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  1. You can say that again Chris! T4, 2012 we only saw the one tornado and was still an epic trip!
  2. haha Tour 4 sold out already?! Madness...will be in touch in the next week or 2 about booking a spot for myself! Need to think which tour to choose
  3. NIce view on the stream lads ! Nice clear sky with isolated cells popping up . Hope they produce for yas !
  4. Hey folks , im currently into doing my final year Maths BSc project on chaos theory . Considering my broad interest in meteorology im wondering would anyone have any good ideas of some weather examples i can add to it? Atm i have just been thinking of adding in a short satellite video of the atmosphere's general chaotic motions , a brief examples of computer models and where the chaotic region begins ( FI ) and how it can vary from run to run.. Also im hoping to run some variations of the Lorenz equations too. Anything else though that i could add ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey Guys ! , just wanted to let ya all know that i've been thinking very hard about booking again this year ! Its the idea of learning to drive and getting a car to be able to go anywhere for photography in Ireland thats has me think otherwise. I will be giving it ALOT of talk over the next week or 2 though! #Stormstarved .
  6. Actually the 06z doesnt include much radiosonde data as the 12z along with some other things. The 12z would have the most input .
  7. Hey guys , i'm just wondering is it possible to give a key code for the perturbations on the ensembles ? It would be alot easier to jump to the specific charts then. Cheers , Ian
  8. tornado videos .net or any other one using the iMap Live streams. Tried on Safari , Google chrome and firefox. Its a load of mo hón! haha
  9. ...OK Tried that John , installed the latest version ( 5.0 ) and to no avail Updated Adobe Flash player too .... Any other ideas? ...
  10. I could only imagine what a sudden overnight wake up call to the sirens going off would be like! First ya'd get Pat all like ... " Ahh mate , its only a car alarm ... go back asleep " ....... Then ya'd have John running in ... " Sh** lads ! , tornado sirens!! , quick get everyone up! Wheres me laptop!?... Dave what did u make me drink last night my head is spinnin! " .... Then ya'd have Arron and Dave..... " Sirens ye?.... ah k cool sweet ... just gonna pop in for a quick shower so , shall be out in 10 mins ... Arron do ya have any spare dax wax , never know who we might run into down in the shelter?" Then ya'd hav Tom running down the hallway ... " Sirens , Tornado SIRENS!! .....Everyone down to the basement! .... Im just heading out to the car to get my camera ! "..... * PAt * .. "Tom ! , grab mine too! , think it would be a SWEET timelapse pal! " Then Paul strolling out like a zombie ... " k everyone , i looked out my window and from what i can see , we have a low wall cloud to our NSWNE , rotation on it is PHENOMENAL , the storm looks to be kickin it at 40mph so we have approximately 10 mins to get to shelter! * .... THis could be my FIRST NIGHT-Time INTERCEPT at ... 3.05... AM ! Boo yawh!! ... *COughs* ... Now ... EVERYONE TO THE BASEMENT lets go lets go .... LETS GO LETS GO ! * MAkes Car beeping noise * ... GO GO GO! ME " Ohhhhhhh MY GOD !!! ..... http://cdn.nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.png , " everyone set there cameras on record ! .... Dave what settings u gonna use?" .... * walks casually to basment *
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