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  1. Yeah, it's snowing very lightly at Luton Airport
  2. lilaczukee

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I'm lucky enough to have just come back from a 6 day holiday to the north of Norway, I flew to Tromso and then took the ferry up to Kirkenes and back. Rain in Tromso on the 4/12 - it was warmer than Gatwick. Huge storm, with snow and 30m/s wind on the evening of the 6th, this then cleared late evening and the Aurora did it's wonderful dance from 23:00 to 01:00 - first time I've seen it and absolutely magical and fantastic to see. Then it returned on the next evening at 17:00 for a show in the clouds. At 20:00 it returned to light up the whole sky in swirls of pale green and yellow, totally different to the previous days colours and style. Again it returned at 23:00 for a paler white and yellow show. Finally it appeared again on the next evening. Could see huge glows of orange pulsating over the mountains. 3 nights in a row - can't complain about that. Thank you Norway