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  1. You may be ok with a clear sky tonight.....zero chance imby....Good luck😉
  2. Same thin line 02..ish and a quick time-lapse
  3. Have them here now...thin line due North around 5° Bright started a time-lapse so photos later
  4. Awaiting the cell which appears to be spinning up from the SE and is currently approaching Cov way Not expecting anything but its movement over the last few frames has interested me
  5. Just an observation...there has been a few big jets, which have started their decent into Manchester over the Brum/ S Staff area...the sound did grab my attention
  6. yep turned out to be El Bumo ....come to think of it if i remember history right....it was AJ poolshark who may have coined the term as a spoof to El Gordo
  7. It` raining now in Brum.....Might get some flickers if the Northampton cells develop and move up North
  8. The marathon streaming session begins....a little instability in the skies over the West Midlands is becoming more apparent.....We might be lucky enough to be able to catch one of the incoming rounds....or maybe not😏....trust in the EWN
  9. Nice catch Zak Skies full of Crud and hopefully thunderstorms for the next few days...always the way at Peak NLC time A short time-lapse from the other morning
  10. They just kept on going... and turned in to a brahma
  11. Brightest NLC show of the season NNE low on horizon...atm   01.45

  12. Started 00.15 NNE low on horizon 4-5°
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