miles from those record breaking areas, and even today ot was lovely just to wander around the country park that we have right on our doorstep and nature is firmly telling me that though winter is taking one final bite, Spring is just around the corner. Thank goodness, I need Spring more every year.
  13. Ladyofthestorm

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Hi Folks, here we go again! Yes I am also pleased with my weather forecast, for the previous winter, so much for another min ice age. Spring, well, if it continues like it has for this March so far.... The year 2003 are on the edge of my lips. Need Isay anymore. Though I do think April will be the wettest (and when I say it, probably slighly below average)of the Spring months for us in Scotland, though high pressure will never be very far away.
  14. Ladyofthestorm

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    thanks guys for all your help xxx
  15. Ladyofthestorm

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I saw tthis, how long will it take to reach Earth? Im saying that because Saturday night looks a great clear night for seeing aurora.