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  1. Really noticing the nights drawing in now, the cloud cover at the moment means its darker earlier than should be.
  2. Took a while to get home from Lochgelly, got stuck passing a car, got out fine in the monster truck now home.
  3. Lochgelly..... drifting snow. We are now stuck at the station, dayshift struggling to get in.
  4. Took the boy to school this morning nice dusting here at 0630, I'm a Firefighter up at Lochgelly, and as you may know the highest town in Fife. I'm night shift tonight so I put money on it being busy. It amazes me how bad some folk drive in this weather.
  5. First group of Geese flew over my house today, winter is slowly clawing its way in. I've noticed the grass slowing down, and up here the trees are starting to change.
  6. I agree NUT, getting up just before 6 am for work, I'm noticing the sun is just rising. I am needing to use my lights on my bike now but only in the morning.
  7. Really noticing the evenings getting darker around 9ish now.
  8. Dry slightly overcast, just under 12c.
  9. 0.8c about 2 inches of snow, still snowing wind gusting approx 30mph and more snow to come.
  10. Boydie

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Snowing again.
  11. Boydie

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Fantastic coverage in Glenrothes this morning.
  12. Boydie

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Have had a few heavy Snow showers here in Fife, was starting to lie. Has now died away, temp was sitting in the car at 2.5, felt colder with the wind. Think this evening will bring more.
  13. Boydie

    Car "Snow socks"?

    Set of Cooper weather masters sa2 winter tyres on my wife's Honda Jazz. Had to pay £200 for the set and £40 to change them over each winter and spring, but this is my third winter out of them. Fantastic grip in all conditions, I laugh at the folk in there 4x4 with summer tyres getting stuck on small icy hills whilst I skip past them. Great investment, I do live in Scotland though, so winters up here are colder.
  14. Clear,Cold Frosty start, 3.4c, had to scrape the car.