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  1. I left Brumcam alone for half a day.....but, and I should have known this, By the Law of Sod.....all of a sudden Brum becomes lightning alley Not complaining though.. I got to see my first strikes of the season and cracks of thunder, sitting in a beer garden in Halesowen😉
  2. Slight chance here in Brum...Hopefully some heavier cells pushing through this afternoon
  3. Heaviest cells to the West are just out of reach and slipping to far South to observe
  4. Slight chance today...have started a stream but have to go out for a few hours so will be static for that time
  5. Looking good on Mr Pantz stream for the next 10 mins or so Wareham Weather - Live Webcam WAREHAMWX.CO.UK Live weather conditions in Wareham, Dorset. WXSIM forecasts. Weather information includes: temperature, wind, rain, solar, pressure, air quality, updated every 4 seconds.
  6. Some great post production editing Zak... of that kind of quality. is something that I aspire to Did I notice that OBS was being used ?..... which would be great for instance, for stream sharing amongst a Network of other Netweather live-streamers, say!😉
  7. Thunder storms beginning to approach St Louis....Photographers dream from this location EarthCam - St. Louis Cam WWW.EARTHCAM.COM Travel to the 'Gateway to the West' with live views from EarthCam. Teaming up with affiliates Explore St. Louis, Core of Discovery and Metro East Park and Recreation District, enjoy views of St. Louis' landmark Gateway...
  8. There`s something amazingly calming about time lapsed clouds in any form. I'm liking the addition of the music as well Nice One.....as always🙂
  9. Lock down project complete..Brumcam Ready to livestream natures free shows HQ Live Stream overlooking Birmingham UK and surrounding area Canon HV20 via HDMI out, to an Elgato H60s capture card and streamed through OBS platform Lenses to be used Raynox DCR-732 0.7x Wide Angle Lens Raynox DCR 1540PRO Telephoto Raynox DCR-2025PRO High Definition Super Telephoto
  10. Arnie Pie

    Brumcam stills 2021

    A few images from Brumcams livestream
  11. Lovely vid Zak....great quality...looks like your ready for the thunder storms🤞
  12. same as yesterday, sharp showers...little chance of a clap of thunder...but some lovely cloudscapes in the Blue skies
  13. Blew half a Hoolie up here last night Possible squally thundery rainbowy showers for this afternoon Something to lift the lockdown blues anyway😅 Edit; and pea hail
  14. Cheers for the explanation Paul, certainly still the best radar out there
  15. Interesting day to test out the predictive radar on V8...atm it seems to be overcooking its prediction how does this work...is it calculated from forecast models....if so which models?🙂 ...streaming now
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