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  1. No heat whatsoever in Melbourne. So far, 11 of the last 18 days were UNDER 20C at the Olympic Park station, and the forecast for the weekend will likely see more. While the average highs may seem to around normal, keep in mind that it's skewed by a couple of hot days (35C and 32C - both isolated one-hit wonders). We only had 5 days over 25C. Not to mention there have been A LOT of overcast mizzly mornings, this week especially. Getting sick of this cold November. Ofcourse, the endless southerlies return from next week onwards for more cloudy 20C or less days
  2. Melbourne set a new December record high overnight low of 27.4C on Christmas Eve morning, beating the previous record by 0.2C. However because of the BOMs ridiculous 9am reset rule, "officially" it will only be 24.3C as that was the temp at 9am the previous morning Christmas Day was pretty ordinary, only 22C and mostly cloudy, but shocking in Sydney where they are are getting rain all day and temps as cold as 16-17C after breifly reaching 20C in the morning. Models are showing a pretty significant burst of heat aound Jan 5th. GFS showing 850 temps up to 30C over northern Vic and 26C over s
  3. Not sure why the cicadas are blaring when tomorrow's forecast is a pathetic 18C with an overnight low of 12.
  4. cool gloomy morning here, a mere 16C at 10:30am. Welcome to summer http://forum.nwstatic.co.uk//public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.png
  5. Yes we had that 39C on Thurs, but was a work day so not at all enjoyable, although the beer after that bloody 11 hour shift was!!! Had a 24.1C overnight low the following night. High dewpoints with that heat aswell, Essendon Airport recorded 37C/20C at one point in the afternoon. Lot of dewpoints above 20C with 30+ temps aswell throughout Melbourne during the day, which is quite unusual. First week of December looks like the first week of September in the forecast, no storms, no warmth, just stratus and drizzly showers with constant southwesterlies. Absolutely disgusting.
  6. First week of summer will start off on a horrible note here. Putrid cold southwesterlies with cloud and showers expected for the next 5 days with max temps as low as 18-19C. Today kicked off this extended run of filth with a cloudy high of 20C. Only two days of 30C forecast late week before returning to freaking 19C wintry tripe again. Typcial Melbourne
  7. Highest temp in Victoria on thursday 29th was 45.8C in Ouyen which is a small town about 100km south of Mildura, with Mildura itself reaching 45.5C A station in NSW just across the border got to 46.2 Oodnadatta in the South Australian outback had an overnight min of 32.3C the same day.
  8. Hopefully it does get hot, but this summer has been constant dissapointment. Alot of days get nowhere near the forecast temps, with nearly constant southerlies day in day out. There is already mention of a "weak change" saturday night which will yet again kill the heat and bring cloud and even some rain So far very unimpressive this morning, only 18C at 10am and it's supposed to get to 31. I suspect 25-26C at best, with seabreezes likely
  9. With the recent extreme heat in inland Australia, thought it would be a good time to start a thread. Temps reached 48.5C in Roxby Downs, SA on the 25th, while Oodnadatta recorded a min of 34.2C last night. See oodnadata's heat here http://www.weatherzo...oral/oodnadatta Eucla in WA is gogn for 48C tomorrow with talks of a 50C possible as 850hpa temps reach 34C. ------------------------- Summer FINALLY coming to Melbourne aswell, after a cool, lacklusture season with virtually no heat to speak of. So far this summer, the highest temp is only 34.5C with only 9 exceeding 30C since Dec 1. Melbourn
  10. SAB


    Hey all, I'm Sab, I live in Melbourne Australia. I like heat, storms and anything summer, can't stand ugly wintry damp overcast and drizzly muck,.
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