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  1. I'm not hopeful for the Eastern half of Essex either. I slept through the slight storm that clipped us this morning which is typical. However South Easternites, I think there may be a few surprises and I hope we are one of them.
  2. That band in the channel south of Sussex seems to have awakened.
  3. Around 1,000 properties without power in Essex. I've lost my fence. Tsk.
  4. Find a report that says "Drivers are asked not to travel unless it's essential" that should sort it. If not, a bad back in the morning may be necessary.
  5. But the warnings are for "disruption" and "danger to life". Farmers, well-prepared walkers, outside workers up there will be well used to such conditions, anyone flying should check the weather before doing so anyway. If there's nothing much flying about and there's not many people to affect then giving a red warning based on a southerners opinion of what adverse conditions are (and I'm a Londoner) will make future red warnings meaningless. Because they get far worse up in Scotland than we do. Yes people need to be aware, but if they're not checking the forecast in every case before undertaking outdoor activities, then they won't see the warnings anyway.
  6. No. If the League Secretary is too narrow minded to remember that it's not just a match, it's preparation, travel (particularly for the away team) time away from home where its safest. If he's a "It's only a bit of wind" kind of guy, you can be a "What liability insurance does the league have in case of injuries, damage, public liability if we follow your professional advice?" kind of a guy.
  7. There won't be much disruption in the Borders region of Scotland if they get 85 mph gusts. It's a fairly regular event so homes, walls and even trees and wildlife are used to it. Very rural area away from the coasts too. Likewise the far west and Wales. 85mph in London is knocking on a red warning.
  8. The current franchising system is bust, as for Network Rail, 50 years of under investment in our Railways has led to this point. I highly recommend making sure your MP is aware of your anger, because pretty much every problem with our railways lies at the door of Government and the Department for Transport.
  9. From a veteran of the 1987 campaign, a sobering reminder that back then we had 70mph winds gusting to 100mph. Tomorrow looks bad but not THAT bad.
  10. You'd think that wouldn't you. I used to work in a busy London station. "There's no decent shops here, I should have gone to Romford on the bus instead, can I get a refund?" Remains my favourite.
  11. Yes it makes absolute operational and safety sense. Though for a laugh, do have a look through Train Companies' Twitter feeds to get a sense of the national feeling of self importance "We can send a rocket to the moon but one bit of wind and all the trains are cancelled" and "I'm important and 15 mins late getting to York. It's a disgrace" and even "Rail Company cancelled all the trains and it's not even that windy where i live" -type comments.
  12. I've had four proper white Easters in my lifetime, 2 White Christmases, I'm near the warmest part of the North Sea so we have big season lag here. Heatwaves in May are frequently ruined with cold onshore breezes.
  13. 1. You live within the largest heat island in the UK, the London Basin. 2. It's more likely to snow at Easter. 3. I don't think you'd be pleased if an Official White Christmas is triggered because it wouldn't necessarily mean there's snow on the ground. 4. "It never snows at Christmas" is the sort of comment that invites derision. I've lived in the counties around London all my life and have had snow on the ground on Christmas day roughly 6 times, not including 1981, the last true White Christmas in East London where I lived at the time. 5. Always check your contentions against evidence which is easily available on the internet. I honestly don't know how some people would have coped in the days before the internet. 6. I think films and media depictions of White Christmases have made expectations unrealistic. This is not North America. So, the lesson here is that if you want a cooler summer with fewer thunderstorms, move up north and get more snow. If you want to live in the South and see more snow move outside the M25. Your summer temps are usually 3-4oC higher than mine and I'm only 50 miles from you. Them's the shakes. And yes, this snow watch is pointless at this stage.
  14. Nothing here up the coast here in Wivenhoe but that rain was immense. I'm just waiting on 3 soaking and unimpressed cats to come home now. Update, Flash off towards Harwich just now.
  15. Jeez, I know that one. I've got Rheumatoid Arthritis (feet and hands) and Fibromyalgia. Take it easy sir. It's a bad time of the year for it. Mike
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