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  1. Pretty spectacular here in Wivenhoe, Essex. Lots of lightning heading north and some ripping thunder too.
  2. First proper cold spell since I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Watching the world outside my window turn white was fun for a few days but I've never been happier to hear the sound of dripping in the garden. I'll probably get the sun-lounger out when we hit 9oC on Tuesday.
  3. Snow pepping up in Essex now, so even short term modelling is borderline FI.
  4. Main roads appear to be okay in the Chelmsford area at the moment but we appear to have more snow inbound here in Essex. You're welcome here anytime. We're a friendly bunch.
  5. Looks like the whole of Essex is about to get a pasting. Large flakes whizzing past my window here.
  6. Maybe just a "Snow go area" area then?
  7. Got very excited looking at the radar but then noticed it's moving NW.
  8. Just woke up and looked out of the window. Wow. Looks like about 3-4 inches of cover at the moment. The morning rush hour is going to be chaos on the A12, if anyone can get to it!
  9. Londoners not amused tonight. I lived there for 21 years and it was rare that we had decent snow, only 79,81,87 and 91 stand out in my memory. If it's any consolation, I miss the sultry hot summer days due to the sea breezes round here and there's often a thunderstorm shield in place around Colchester. Horses for courses I guess. Ultimately being able to buy a 3 bedroom house for less than £200k is what keeps me here.
  10. It was looking good here when the lights went out, probably about 4cm. Just heard the customary strengthening of wind that seems to announce each shower. Time for bed.
  11. Nice. I see a few people are getting downhearted, the Amber warning was from 2am so 5 hours to go. I also seem to recall that there's a point when 850hpa temps are much lower than the sea level temp more convection is triggered, which might explain the 2am thing. All to play for.
  12. I don't think the lull along the Southern half of the A12 will last long. The showers coming into view upstream seem to be heavier and more widespread. We're still some hours away from the heaviest stuff in the forecast.
  13. Getting heavy again here in Wivenhoe. Downwind for this shower will be Maldon, Wickford, Basildon, Grays. 1st class is at the rear, quiet zone is in coach B.
  14. Nice, I'll look them up, I can't get enough of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard at the moment, luckily they release an album every few months. Ah Martin, many was the evening sipping JD and listening to his stories in my kitchen. I got invited up to his lounge when Captain Sensible was over for the weekend. I was so awe-struck the only thing I said to him was "Alright?" Love Kate Tempest, her live performances blow my mind.
  15. Me too, probably the same day, a Saturday night gig in Colchester with the legendary John Cooper-Clarke. I was in Wivenhoe station waiting room with the support act, a friend of JCC's and my former neighbour, Martin Newell. We got a local farmer to take him to town in his Land Rover in the end. I was not tempted to venture out and went home.