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  1. Wow, yes, a blob of blue heading north in our direction. Lots of Ac on this side of the Essex/Suffolk border. Hopefully that blob will erupt once the sun has got to work on it.
  2. No rain in my village for a month now the fields and parks are brown, we really need rain. That aside, I'm loving the heat. For those who struggle in it, I happily pass on the advice given to me by a local in the Caribbean. "Too Hot? You haven't slowed down enough then."
  3. Hot and sunny all afternoon here in mid-Essex and Heathrow reached 26.8oC earlier. Sorry if that doesn't fit in with your narrative.
  4. One man's "boring" is another man's "Loving every minute of the heat"
  5. I was just staring out of my window at some cirrus coming in from the East, which is pretty rare. There's some rain on the edge of the radar off Norfolk and the wind has suddenly pepped-up. I genuinely have no idea what's going on here, nothing in the forecast that I was aware of.
  6. One hellava shower here in Essex at dawn. A few flashes of lightning but the rain was so hard that I couldn't hear any thunder. All 5 of my cats got caught out in it. Some very unhappy moggies returned home shortly after it stopped.
  7. A lot of lightning to the South and East of Colchester now. Lightning.org seems to be a bit broken tonight, it showed a flash over Tendring a little earlier when there was nothing going on, now it's missing many flashes that I'm seeing.
  8. I think "The Blob" is likely to hit the Essex and Kent as thundery rain. It might intensify once on land though. Just convection conjecture though.
  9. I don't think my body could cope with all that! Back to storms, I had no idea, that's brilliant news. Another night of caffeine awaits.
  10. West? That's us then. I've been out of the loop since yesterday so I'm oblivious to what's forecast tonight and tomorrow. Working from home though, always a bonus.
  11. Amiens webcam https://www.amiens.fr/Liens-utiles/Webcam
  12. Looks like something has erupted in spectacular style over Amiens in Northern France. I assume we've got no dibs on that though.
  13. I'm not anticipating anything for London and the South East until later Sunday and Monday maybe. Last time I checked the sweet spots were between the M4 and M40.
  14. Both Netweather and Metox radars show a heavier area of rain heading for East Anglia so I don't think we're out of the woods.