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  1. T&L and heavy rain in the last 30 mins. Most unexpected, but very welcome
  2. What time do the high res models update please?
  3. Do you think most areas in the se will at least see a dusting Steve?
  4. Didn't the ECM backtrack a few weeks ago from an easterly. It's one run, and from what I've seen today / tonight from the other models I'm starting to be a bit hopeful!
  5. Born slippy - underworld. Getting ready to watch T2
  6. Having problems uploading pictures from iPhone. It won't let me upload! Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Thick fog here. The car is also covered in a sheet of ice
  8. Dull and cold here. Was hoping for a sunny day today.
  9. Stopping now. Just goes to show, it can rain for most of the day, but if the conditions are right, snow will stick.
  10. Yes lights flickering here too. Got a covering on all surfaces. Starting to stop now.
  11. Light rain here also (at work in Haverhill CB9) Not looking forward to the drive home down the M11 and across the M25 tonight..
  12. If the conditions are right snow will settle. Seen it lots of times during my 37 years on earth. But I can understand peoples fears.... we've been here before and it ends up plain old rain. Fingers crossed for more luck over the coming days.