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  1. Skip Spence

    Skip Spence

  2. Don't have much interest in the output of either band pre '65 but the run of Beatles lp's from Rubber Soul through Abbey Road is unquestionably magnificent. The Stones took longer to get cohesive albums together but their run from Beggars Banquet through Goats Head Soup is quite superb. As to which is the better band, very hard to say. If I could only listen to one or the other I'd probably choose Beatles. Then again I'd take The Kinks over both...
  3. Sadly any topic, however well intentioned, which could be construed as contentious is a call to arms for certain bigots, attention seekers or general a-holes. The berk who derailed the thread you started tends to tick all those boxes.
  4. Are you sure that's Snowdon? Looks suspiciously like Northern Ireland what with all that snow.
  5. Given our temperate climate here in the UK, I'd suggest it's supposed to be mild in the winter.
  6. I seem to remember the first half of summer 2009 as being good in this neck of the woods. Wimbledon fortnight had plenty of glorious weather. Second half was poor.
  7. Met Office blamed for what and by whom? If it isn't as severe as it might've been, almost everyone will be mightily pleased and relieved. Surely preferable to be prepared then reprieved than the other way around.
  8. If Joe is a professional meteorologist then his own preferences shouldn't have any bearing whatsoever on any forecasts he produces.
  9. I'm looking forward to not having to mow the lawn. That's about the only thing winter's good for in my view.
  10. Mild and dry please with plenty of sunshine. Don't mind a touch of early frost so long as it warms up nicely during the day. And all done by the end of February; spring 2013 was deeply unpleasant.
  11. Check in again any time between late November and early March and you'll discover that we're on the verge of a record-breaking cold spell.
  12. Back to back good summers: 75/76, 83/84, 89/90, 05/06 Might be able to squeeze 95/96 in too. 95 was a peach and 96 though not as good had its moments. Hopefully we'll be able to add 13/14 this time next year.
  13. I realise that March and April aren't summer months, technically or otherwise. I was responding to your suggestion that since 2006, March and April were winter-like.
  14. What about April 2007, April 2011 and March 2012? Each of those months contained lengthy spells that were as sunny and warmer than the first third of this month (in this neck of the woods at least).
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