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  1. Hope u have a great time @CatchMyDrift 😎 Meanwhile for us I think those lampposts could be getting dusted off in the not too distant future, 850s -4 and below (still time for a bit cooler than that) and a trough / lower pressure 😏
  2. Sat. 28th Nov. NEWBURY 1:50 Newbury | Standard Racecard | 28 November 2020 | Racing Post 1.50: - (Leg 1, Cat.9). - Selection - tea clipper 2:25 Newbury | Standard Racecard | 28 November 2020 | Racing Post 2.25: - Selection -maries rock 3:00 Newbury | Standard Racecard | 28 November 2020 | Racing Post 3.00: - (Leg 2, Cat.9) - Selection 1.- vinndication 2. -ardlethen 3:35 Newbury | Standard Racecard | 28 November 2020 | Racing Post 3.35: - Selection - zanza NEWCASTLE 2:05 Newcastle | Standard Racecard | 28 November 2020 | Racing
  3. here are the match scores updated leaderboard 1st CASSIE/SE12 60 POINTS 2nd @TomSE12 59 POINTS 3rd @XanderP007 57 POINTS 4th ANOTNYBR7 56 PONTS 5th @Dreckly 49 POINTS 6th @Kirkcaldy Weather 39 POINTS 7th charmlessman 8 POINTS next matches for predictions Tuesday 1st December Lokomotiv Moscow v Red Bull Salzburg Shakhtar Donetsk v Real Madrid Atalanta v FC Midtjylland Atletico Madrid v Bayern Munich FC Porto v Manchester City Liverpool v Ajax M'gladbach v Inter Milan Marseille v Olympiakos FC
  4. Fri. 27th Nov. NEWBURY 1.50: - £2 WIN ONLY - Selection -Caribbean boy 2.25: - Selection -sully d’oc aa 3.00: - Selection - mcfabulous 3.35: - Selection - dell arca
  5. Was just about to mention as the gfs / GEFS have been picking up on warming starting at the later end of runs for a little bit now, we know sometimes they can be a little bit over eager with it but they did handle that Christmas warming of a few winters ago quite well IMO so let’s see how this plays out, a few charts to highlight the kind of thing that has been re appearing
  6. I was thinking about the massive area of blocking high pressure to the east and what winter was that the common theme then I remembered ah yes 62/63 .. this date in 1962 todays chart not saying we will get a winter like that but just looks really quite similar to me and the way that higher pressure to the east is looking like having a big influence I certainly wouldn’t rule anything out then add on the possible warming in the strat which is appearing in the later stages of runs currently, 🎅 to bring ❄️ on his 🛷 this year? 🧐
  7. I like the look of the overnight ECM with the cold pool and ENE flow gfs also showed it heading our way so hopefully the chance of a bit of wintry weather in the next week or so ☃️
  8. Looks like we aren’t too far off these patterns starting to unfold over the next week or so, the first bit of interest remains that little cold pool that drops out of Scandinavia as the higher pressure builds there, looks like the models will continue to have a bit of a disagreement trying to pinpoint where it ends up and just how low the 850 temps will be but I wouldn’t rule out the chance of a bit of wintry weather for the UK should it head our way, then looks like lower pressure to the south which is usually a decent sign of blocking somewhere to the north whether that be scandi or toward G
  9. CATEGORY 1 - (A) - How many North Atlantic Storms will be named during the 3 Months (DJF), of Winter? - 7 (B) - What will the last named North Atlantic Storm be, during the 3 Months (DJF), of Winter? - Heulwen CATEGORY 2 - Predict the first Date of Settling Snow, in the NetWeather, S.E/East Anglia Region. - 11th December CATEGORY 3: - Predict the Lowest Temperature that will be recorded in the Netweather, S.E./East Anglia Region, during the 3 Months of Meteorological Winter (DJF). - ( -10.4 C) CATEGORY 4: - Predict the Highest Temperature that
  10. Maybe the first day of filming scenes for @Mair Snaw ‘s slight sleety mess film? 🤣
  11. My Predictions TUESDAY 24TH NOVEMBER GROUP E FK Krasnodar 0-5 Sevilla Rennes 1-2 Chelsea GROUP F Borussia Dortmund 3-3 Club Bruges Lazio 2-1 Zenit St Petersburg GROUP G Dynamo Kyiv 0-3 Barcelona MATCH OF THE NIGHT Juventus 4-0 Ferencvárosi TC GROUP H Manchester United 3-1 Istanbul Basaksehir Paris Saint Germain 2-2 RB Leipzig WEDNESDAY 25TH NOVEMBER GROUP A Atlético Madrid 2-0 Lokomotiv Moscow MATCH OF THE NIGHT Bayern Munich 4-2 FC Red Bull Salzburg GROUP B Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-1 Shakhtar D
  12. Looking at the first area of interest the way the pattern is shaping up currently on the models has similarities with the Feb 2009 cold pool of course this one isn't as cold but that's to be expected given the time of year but things continuing to head in an interesting direction 😎
  13. Slowly these patterns beginning to appear, again the key thing is patience I have been surprised with even some of the more experienced members basically throwing the towel in at this stage in November 🤔 also the word zonal gets thrown about far too easily a truly zonal pattern would be that of say winter 2013/14 stormy, flooding and u can usually add milder temperatures but again seems to be forgotten u can get colder zonality which has provided the only snow of the last few winters up here. I’m not sure of the years with similar PV strength but I struggle to believe that every single time th
  14. Sat. 21st Nov. HAYDOCK 1.50: - Leg 1, Category 8 - Selection 1. - Arrivederci 2. -on the wild side 2.25: - Leg 2, Category 8 - Selection - 1. - Relegate 2. - kalashnikov 3.00: - Selection - lostintranslation 3.35: - Leg 3, Category 8 - Selection - Fortified bay ASCOT 2.05: - Selection -imperial aura 2.40: - Selection -Laurina 3.17: - Selection -abbey magic 3.50: - Leg 4, Category 8 - Selection - wraysford CATEGORY 8, HAYLEYBR7's SATURDAY LUCKY 15
  15. Certainly, the PV might be nearing record territory but so is the negativity in the model and winter thread 🤣😝 resulting in me going like this nice to be able to come in here and have a much needed laugh with u guys and girls of course ha. good to see @shuggee keeping his frosty reputation in a weather sense obviously 😜 lowest it got to here was actually yesterday evening at 1.0C
  16. A bottle of PV, it’s strong and the effects take forever to wear off 😂😂
  17. Think the film @Mair Snaw described sounded like something rhyming with slight 🤣
  18. As everyone else is giving their mild temps here’s mine high today 15.1C, low 11.8C, currently 13.8C Thursday will be a big difference from that anyway 🤓 here’s the dew points for then too
  19. Looking like a shot for an ice day or pretty close in the highlands on Thursday which is good going for this time of year then the temperatures will be dropping very fast could be around freezing by early evening in many areas with nearly all of us getting a frost into Friday.
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