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  1. gfs side with ecm, tuesday, easterly, snow.
  2. what do you mean by improve throughout the day? we don’t know what set are correct so the morning runs may be on the money. Or do you mean improve as in ‘the coldest’ solution? Remember almost people prefer mild so it could be seen as the opposite
  3. if the ecm is correct then my street in upper penicuik could get gobbleflappled by next wednesday
  4. this current streamer is absolutely mental, just when you think things can’t get worse....it gets taken up a notch or 3
  5. So how does the radar work?? I looked at about 6:30 thinking this will be the last few flakes, but right now its the heaviest its been! (Bonnyrigg, Midlothian) Apparently, although a breakdown is forecast for Thursday/Friday, as we enter late January/February there is a high chance of more cold snap/spells....
  6. Chance of a few flakes tonight in Midlothian?? Clouding over a bit just now...however radar looks uninspiring... checks window, and indeed a few are falling!
  7. A few of us (mainly knocker) kept getting slated for suggesting a west to south west dominant period, even although the evidence was there to back it up. No matter how much 'potential' a set up may appear to have for a cold period, on our little island 90% of the time it doesn't happen
  8. Will the models pick up and take into account the cooler Atlantic with the possible upcoming pm blast?? Last week from a pm blast there was a bit of sleet and snow which seemed unusual for mid-late November.
  9. Thanks crew, just wanted a bit clarity. Wasn't being arsy, genuinely just wanted a bit of 'why' the outlook looks good. Your expectations are always spot on
  10. From a very novice point of view, if you mean the disappointment from a coldies perspective then its obvious...basically all the way out in FI there is pm air at best, as Knocks said, even tm air with a gradual warm up is a real possibility. So that is why i asked the question 'am i missing something' as some mention the conditions look good for cold. Im totally objective (i enjoy all weather), but the thing is, in Britain even if all the signs point to a possible cold evolution, 9 times out of 10 (probably more) they never materialise.
  11. A few posts saying the outlook is positive if you like cold. May I ask, what are the signs, and are they not the usual signs that appear every year? Looking at the charts myself, I see a broadly west, to north west regime which would produce average to possibly a tad below (in general) conditions. Are people 'hope casting' or am I missing something? Thanks
  12. Alas knocks, the ski resorts up north will be laughing
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