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  1. Tomorrow night also tricky to call with a front possibly moving up from the Irish Sea / NW England lots of uncertainties tomorrow and a radar / lamppost watching kind of day me thinks!
  2. SAT.14th DEC. CHELTENHAM 1.55: - Selection 1. - Robin Des Foret 2. - Keeper Hill 2.30: - Selection - Mossy Fen 3.05: - Selection - Pentland Hills (NAP) 3.40: - Selection - 1. - Dame De Compagnie 2. - Indefatigable DONCASTER 2.10: - Selection - Sam Spinner 2.45: - Selection - Lord Lamington 3.20: - Selection - Cloth Cap
  3. as @Mr Frost said it is a tricky one tomorrow, looks like the kind of setup where wintry surprises happen with front(s) and almost a small developing low moving into colder air A couple of issues from my POV looking at the short range models, 850 temps for the majority look to be around -2 (although possibly an area of around -4/5 moving into the south of Scotland through tomorrow afternoon) really the minimum for snow chances would be around -5, Dew points may just be acceptable around 1 C for the majority although higher towards the west coast (will discuss that in a minute) but again most favourable area looks to be south Scotland later in the day with DP's of around -2, third issue is the infamous mild sector which depends on how much the pressure lowers from the Atlantic which I have highlighted in the image below this would be my watch area for snow but the issue is models show lack of precip when the more favourbale conditions develop in the afternoon so certainly on the lower end of the risk scale due to the precip timing issue, will keep an eye on the models later and see if any changes.
  4. FRI.13th DEC. CHELTENHAM 1.55: - Selection - zara hope 2.30: - Selection - cobra de mai 3.05: - Selection 1. - chic name 2. - yanworth 3.40: - Selection -champers on ice (nap) BANGOR-ON-DEE 2.10: - Selection - bryden boy CATEGORY 11 - GRADE 2 TRIXIE LEG 1 - NOVICE HURDLE (2.30 Chelt, Sat.14th) - Selection - mossy fen LEG 2 - INTERNATIONAL HURDLE (3.05 Chelt, Sat 14th) - Selection - pentland hills LEG 3 - JUVENILE HURDLE (2.45 Donc, Sat.14th 14th) - Selection - lord lamington
  5. Those aint very mild temperatures for here Meteociel.fr - Tableaux GEFS WWW.METEOCIEL.FR La météo en temps réel et prévisions météo pour la France, Observations météo, modèles numériques et logiciels météo (GFS, ECMWF, UKMO, GEM, AROME, ARPEGE, JMA)
  6. Updated competition leaderboard including the scores for group winners and ANTONYBR7 has nicked the lead from me by 1 point as we head into the Christmas break! 1st ANTONYBR7 88 POINTS 2nd @Kirkcaldy Weather 87 POINTS 3rd @TomSE12 78 POINTS 4th @weirpig 58 POINTS
  7. CATEGORY 10 - CHELTENHAM DECEMBER TRIXIE. LEG 1 - HANDICAP CHASE (2.30 Cheltenham, Fri.13th) - Selection - Cobra De Mai LEG 2 - CROSS COUNTRY CHASE (3.05 Cheltenham, Fri 13th) - Selection - Chic Name LEG 3 - GOLD CUP HANDICAP CHASE (1.55 Cheltenham, Sat.14th) - Selection - Casablanca Mix STAKE - 3 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles, 25p EACH WAY Treble.
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