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  1. Just been directly under the whites and purples on the radar, some crazy rainfall.
  2. Just been directly under those whites and purples on the radar, crazy intense rainfall, gutters overflowing yet again.
  3. Here is my thunderstorm risk map for tomorrow an uncertain and messy picture with a front moving in from the west but only a very localized area of CAPE which looks like developing in the highlighted area, timings also uncertain with some bringing it in during the morning and others not until evening (my personal guess would be from around 4pm through til about 8/9pm) main risks - heavy rain with a flooding risk and lightning.
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/tallest-mountain-shrinks-sweden-peak-melting-climate-change-kebnekaise-a9092696.html?amp https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/06/sweden-kebnekaise-mountain-loses-highest-peak-title-global-heating
  5. EARLY-MID AUTUMN RACING COMPETITION HANDICAP DOUBLE LEG 1: AYR GOLD CUP (21st Sept) - Selection 1. - Intisaab Selection 2. - Summerghand Selection 3. - Mr Lupton LEG 2: CAMBRIDGESHIRE(28th Sept) - Selection 1. - Zzoro Selection 2. - Data Protection Selection 3. - Star Of Bengal SAT.21st SEPT. NEWBURY 1.45 - SELECTION - Ornate 2.20 - SELECTION - Desert Encounter 2.55 - SELECTION - Pierre Lapin 3.30 - SELECTION - Victory Command (NAP) AYR 2.00 - SELECTION - Irreverent 2.40 - SELECTION 1. - Show Stealer 2. - Major Valentine 3.15 - SELECTION - Endless Joy 3.50 - SELECTION 1. - Intisaab 2. - Summerghand 3. - Mr Lupton
  6. An interesting spell coming up over the next few weeks with a few things going on, I will start with the ensembles which show a tropical feature in the Atlantic during the first week of October with some bringing it our way and others moving it up toward Greenland / Iceland still some of the ensembles trying to bring in a northerly too Also looks like the MJO will head into phase 1 (currently phase 8 https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/31d9e0_3c062d439cb841d2eea3ea174256642b.pdf https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/31d9e0_10ee87ce9b95595674142ec32136a6c6.pdf The majority of those charts suggest lower pressure to the west / north west possibly extending into the UK. Will be interesting to see how it pans out and if the models follow suit and lower the pressure especially to the north west where they seem keen to try and develop some blocking ATM.
  7. "Artificial intelligence could predict El Niño up to 18 months in advance" https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/09/artificial-intelligence-could-predict-el-ni-o-18-months-advance https://phys.org/news/2019-09-deep-application-el-nio-events.amp
  8. GEFS 12z trumps it with a cheeky -6.2 or it could end up being +12
  9. "Snow Advance Index: A New Tool for Predicting Winter’s Severity" https://www.aer.com/news-events/blog/snow-advance-index-new-tool-predicting-winters-severity/
  10. coldest ensemble members so far at -5.8 here (yes it is far out and probably wont happen but still nice to see)
  11. Here is the current leaderboard 1st - @Kirkcaldy Weather 10 POINTS 2nd- ANTONYBR7 9 POINTS 3rd- @weirpig 6 POINTS 4th- @TomSE12 5 POINTS Here are the next fixtures Tuesday 1st October Atalanta 17:55 Shakhtar Donetsk Real Madrid 17:55 Club Brugge Crvena Zvezda 20:00 Olympiakos FC Galatasaray 20:00 Paris Saint-Germain Juventus 20:00 Bayer Leverkusen Lokomotiv Moscow 20:00 Atletico Madrid Manchester City 20:00 Dinamo Zagreb Tottenham Hotspur 20:00 Bayern Munich Wednesday 2nd October Genk 17:55 Napoli Slavia Prague 17:55 Borussia Dortmund Barcelona 20:00 Inter Milan Lille 20:00 Chelsea Liverpool 20:00 Red Bull Salzburg RB Leipzig 20:00 Lyon Valencia 20:00 Ajax Zenit St. Petersburg 20:00 Benfica Please have your predictions posted by 10pm Monday 30th September
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