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  1. Looks juicy indeed for SE parts of the UK tomorrow. Very much dependent on how much surface heating can take place tho.
  2. Do you have a link for that model output, looks quite nice ,
  3. Hi Paul, just wondering if theres a problem currently with radar data from Dublin Airport? Seems like its been in and out of action since yesterday? I know its probably not an issue on your end, just thought i'd check.
  4. You can say that again Chris! T4, 2012 we only saw the one tornado and was still an epic trip!
  5. haha Tour 4 sold out already?! Madness...will be in touch in the next week or 2 about booking a spot for myself! Need to think which tour to choose
  6. Footage from Galway, Ireland . Got a seperate report of a funnel so im classing it offically as a supercell.
  7. Very surprised to see that we won on storm initiation here in Ireland. A nice one too !
  8. Towers going up in eastern France now, so should see similar scenes inlands areas of England within the next hour..
  9. That is one.... AWESOME plan!!! #Dontforgetthemilkywayphotos
  10. Really wish I was going along this year guys... already been getting some storm chase dreams as if i was going ! ha Already saving my money though for next year... gonna have to choose between a storm chase or a trip over to see the August 21st Total Solar eclipse ! Unless I come across a large sum of money and just go in June and come back home late August lol. Hope its a great year for all the tours.
  11. Newer cell down near silverton , left -right split ALSO and is now rotating...
  12. Cell now showing 80dbz returns and cloud tops near 58k ft!
  13. Gr2 showing a 4.25 inch hail marker on it !!!! Thats nearly softball!!!
  14. Another left- right split storm , have a good feeling about this one lads!
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