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  1. I'm getting the lights out for the bike also, a new hi viz bag has been bought for the commute.
  2. Has any one else noticed that the nights are drawing in? Last night was really the first time I've noticed it.
  3. Markinch Fife Taken Today.
  4. I hope we get a good period of cold and snow this year,Im not in to very hot temperatures (no problem this year then) and like the Autumn and winter.One down side of all the snow,Im a firefighter, and had one of my busiest winters for Road Traffic collisions,but the vast majority were minor as people tend to keep there speed down.Still you get the odd Idiot in a big executive car doing 80mph in the fast lane driving over 2-3 inches of hardpack.....
  5. Waiting for Autumn......

    1. conor123


      Come to Telford its been Autumn here for 2 weeks

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