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  1. Always the weather optimist come rain, sleet, heat, sun and snow. No bias in any of your posts. Makes me smile. Good on you frosty. I can’t read the charts, so I’m glued on here listening to all the updates. Obviously, not just from you but a few good posters I’ve been following over the years. good to have you back on here posting
  2. I think this is working perfectly well. The hunt for cold is what the majority of us want. We have model thread as well. Great job
  3. Lots of heavy rain, and a few distant flashes of lightning, but still so humid. mudt admit it’s nice laying in bed hearing the rain hitting the window. Just need it to cool off now.
  4. Big clouds bubbling up here and distant rumbles of thunder
  5. Nothing of note here in SW Essex (Thurrock area)
  6. Your mad... or should I say a very dedicated fisherman
  7. Grass and roofs are getting a nice covering. Just need it to get heavier to cover the paths. But how great is this weather in mid March
  8. When or if the Thames streamer sets up, what wind direction are we looking at having?
  9. Great to hear them updates @kold weather and @steveMurr. We have a gusty easterly wind here with a light rain shower.
  10. Amber warning just issued for some parts of the region. On phone so can’t post link
  11. No thawing here atm. Just a quick question if I may. How do I upload pictures from a picture taken on an iPhone. It won’t let me do it, and I keep getting a error message. Thanks
  12. Well what an action packed 3 weeks we have had. The SSW happened then we had two weeks of absolutely brilliant model watching. The ups the downs, the toy throwing and the boom charts. Personally for here the snow hasn’t been on the same level as 2009 & 2010, but I cannot remember ever witnessing such cold weather. The ‘Beast from the East’ brought bitterly winds and ice days. Today was the first time I can ever remember seeing freezing rain, what an absolute day it was. To top it all off, we have have this great website, with great people giving great updates and the amateur weather forecasters who in my opinion have done a better job than the pros. Once the thaw sets in over the weekend I’ll start looking forward to spring and summer and the good family times I’ll have. But I’m a bit sad that after all the hype it’s finally finishing. Thanks all, you are all a great bunch of people.
  13. Yes been snowing lightly here in SW Essex for the last 10mins