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  1. 1st Leg match results Tuesday 18th February Atletico Madrid 1 0 Liverpool FT Borussia Dortmund 2 1 Paris Saint-Germain FT Wednesday 19th February Atalanta 4 1 Valencia FT Tottenham Hotspur 0 1 RB Leipzig FT Tuesday 25th February Chelsea 0 3 Bayern Munich FT Napoli 1 1 Barcelona FT Wednesday 26th February Lyon 1 0 Juventus FT Real Madrid 1 2 Manchester City FT Here are the 2nd leg matches for prediction Tuesday 10th March RB Leipzig 20:00 Tottenham Hotspur Valencia 20:00 Atalanta Wednesday 11th March Liverpool 20:00 Atletico Madrid Paris Saint-Germain 20:00 Borussia Dortmund Tuesday 17th March Juventus 20:00 Lyon Manchester City 20:00 Real Madrid Wednesday 18th March Barcelona 20:00 Napoli Bayern Munich 20:00 Chelsea I will update the competition leaderboard some time tomorrow.
  2. CATEGORY 5 - FESTIVAL NOVICES' HURDLE TRIXIE LEG 1: Supreme Novices' Hurdle (Tues.10th) - Selection - Envoi Allen LEG 2: Ballymore Novices' Hurdle (Weds.11th) - Selection - Harry Senior LEG 3: Albert Bartlett Novices' Hurdle (Fri.13th) - Selection - Escaria Ten STAKE - 3 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles, 1 x 25p EACH WAY Treble.
  3. for the wrf nmm 2km which is my go to model and usually does a good job with precip / types you can zoom into the different regions of the UK for that extra bit of detail (for your region click on sud) but having a look through the short range models the main issue to me (as has been the case up here recently) is the dew points which look to be too high at around 2/3 C, some short range models indicate snow chances in East Anglia and the wrf nmm gives a chance for @Steve Murr and parts of Kent, possibly evaporative cooling?
  4. Nearly 30cm of fog now that is quite a weather event! Might look a bit daft trying to measure fog though ( see @shuggee getting that accumulating fog too) Ah the rare 3 snowflake symbol, well done Here is the single snowflake on mine, can't wait!
  5. Blizzard buries village in southeast Turkey under 6 m (20 feet) of snow, leaves dozens more isolated WATCHERS.NEWS A powerful blizzard has buried a village in southeastern Turkey under about 6 m (20 feet) of snow, while 70 other villages were left isolated...
  6. In pictures: Snowy showers hit UK WWW.BBC.CO.UK Travel disruption, school closures and sledging in north-east England and the Scottish Borders.
  7. wrf has snow for here and a few other places through the night but I dont know if I have the energy left to get my hopes up again and @Mr Frost tomorrow looks a great day for you for taking cloud pics with lots of showers with sleet, snow and thunder all possible This before it melts in the morning current temps here 1.2 C / DP 0.7 C
  8. CATEGORY 1: LEADING JOCKEY: Barry GERAGHTY 6/1 Stake: £5 WIN ONLY. CATEGORY 2: LEADING TRAINER: Gordon ELLIOTT 5/2 Stake: £5 WIN ONLY. CATEGORY 3: NUMBER OF IRISH TRAINED WINNERS: Fifteen to Eighteen 8/11 Stake: £5 WIN ONLY. CATEGORY 4 - FESTIVAL BLUE RIBAND TRIXIE LEG 1: Champion Hurdle (Tues.10th) - Selection - ENVOI ALLEN LEG 2: Queen Mother Champion Chase (Weds.11th) - Selection - CHACUN POUR SOI LEG 3: Cheltenham Gold Cup (Fri.13th) - Selection - AL BOUM PHOTO STAKE - 3 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles, 1 x 25p EACH WAY Treble.
  9. P*sh! All rain here I will definitely remember next time that when the dew points look even the slightest bit questionable DO NOT GET MY HOPES UP! and to help myself with that I came up with a handy little rhyme, if they ain't 0 or below you ain't getting snow Right then you still taking full responsibility aye? ALWAYS wait before taking the snaw shovel oot Still nice to see some enjoying snow
  10. The low doesn't look like developing as much as it once did which will have pros and cons, Pros - less marginal though the dew points still look slightly iffy 1C but should drop to 0 or below in heavier precip, temperatures look fine and 850 temps of around -6 are fine too. Cons - less developed means the precip wont be quite as heavy and widespread as it looked at one stage so any snowfall amounts will obviously be less too. With all that being said it does look like the eastern side should have the best chance with heavier snow being shown so Fife, Edinburgh, Dundee would be my hotspots though for some reason some of the the short range models have snow covering Fife but not for Edinburgh or Dundee (especially near the coast) possibly something to do with the winds being easterly? personally I am hoping for at least a covering Good luck everyone and hopefully we can all get some snow
  11. Will get the best idea through tomorrows runs but ATM models showing wide area of at least 5cm it is due to a developing low moving into the colder air and given the timing likely to be through the morning rush I wonder if an amber warning will be issued, though knowing the MO they will wait til cars are struggling before that happens
  12. Been a real wintry day with wet snow / sleet and that earlier shower which produced a 2nd big rumble of thunder and just want to mention how wild it was last night, certainly the most stormy winds for quite some time which made for a sleepless night at times. And not to jinx it but Monday morning
  13. Usual story for me a few goals short for £120 on my football bet though I have had some small inplay winners, looks like it is all on the lottery tonight
  14. Tomorrow looks like a case of Deja Vu of the last few weeks, snow even to lower levels and brief coverings possible before melt then more showers, I dont look at the wind charts much but when I do I try to compare to the other short range models and kind of average it out but I think the wrf 2km will be pretty accurate once it gets within range, the wrf eu is showing similar to the chart you posted and as you know there will be run to run differences and slight changes in pressure and position will make all the difference. Also snow risk still on for Monday morning then gradually turning colder again once the low starts to pull away probably with more wintry showers again.
  15. MID - LATE WINTER RACING COMPETITION SAT.22nd FEB KEMPTON 1.15 - Selection -Southfield Stone (NAP) 1.50 - LEG 1 (Kempton Grade 2 Trixie) - Selection - Solo 2.25 - LEG 2 ( " " " " ) - Selection - Zambella 3.02 - LEG 3 ( " " " " ) - Selection -Buzz 3.35 - LEG 3 (ITV Trixie) - Selection 1. - Just A Sting 2. - Adrien Du Pont LINGFIELD 2.05 - Selection - Hareem Queen 3.15 - LEG 2 (ITV Trixie) - Selection - Bangkok NEWCASTLE 2.45 - LEG 1 (ITV Trixie) - Selection 1. - Fortified Bay 2. - Ascot De Bruyere
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