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  1. Not a bad covering in Chelmsford , considering I wasn't expecting it to turn snow (going off of met office graphics) until midnight here - glad I covered up my block paving driveway I'm halfway through finishing !! - Just got up for photo and just started settling on paving and on road now.
  2. Heavy burst of snow in Chelmsford after heavy rain !!?? - settling on cars/grass not pavements, didn't see that coming !!!!!!!
  3. Well, I waited and waited and er waited, saw the huge blob on radar approach painfully slow, felt wind pick up, heard distant rumbles, waited some more and gave up at 1:30am - had nothing all night bbq got about a teaspoon of precipitation in it ! Just a normal night camping down in hayle cornwall ! So close, but so far !
  4. Big long rumbles now in distance, no lighting yet.I love a good storm, but kind of hoping the worst of this one just misses me to the east a bit (kids x 3 are very anxious since roof got hit on house down road last July in chelmsford !! - Wind just picked up slightly, no flashes yet, but long distant rumbles
  5. Hi, live in chelmsford essex. But camping in Hayle cornwall (near St Ives / Lands end) - Just popped out again and really warm outside, can sense something is brewing, and looking at the radar it looks crazy ! - Can hear some big rumbles now in distance!
  6. Staying up for this one as it looks intense! - doesn't look like I would get much sleep under canvas anyway! can't believe how quickly the area heading for cornwall has grown so rapidly!
  7. Wasn't expecting anything apart from heavy rain around 2:00am in Hayle cornwall (going by bbc graphics) - (still camping despite some intense overnight downpours the last few weeks) - anyway judging by radar looks like we could be in the firing line next few hours ??
  8. Yes, at Hayle in tent (nr lands end) absolutely chucking in down and loud thunder / lightning. Scary stuff esp when in tent !!!
  9. Really quick intense storm in chelmsford at around 1:00am. tried to get footage but phone couldn't handle the intense frequent lighting like a strobe light, very heavy rain (no hail). Went for a walk at 10:00pm before bed with a refreshing wind blowing around (quite cooling)- but when I went into garden just after storm passed at 1:00 am there was a warm sticky wind, reminded me of a storm I was in at Malta airport back in October'95 (also at night and also with this unexpected warm sticky wind)
  10. Tents awning down now, went from 20 - 30mph all night to at least 50 very quickly no rain very windy, our tent still up feel sorry for others, tent rods snapped on few tents around me
  11. Still here camping in Hayle, less rain in my washing up bucket from last night than overnight rainfall last week, was a bit windy, but no damage. Should I give up looking at the weather or am right in thinking the centre of this low is further south and running along over Cornwall and south coast(explaining calmer, conditions here) ?? Edit ... just looked at Sea and it looks wild, wind picked up as well as writing. Using the following for pressure ...http://www.xcweather.co.uk/
  12. Hi, can report still no rain or strong wind in Hayle, clouded over soon after posting this morning.Had light showers on and off, just checked radar and seem to be in that dry arc on the south east of the image. 7:04 pm - hardly any wind now and very light showers (calm before the storm) ???
  13. No storms here. I Can now see 3-4 big what looks like tops of cumulonimbus a long way out to sea across the seascape. Still small cumulus approximately 2 miles at sea developing what looks like a low level/thicker cirrus type cloud around them as I write?? Directly above is virtually clear, odd bit of cloud and warm sunshine. mild pleasant breeze.
  14. Hi, sitting out on hayle beach, sun / part cloud & warm - strangely quite considering, bit of a breeze picking up, small cumulus coming in from the west, no sign of lighting/cumulonimbus, if anything the sky looks clear out at see. Going to check radar.
  15. Hi, thanks - still going to keep close eye on this.But does anybody know why bbc graphics for Hayle (cornwall)Is showing heavy rain for me tonight and wind (wind peaking at 27mph at 10:00am tomorrow- Sunday morning)Is this more of Saturday night / very early Sunday morning event for the Cornish coast ? This is a pain to watch this one, So confusing.
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