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  1. Yep, totally agree. Then the bbq can come out and we can forget about this absolutely dire winter.
  2. Yes. Definitely seems stronger than last week! We haven’t had the persistent heavy rain yet, but I assume that will be coming tonight, and tomorrow
  3. Hopefully not to quickly. I’m in Florida with my family on holiday, flying back at 5.30 EST on Sunday
  4. All but stoped now. I can hear that dreaded......drip drip drip now. But hey, it was great whilst it lasted
  5. Here you go mate. Nothing spectacular but it’s better than last night
  6. Snow settling on all surfaces. I’m in Thurrock. What a great surprise this is??
  7. Nothing of note here in Thurrock. Ground soaking wet from earlier sleet. Keep looking at the lamp post, but that’s not working either ?
  8. Always the weather optimist come rain, sleet, heat, sun and snow. No bias in any of your posts. Makes me smile. Good on you frosty??. I can’t read the charts, so I’m glued on here listening to all the updates. Obviously, not just from you but a few good posters I’ve been following over the years. good to have you back on here posting
  9. I think this is working perfectly well. The hunt for cold is what the majority of us want. We have model thread as well. Great job
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